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specific taste cells can 'change' every 7-8 years. your receptivity of certain flavors can also drastically shift, and may become less distinct or even deteriorate over time (taste problems!)

i now consume fairly regularly an array of foods i once deemed totally nasty. approaching my 25th yr, i thought back on the extremely selective palette of my youth. this is a rough chronology of my taste exploration (these are specifically foods i hated as a kid, so i'm not listing things i'd never tried before)

when i started liking Things:

mustard (honey) 1994, all others, 2000
peppers (red, yellow) 2000, (most others) 2002
olives (black) 2002
tomatoes, raw (grape or cherry) 2002, (all others) 2005 (for real)
onions, 2001 (raw on sandwiches, etc. i was okay with things w/cooked onions)
cream cheese, 2000
asparagus, 2000
squash (most forms), 2002
sweet potatoes, 2005
soy milk, 2002

no thanks:
mayonnaise or miracle whip.
ranch dressing
sour cream
potato salad
cottage cheese (all of the above fall in the same family for me)
green olives
i stopped eating most meat circa fall 2002, although this wasn't really the result of direct taste change (i rarely if ever purchased it, then eventually stopped eating most kinds entirely) i still consume a bit of seafood now and again.

what foods have your 'buds come around on? ones you still hate or avoid?

Posted by todd at 09:16 PM.

I always hated 'creamy' things when I was younger, which included cheeses, mayonaise, mustards, cottage cheese, sour creaml though i was way yinto ice cream and yogurt.

i like most cheese now and everything but yellow mustard. cottage cheese grosses me out still and not too big of a sour cream fan.

- benner | June 14, 2006 11:01 AM


things i still cannot do include:

- peppers, most kinds
- olives, all kinds.

- george | June 14, 2006 12:35 PM

i also learned that your taste buds are deep down under the surface of your tongue - apparently 'burst taste buds' are a myth.

also, you many taste buds on the roof of your mouth, on the hard palette.

- ben | June 14, 2006 01:53 PM

so what about the belief that MSG rips off a layer of your taste buds, to expose newer, stronger ones?

- george | June 14, 2006 01:57 PM

yea, i will never down with unrefridgerated 'cheese foods'

- todd | June 17, 2006 07:08 PM

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