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This Marüshka whale is a more recent addition in the series of silkscreened treasures local enthusiast James Voges has garnered from goodwill's 50 cent sale. modestly sized by marushka standards (this one's about 16" x 20"), the untreated canvas offers the principle design elements a warm negative space to inhabit.

the mighty blue whale coasts along the surface, edging past a confrontationally bold orange sun. a slip of baby blue tide speeds the rorqual to its unforseen futures. straining feasts of krill & sardines through its baleen maw, evading japanese factory ships, maybe even getting sponsored by one of those whale watching clubs. you're 100 tons, you can take the world.

Marüshka's whale is part of the Wietor/Voges collection in Grand Rapids, Michigan. it was found on October 7th, 2005, and dates to the mid 70s.

Guest post by Todd Freeman.

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