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Jaqualine, Chicago

#051: Jaqualine is 27 and currently lives in Chicago. She enjoys observing people, flossin', rockin' and arts and crafts stuff.

Where do you now live?
I live in chicago

Why did you leave Grand Rapids?
I left Grand Rapids because it was Grand Rapids. It is very depressing there and it did not motivate me. Cultural and Creatively there is a definite lack. The people look all the same. It is too small for me. There is not enough opportunity there. There is not a lot do do at night. Boy I
could go on and on.

What would Grand Rapids have to gain in order for you to return?
Grand Rapids could not change enough for me to bring me back. Sorry.

Do you love or hate the Devos family?
I have no opinion On the Devos family. I am not dutch though so perhaps if I was I made side more with love.

Your favorite bar/hangout in Grand Rapids?
I use to like hanging out at The Intersection and Mulligan's. I usually hung out in East Town.

What is your most amazing memory of Grand Rapids?
My most amazing memory was going to The Festival downtown when I was little and also playing in the leaves in the fall.

East side or West side?
East side

What do you miss about Grand Rapids?
I miss bottle returns and the nature aspect. Mostly, drinking
in nature.

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