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Michelle, Seattle

#063: By day Michelle manages a law office and by night serves up cocktails to old money theater patrons, prissy bitches, and randoms. She is looking into starting a contracting company for green solutions and will soon be extending her art degree with an Interior Design certification so she can make wallpaper, light sculptures and sound tracks for rooms.

What's your name?

How old are you?

What educational institutions did you attend while in Grand Rapids?
Grand Valley

Where do you now live?

Why did you leave Grand Rapids?
It got to be a little overwhelmingly depressed there. I couldn't find a decent job, there wasn't much to do, and its just really very gray there. Good people, bad place.

What would Grand Rapids have to gain in order for you to return?
A sense of achievement and a glimpse of hope.

Topically: Some better restraunts, better public transport, some mountains, less pollution, and more asians

Do you love or hate the Devos family?
they aren't the most progressive people

Your favorite bar/hangout in Grand Rapids?
Gaia, people's houses, my old backyard, Division Ave, Logan's, Brandywine...

What is your most amazing memory of Grand Rapids?
6 years makes for a pretty good amount of moments to remember

Kava House or Common Ground?
Common Ground, way more cozy

East side or West side?
East. I would only go to the West side to get mad at people and play Keno, oh and do meth.

my two worst jobs were on the west side

What do you miss about Grand Rapids?
salvation army, the free wood pile on Michigan, Heritage Hill, cheap rent and some of the people

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