· JUNE 13, 2006 ·

specific taste cells can 'change' every 7-8 years. your receptivity of certain flavors can also drastically shift, and may become less distinct or even deteriorate over time (taste problems!)

i now consume fairly regularly an array of foods i once deemed totally nasty. approaching my 25th yr, i thought back on the extremely selective palette of my youth. this is a rough chronology of my taste exploration (these are specifically foods i hated as a kid, so i'm not listing things i'd never tried before)

when i started liking Things:

mustard (honey) 1994, all others, 2000
peppers (red, yellow) 2000, (most others) 2002
olives (black) 2002
tomatoes, raw (grape or cherry) 2002, (all others) 2005 (for real)
onions, 2001 (raw on sandwiches, etc. i was okay with things w/cooked onions)
cream cheese, 2000
asparagus, 2000
squash (most forms), 2002
sweet potatoes, 2005
soy milk, 2002

no thanks:
mayonnaise or miracle whip.
ranch dressing
sour cream
potato salad
cottage cheese (all of the above fall in the same family for me)
green olives
i stopped eating most meat circa fall 2002, although this wasn't really the result of direct taste change (i rarely if ever purchased it, then eventually stopped eating most kinds entirely) i still consume a bit of seafood now and again.

what foods have your 'buds come around on? ones you still hate or avoid?

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· MAY 26, 2006 ·
Korean Food in Grand Rapids

Yesterday, for a co-worker's birthday, a group of us went out for lunch at a Korean restaurant I'd heard about but had never been to. K-Garden is a tiny free-standing building on the corner of 32nd and Madison. Apparently it's been around forever - at least 15 years or so according to one of my co-wokers who frequents it. The food was excellent and really unusual. The menu is half Chinese food, half Korean food. The Korean food is more expensive ($10-$15 entrees, average) but worth it. No one at our table ordered Chinese food, but those dishes were more in the $6-$9 range.

We started with two orders of potstickers, one pan-fried and one deep-fried. Both were delicious, especially with the sauce that accompanied them. I ordered 돌솥비빔밥 (dol sot bi-bim bap), a dish consisting of rice, vegetables, shredded beef and a fried egg all served in a hot stone bowl. Seasoned to taste with 고추장 (go-chu jang, a spicy chili sauce), it was incredibly flavorful, with just enough kick to clear the sinuses. The portions are large enough to have leftovers, and all the Korean dishes come with sides, which are little separate bowls of variously prepared vegetables - cucumbers, radishes, cabbage kimchi, and others i couldn't identify. All very good. I had never had Korean food before, and it was a great experience. I will for sure be going back.

As the restaurant also serves Chinese food, we received fortune cookies at the end of our meal. Here was mine, which definitely ranks as one of the funniest fortunes ever:

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· MAY 24, 2006 ·
Pour A Little Sugar On Me Honey
Inventing a sweetener with even a little of sugar’s appeal is one of the hardest tasks in food science. It’s less like imitating the taste of Coke or vanilla than like trying to imitate water—another simple but astonishingly versatile compound. Sugar’s sweetness only begins to explain our devotion to it. You can freeze it, cook it, candy it, and caramelize it. It adds bulk to baked goods and helps them to brown. Sugar is a powerful preservative. It triggers the taste buds almost instantly, fades quickly without aftertaste, and has a voluptuous mouthfeel. Even its potency can’t easily be improved. Artificial sweeteners may be thousands of times as sweet by volume, but their flavor loses intensity with repeated tasting. Sugar stays sweet.

Yesterday I read Burkhard Bilger’s article, “The Search for Sweet” from the May 22 issue of The New Yorker. The thing I love about TNY is that I never question whether or not the topic of the article is something I am interested in, because it doesn’t matter; the articles are so well-written and within each article touch on aspects of such a wide range of fields – psychology, biology, history, current events, anthropology, biography, etc.-- that they are always interesting, regardless of topic. So that’s my plug.

Back to the food topic at hand:

Continue reading "Pour A Little Sugar On Me Honey"

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· FEBRUARY 16, 2006 ·

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· FEBRUARY 12, 2006 ·
Secret Breakfast Club Take 2

Since the last breakfast club had a weak g-rad turn out... only 2 g-radders. We have a lot of food left over to prepare so we're having another on Saturday the 18th @ 10am put on by Steph. I will have to be absent for this one but pancakes, fruit and other breakfast foods will be provided. Please bring 2 or 3 dollars to help with the cost of the food.

If you need directions please e-mail Stephanie at slr5@calvin.edu

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· FEBRUARY 06, 2006 ·
Secret Breakfast Club

We needed another g-rad gathering. So come to the Secret Breakfast on Saturday the 11th @ 10am put on by Steph, Jen, and probably a couple other convent ladies! Pancakes, fruit and other breakfast foods will be provided. Please bring 2 or 3 dollars to help with the cost of the food.

If you need directions please e-mail Stephanie at slr@calvin.edu

[p.s. if there are any vegan cooks out there, your help/recipes would be appreciated]

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· JANUARY 10, 2006 ·
Hey potluck!

