MAY 20, 2007 10:55 AM

This dude must have so much free money, that the $10 fee to get into the Hirshhorn's special event for their Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition, is chump change.

In case you don't know who Matthew Lesko is (yeah right), he is the author of such canonical classics as Free Money To Quit Your Job and Free Stuff for Busy Moms!.

Sorry the pictures are kind of blurry, I still don't really know how to use my camera.

This one is better.

I didn't even mean to get him in this picture. I was just trying to photograph "Memorial for the Victims of Organized Religions" by Tillmans (who was also at the event).

♥ anthony
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MAY 18, 2007 7:39 PM

What Would Jesus drive?

Well, when he's in VA, he pushes a Lex.

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MAY 5, 2007 11:59 PM

Wow. I can’t believe it’s finally here. Our big trip to Washington, DC!
I met up with Chris, who was coming from Virgina (he secretly had a Virginia t-shirt on under his Grand Rapids t-shirt, but I made him keep the Grand Rapids one on top, cuz everyone represents their hometown when they visit DC since no one really lives there).

We were so excited, we took a picture by chris’s SUV. We didn’t hardly see any other Michigan plates while we were there so it’s a good thing we got this one in our first photo.

Since we always hear about the great subway (they call it a metro here though) in DC, we went to ride it. It was pretty confusing and suuuuper busy, but we finally got on the right subway/. We couldn’t really get any good pics in there, though cuz it was soooo dark!

We got pretty close to where we were going and got off, but we still had a ways to walk. On the way, we saw a neighborhood fair going on and we stopped to take pictures with a funny guy who was juggling. Chris thought he might be homeless so we left before he could beg for any money.

I don’t know who would want to buy a big rug with a dog on it, but I do know who would want to take a picture in front of it…THIS GUY!

Chris is into indie music and hopes to someday find a box of money, so he was super excited when he saw this hip indie music club. Hey I just realized we took pictures in front of a dog and a cat! Haha. LOL!

Later Chris and I joined a tour group and we went to see the Whitehouse.

Doesn’t Chris look like such a fat-ass in this picture? Haha, it was just the wind blowing all around. I guess politicians really do blow a lot of hot air.

I tried my hand at some camera trickery. How’d it turn out? Also I got a little tired of not having my t-shirt tucked into my jeans, so there you go.
If things look a little crazy in this picture, that’s because it started raining and we were trying to hurry up and take this picture at one of the monuments. I brought a mitten just for this picture and then the dang weather almost messed it up! Next year, I’m going to Tampa!
Then we found this statue! I t looks like someone tried to copy the statue we have downtown in Grand Rapids! I was so happy because I know where the original one is.

Chris took some acid and wouldn’t stop talking to this rabbit. He was trying to get directions, but the rabbit didn’t really speak good english so we left and tried to find a place to buy a t-shirt that said FBI or CIA or I heart DC.

One cool thing is that in DC the crosswalk signs count down how much time you have left. This is probably because so many people from other countries were walking around and they might get confused otherwise. Chris thinks they should just use the fingers instead of numbers because apparently some places don’t even have regular numbers, but everybody has fingers to count on.

Look! A slice of back home!

This is Chris’s artsy shot. We took it outside a big museum (we didn’t go in, boooo-riiiing) I think he was hoping someone would see him taking it and he would get discovered and become a rich photographer like Anne Geddes. Sorry Chris, I’m a cutie, but I’m no little green baby in a giant fake pea-pod!

Later we got a tip from a “Hoya” named Chaz that the stairs from some scene in the exorcist were in Georgetown. We went there and took pictures of us pretending to fall.

But, Chris actually fell. So now I’m just sitting here at a starbucks using their internet to send y’all an update while I wait to see if Chris stops foolin around and quits playing dead so we can go see the pentagon. ♥ anthony
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MAY 4, 2007 12:59 PM

In case you are like me and had now idea that D.C. was one of those designed capitals (like Brasilia), then you probably don't know who Pierre Charles L'Enfant was. Long story short, dude was French but loooved America, became a "General" and was aked by George Washington to design a the new federal district.

Today, L'Enfant is best know as the namesake for tourist's and government employee's favorite metro stop on account of it being the main transfer station to get to the Smithsonian from Virginia and all the government offices located above the stop at L'enfant Plaza.

One exit of the metro stop let's you out near the national mall. There is another that takes you out into this underground mall and giant food court. This place is pretty much solely intended to meet the needs of the thousands of people that work in the nearby offices, as there is really nothing in the way food except for nasty hot dog carts and a few museum cafes on the national mall.

I met my friend there for lunch today* and we ate on what I think must be the actual plaza part of L'Enfant Plaza.

I had never seen the plaza before, which is kind of funny given that there is a huge glass pyramid in the middle. The plaza simultaneously reminded me of Robert Hughes' chapter on Utopia in Shock of the New, and the big patch of grass at GVSU's downtown campus.

On the way home I stopped and tried to take a picture of L'Enfant's grand design from one of the best viewing points in the city, but my camera work doesn't really do the view justice.

