Who are you? Why did you leave? For as long as we can remember there has been a noticeable trend of young, creative, people moving out of Grand Rapids. School? A new job? Hotter night life? Love? The purpose of this informal study is to identify common themes in why many of our citizens are choosing to leave. As well as determine what, if anything, can influence these decisions.

The scope of this study is, for now, limited to those who are currently in the age range of 20 - 35 years and have listed Grand Rapids, MI as their "hometown" in online networking programs such as Friendster or Myspace, or are otherwise known to have spent a formative period in that city. Results will updated regularly to the right of this column in reverse chronological order, with a loosely journalistic organizational structure of articles and features. Features are indicated as such in the headline of the interview. Conclusions will be drawn upon the completion of this project, which is, as of yet undetermined. Feel free to take part in the dialogue concerning this project by clicking on the "DISCUSS!" button below.


Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in this project. Without your assistance, this study would truly be impossible, and we value the information you have provided us with. If you have any issues with your inclusion or representation in this study, please do not hesitate to contact Ben or George. (Please remove the [] brackets)

A note on features: Feature articles may contain interviews with people who, for one reason or another, do not meet the paramaters of this study. Most often, this will likely have to do with the defined age range. Data gleaned from feature interviews will not be included in the overall data pool unless the interviewee meets all requirements.

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