Mandie and Jon (along with Jon's housemates) are inviting all to the potluck this Sunday (January 15th) at 5 pm! Bring a dish to pass, as usual, along with a friend. Jon's house is located at 74 Benjamin, north of Fulton, near Common Ground. Unfortunately, we don't have a convenient picture of the house to post, but it is on the East side of the street and easy to find. Once again, keep in mind vegetarian friends and bring a favorite board game if you have one. Since we've not been able to make previous potlucks, we're looking forward to meeting other G-RADers. If you have any questions e-mail Mandie at goodmusic.goodpeople@gmail.com.

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· JANUARY 05, 2006 ·
Winter's Summer Celebration @ 956 Hovey

SUNDAY, 8th of JANUARY, 2006 - 2:00PM

Jake & Tony would like to invite G-RAD family & friends to come Potluck! with us in our upstairs apartment at 956 Hovey (just a block behind the DQ® on Fulton). We would like to show our grattitude for the brief reprieve from Michigan's harsh winter by dressing, cooking, and acting like it's summer (while inside). Activities will include: carpet darts, ping-pong badminton, and living room soccer.

Brownie points will be awarded to those who: cook animal-friendly foods, are nice to Cyclista, and/or bring their own reusable dishes (depending on attendance, we might be a little short).

Please e-mail Jake or Tony with questions or suggestions.

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· DECEMBER 05, 2005 ·
Potluck #2 - Gettin' Childish at Calkins

Take me to the rest of the photos.

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· DECEMBER 02, 2005 ·
Potlucks in On-The-Town, Sorta

Does anyone read On-The-Town? When did it get so crazy? On page 19 of this month's issue Mystic Missy offers her loyal readers a shopping guide that "covers the cosmos." It is essentially a book review/gift recommendation based loosely around astrological signs, which i guess sort of qualifies it as a horroscope as well.

the very first entry:

The Potluck Cookbook
Classic Recipes for any Occasion
by Dolores Kostelni
Collector's Press 2005, 128 Pages $19.95

New Ideas and adventures suit the Sagitarrius sign (November 22 - December 21). Set off on a potluck party adventure where you're the envy of all the guests. Turkey Pie with Sweet Potato Biscuits and Slow Cooker Meatballs along with Lil' Doggies in a Tangy Sauce are your weapons! Use them Wisely and knock 'em dead - and full. B

The segment is called Written in the Stars, a pun which leads me to believe the Mystic Missy's special brand of literary astrology is a regular feature. My starsign yielded What's Your Poison - Addictive Advertising of the '40s - '60s. Which is the first time my horroscope was ever actually even close to being somewhat appropriate. Maybe there is something to this astrological shopping?

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· NOVEMBER 28, 2005 ·
Sharkwash Victory!

I am pleased as punch to announce a mighty 12 - 11 TEAM SHARKWASH victory over the wimpy FRIENDS OF FLUORIDE in last week's first (of many, no doubt) Grand Trivia Challenge.

Matt, Johanna, Carolyn, Ariel and Andrew: you dudes really pulled through and showed the FOF how to do it. your knowledge of local trivia and park geography was truly mind boggling, and i am proud to count myself amongst your numbers.

FOF, better luck next time! next week, maybe? Calkin's Convent REMATCH?

check out andrew's victory sketch:

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· NOVEMBER 21, 2005 ·
Practice Thanksgiving
[click for more pictures!]
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· NOVEMBER 05, 2005 ·
Thanksgiving. Take One!

How much fun did everyone have rocking the corner of Fulton/Division?? It was the first time that many of us met face to face, the first time we shared a bite of each other's plates, the first time flashed a smile at "that guy over there" wondering if he was docbeezy.

Well, in the spirit of continuing to grow and intensify the G-Rad community [and food], we have decided to create a time for us to do this every week!!

On Nov. 20 at my house [106 S. Division #216, in the new aparments across from the DAAC], we will be having our first POTLUCK! Considering Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you are so worried about how your candied yams will turn out, this POTLUCK! will be a chance for you to test out your Thanksgiving recipes before putting them up for scrutiny from your Great Aunt Betty.

This blog will be a way for us to communicate where the POTLUCK! will be each week and way for us to share recipes, and whatever else comes from these get-togethers.

Please read the About section if you don't understand a word I said and comment to this post to RSVP!

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Welcome to the very first G-RAD project blog, POTLUCK!. It is our goal to meet every sunday to share a meal and eachother's company. we feel that some hard face-to-face time will help us get to know fellow G-RAD authors and readers in way that has been impossible from behind our respective computer monitors. we need physical contact with one another, and POTLUCK! provides the perfect venue to do that. Look for the POTLUCK! schedule, and in the very near future: an expanding recipe box, a POTLUCK! photoblog, and articles that relate to concepts of people coming together to share meals.

In the next couple days, in true potluck form, the project blog will be opened up to all members of G-RAD to post in as they see fit. And the first official POTLUCK! potluck will occur at Ben's house on November 20. It will be a practice thanksgiving, so bring that unused can of cranberry sauce from last year and come eat with us!

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