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Kelly, Philadelphia

#059: Kelly is a graduate of Ottawa Hills High School, as well as Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. She is currently studying at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. Kelly loves music and watching CSI. She secretly wants to be an assasin, but realizes its conflict to her being a seminary student.
Where do you now live?

Why did you leave Grand Rapids?
Not enough to offer for my artistic abilities...as a black female

What would Grand Rapids have to gain in order for you to return?
Broader scopes of ideas for the youth.

Do you love or hate the Devos family?
neither here nor there

Your favorite bar/hangout in Grand Rapids?
not a bar person...hangout though...hmmm...Common Gorund

What is your most amazing memory of Grand Rapids?
Friendly people...most times

Kava House or Common Ground?
Common Ground, but kava was more convenient

East side or West side?

What do you miss about Grand Rapids?
People knew me there

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