JULY 12, 2005

Hi Everyone,
Here are some of the cool things going on in Grand Rapids over the coming weekend and next week. There isn’t as much as last week but I suggest that if you are looking for live music checking out the DAAC website (www.thedaac.org) for local and regional bands. Additionally some of the things I have included this week are opportunities for involvement in local projects.

I would love to hear back from anyone who attended the events last week, I checked out a few of them and they were pretty cool. The art show at the DAAC was great.

I would really like to have people start reviewing the events that I send out, so if you do, and I think the review is fair-minded and constructive I will send it out as part of the next email. I am also looking for people to send me their events…. I can’t make it to everything so I would like to know what people think.
Here is the word on the street for the week.

On Wednesday nights at Drink in the Monroe Mall, there is the Ideal Collective Open mic and Artist vendors, it follows Blues on the Mall and is a great place to network check out local musicians and as the title of the bar suggests Drink. I think that it is all ages before 10 so everyone can check it out. Also if you are down in Monroe check out the new Sushi place… I am not a sushi expert but I like it and it is pretty low key, you can get the whole place to yourself…. Hum sounds like dinner to me. ( the salad they give you before the sushi is a bit lame but the dressing is freaking great)

On Thursday check out the Movie in the park, the guys have officially decided to call it “Portable Cinema” The movie this week is Night of The Living Dead and it is being shown on 07/14/05 (that's tomorrow) at 10:00pm in Hillcrest park (1415 Lyon NE) (kinda by the dog park and the school.) The guys are going for a enailer start time at 10:00 and say it will start on time so be there or miss the beginning half an hour. It was a bit chilly last week, or maybe it was because I am so use to being Hot Hot Hot all day but a blanket and a sweatshirt is recommended. This one is not only a city park but a city grade school so NO BOOZE. The guys suggest instead heading down to 80’s night afterward for a nightcap.

And on the other end of the spectrum there is a bit of Shakespeare going on this weekend and it might break upt the pace a bit. This Group has performed at the Street Market once already and are returning for our Public Art Weekend. (July 23rd) The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company is performing two programs of scenes from Shakespeare and his contemporaries, "Lords Are from Mars, Ladies Are from Venus," and "Improbable Fiction: Actors, Liars, Tricks, and Disguise." I think you can click on this and it works as a link… who knows otherwise here are the locations.
Friday, July 15 at 7:00 p.m.
Shakespeare at the Deli
Did's Deli in Grand Haven

Saturday, July 16 at 7:00 p.m.
And Sunday, July 17 at 2:00 p.m.
Benefit Performances for the
Grand Haven Area Arts Council
Lets see there are a few really cool opportunities that I have heard about lately.

If you have always wanted to be a model there is a model call for the Dyce Fashion show (September 10) at Sunday July 17th at 7pm @Sazerac Lounge (the old bono’s pizza) 1418 Plainfield NE GR Jesse Hora is the contact guy on this one so if you have questions about what they are looking for email him atwww.blameclothing.com, I am not sure that they are looking for but it could be fun.

Also I am encouraging people to check out a great new project down on Wealthy, JynnaVyve Bruntmeyer Started a project called The Art Loft. She is an Instructor/Artist for the space and is looking for artists to hang their work in her space. I want to note that the space is used for children’s classes so, take that into consideration. She is also looking for people who are interested in holding discussion groups about art, literature and culture, so give her a call or drop an email for an outline of events and classes. jynnavyveart@comcast.net (616) 856-0366

If you are looking for a club that is actively out and doing stuff the Progressive Women’s alliance is politically active and always having interesting speakers. For more info email deb@progressivewomensalliance.org.

If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.

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