*I didn't get in until early this morning so I am backdating this entry

♥ anthony
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MAY 3, 2007 9:42 PM

I went to my first "Happy Hour" today. The fact that it is my first after six months living here is surprising, given the fact that every bar, everyday, has one and a lot of people go. All I had was some french fries which looked and tasted just like McDonald's, but they were wrapped in wax paper and served in a champagne flute. In case you were wondering why I haven't gone to one before, well, there you go. I did have an awesome time. We sat outside and told tons of stories, so I'll probably be more apt to go next time I'm invited.

Some friends invited me to this. The DJs should be pretty good, but I checked out the main guy's myspace site and he sounds really lame. If I can find that 20 dollar bill (paper money, so cute) maybe I can go and take some actual pictures instead of just posting introspective essays about moving to a big city.

♥ anthony
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MAY 2, 2007 10:02 PM

I promise I’ll get some pictures on my blog soon. I took my camera around with me today, but the batteries died.

In the meantime, I want to share my favorite thing in D.C.

Easily, the thing that brings me the most joy here is running into people I’ve met since moving, especially in my neighborhood. I ran into two people I knew yesterday in Chinatown and another tonight at the grocery store. Yesterday a woman at the Y said she had recognized me walking on my lunch break and we started talking about databases. Constituent databases are not that interesting, but it was still really nice to meet her.

When talking with someone I’ve just met, there is one question that is almost always elicits an interesting response. “Where are you from, originally?” I imagine that in most other cities, the vast majority would answer the question with some place in the nearby region, but in D.C. the answer is rarely, “The District.” This brings me to my least favorite thing about D.C.

Because so many people have roots in other places, many hope to return someday (this is the case with just about everyone I’ve met here from Chicago). Others are so full of ambition that it seems inevitable that they’ll head off to New York, LA or one of those brand name colleges. Some of the native sons swear they’ll never move, but they don’t consider a move to the suburbs to be leaving, per se. I’ve even heard from one friend that the attrition of peers a huge part of her desire to move back home.

Catch me on the right day and I’ll love or hate D.C. for exactly the reasons listed above. Most days however, I try to approach life in the federal district as an opportunity. People are always leaving, but they are also always showing up. This, beyond all the other idiosyncrasies of the city (no tall buildings, Democrats and republicans sharing drinks at Happy Hours, all the diplomatic license plates, etc…), is what makes D.C. a completely unique city in my view. No other place I’ve ever encountered is so steeped in tradition and history, yet so dramatically different from one moment to the next.

♥ anthony
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MAY 1, 2007 10:56 PM

As a favor to a friend, I agreed to chaperon a few teenagers at a concert.
The 9:30 club is one of D.C.’s best concert venues. This month they’ve got Peter Bjorn and John, Air, Ben Gibbard, LCD Soundsystem, Andrew Bird and a bunch of other great bands.

Last Saturday, they had four bands I’d never head of, a ton of kids with X’s on their hands and more bored looking adults than I’ve seen since my graduation ceremony last year. Love Parade, The Almost, This Providence and Paramore, in case you were wondering.

Given that I love awkward moments, I was shocked at how uneasy I felt standing in front of the concert venue, the lone adult in a sea of Hot Topic’s most valued customers. The music didn’t appeal to me and that is all I’ll say about the music. It just wasn’t my taste, so I’m not really a fit judge. What got my attention, however, was the fact that the second band stopped their set before their last song to proclaim that they were “…all Christians in this band, but not the fake kind of Christians with nothing but judgment in their hearts” and then continued to sing a song about their enlightened path to god amidst all those lousy fake-Christians. I see where they were trying to go, but again, it sort of made me look up from the tattered copy of the newspaper I’d found.

The next band did a rock cover of Amazing Grace and then sang a song called Hallelujah, but it wasn’t the one I was familiar with.

I wandered around the venue and bought some earplugs (which might become a regular thing for me), so I don’t really know much about the third band.

The fourth band was the one that everyone came to see and it seemed like I had been joined by more over-21 year-olds, judging from the increase in people drinking beer by the end of the show.

After four hours, the show finally ended and I reunited with my group. They wanted to buy t-shirts and to tell the truth, so did I. One of the T-shirts was printed with a repeating “Riot” in a red black green and yellow color pattern. Not sure wich band it was for, but it was a pretty cool looking shirt.

While I was waiting for pictures to be taken, I noticed one of the band members from the first band was standing next to me. Since I’d heard them say they were from Detroit (this completely non-musical fact earned them the spot as my number one when I was later asked which band was my favorite) I decided to ask them where they were really from. Clinton Township (or was it Chelsea) and Grosse Point.

The whole experience wasn’t that bad. I was really happy that I could help out a friend. In hindsight, I have to laugh at the situation a bit though. I have always been pretty much oblivious to the Christian rock that seems so common in Grand Rapids, but within months of moving to a city so liberal that Republicans refuse to allow them a vote in Congress, I found myself at this particular concert. When I told the guy from Michgan that I was from Grand Rapids, he responded with; “That’s the second biggest city in Michigan now. Dick Devos is from there.”

♥ anthony
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