FEBRUARY 15, 2007 11:46 PM

The Mid-Atlantic region has plenty of great chefs, restuarants, farms and markets. Despite this, the one thing that everybody wants when the come around is crabcakes. Combine this with the massively old-fashioned nature of a lot of political types, and D.C. is pretty much fueled by steak and crab cakes. Yeah, pretty gross.

But for the average joe, the everyday dude trying to find a little debbie heart shaped snack cake, there are plenty of regional food products to clog up the arteries.

I'd been looking for Little Debbie's seasonal zebra cakes shaped like little pink hearts for a couple of days, when I realized that Tastykake and Entenmann's are really running the snack game out east. I kind of gave up and decided that since I was planning on eating something with no nutritional value at all, I might as well go see the Queen...UTZ!

And I'm not just going to get any snack. Nah. I'm going for one that you can't get most places. Utz was the first brand I ever realized was regional. I mean, I knew that certain stores and restaurants were only in certain places, but even as a 16 year old, the idea of a product having limited regional distribution in the internet age was just something I had never considered.

I don't like potato chips and I'm no fan of crab, so I could be wrong about this, but I am guessing that Crab style potato chips aren't common in other places.

They don't really taste like crabs, just like some kind of seasoning you would put with crabs. I don't know if these were meant as a shellfish substitute or compliment, but the bag's got two crabs on it. Real Mid-Atlantic, man.

The picture may not convey this that well, but some of these chips are huge. Again, I haven't bought a bag of chips in probably close to a decade (excluding El Matador) but I was shocked at how big these chips were. The taste starts out really sweet, like a regular barbecue chip and ends up leaving you with that hot cheetos/pepper feeling in your mouth. Somewhere from point A to point B, the taste of Paprika and salt crawl around your tounge.

Not bad. I won't be buying more, but that is just because I don't like chips.

I also got down with some Entenmann's. Just a 99 cent box of Original Recipe soft cookies. I know Entenmann's is easy to get in GR, but I am including it because it has the oppositie amount of snack market share here as it does in GR. Little Debbie has a strong hold on her territory in the mid-west. Occasionally, you'll come across one of those gross Entenmann's coffee cakes at a work meeting or dollar store. Here, every CVS and chain grocery store has Entenmann's. Little debbie is kind of hard to find. Especially if you, like me, are really missing those seasonal heart shaped zebra cakes.

Happy (late) Valentine's Day g-rad. I hope you found your own little heart shaped snack cakes to celebrate with.

♥ anthony
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