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Amy, Chicago

#052: Amy is 26 and currentlly living in Chicago, where she received her MBA from University of Chicago. She is also a graduate of both City High School and Grandville High School, as well as Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Amy enjoys reading and listening to music, cooking and playing the oboe.

Where do you now live?

Why did you leave Grand Rapids?
Too few opps for non full time musicians who want to play with professional level players. Enjoy diversity, culutural opportunities and accessibility of a larger city (walking, good public transportation)

What would Grand Rapids have to gain in order for you to return?
Urban communities - walk to everything. Improved public transport.

Do you love or hate the Devos family?
No opinion. But all cities need families with money to help build things.

Your favorite bar/hangout in Grand Rapids?
Left before I was 21 - used to hang out at Four friends coffee house downtown.

Kava House or Common Ground?
Common ground - my sister takes me there when I visit.

East side or West side?
West side.

What do you miss about Grand Rapids?
Lack a anonymity - feeling of a small community

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