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Stefan, Omaha

#054: Stefan is 26 and currenlty living in Omaha, NE. He is a graduate of Creston High School and is into punk rock [and apparently was into it when there were hills on Monroe, evidenced here.]

Where do you now live?
i know live in omaha, nebraska. it is the latest in a series of moves and looks to be the most permanent as we have purchased a house here.

Why did you leave Grand Rapids?
my wife currently works for northwest airlines and did when we lived in grand rapids. we have moved around quite a bit since we got married, and all the moves were related to positions in her company, so, job-related.

What would Grand Rapids have to gain in order for you to return?
nothing much, basically, either my wife would have to leave me either by passing away or divorcing me, or get a position at the airport there/get a different job there. i was actually satisfied with grand rapids, but before i got married i had lived in philadelphia PA for several years and was glad to be back in michigan.

Do you love or hate the Devos family?
i have no strong feelings ablout them personally, although my mother had an experience with one of the women in that family that didn't exactly give me a good impression of them.

Your favorite bar/hangout in Grand Rapids?
used to be the reptile house, now billys or mullys

What is your most amazing memory of Grand Rapids?
too many to list.

Kava House or Common Ground?
neither really. i'm more of a morningstar kind of guy.

East side or West side?
grew up on the EAST side baby, but i got some love for the west side too.

What do you miss about Grand Rapids?
mostly friends and family. that, and that the bars are open till 2 am (omaha they're open till 1 am., and on sundays most aren't open at all.)

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