What is all this?
This is a BLOG for the POTLUCK! events held weekly in the homes of various G-RAD authors and readers. The POTLUCK! project itself is the main physical manifestation of the G-RAD community. It is a chance for us come together, share a meal, conversation, and information. On the POTLUCK! project blog you will find information about upcoming potlucks, potluck recipes, as well as documentation of each POTLUCK! event. It is also a place to discuss and explore the very nature of communal eating.

The very first public G-RAD event took the form of a potluck picnic in the very center of our city, that greenish patch on the corner of fulton and division. That event was so much fun and began to bring us together as a proper community. The aim of POTLUCK! project is to pick up where that event left off and keep us in regular physical contact.

Not a G-RAD author, but still want to take part?
All POTLUCK! events are free and open to the public. We only ask that, if possible, please bring a dish to pass and to keep our vegetarian friends in mind as well.You can find out about upcoming POTLUCK! events by checking out the schedule page.

Hosting an event?
Would like to host a POTLUCK! event at your place? that would be so awesome! For G-RAD bloggers, after deciding which day would work the best for you, all you need to do is log in and add a new entry to the POTLUCK! blog using the schedule category. Schedule entries are formatted exactly like the RADiCAL entries. with the '@' strudel somewhere in the title and the date and time set at the bottom.

If you have any questions about the G-RAD POTLUCK! project don't hesitate to email george at george[at]g-rad.org!