JULY 26, 2005

Hey Everyone,
Tis’ the time of year when everyone is running to the lakeshore. For those of us left behind there is not a ton to do, so I included some cool things to check out online, registration time for fall events, as well as a housing opportunity.

I wanted to thank everyone who came out this last weekend for our Public Art Weekend at the Ionia Street Market. There were 24 vendors, and many of them were making and doing in the Park. It was great. I have attached the flyer for our August 13th event, this should be a huge turnout for familys, we have blown up with the advertising and this month the flyer is bi-lingual. Download it, check it out, pass it on, thanks…..

Next week there is a ton of stuff….. this week not so much.

The word on the street for this week is…..

Wednesday Night July 27, 2005
Last Wednesday was busy at Drink and I expect tonight will be the same, there was a great performance by Emily doing some Butoh, if you haven’t checked out The Ideal Collective Variety Night at Drink, it is Wednesday From 8pm-2am at Drink in the Monroe Mall area. Open Mic, Ideal vending their wears, ( I think Pabst is only a buck….) and it is FREE

Thursday night July 28th
This week looks a lot like last week, due to the wheather the Portable Cinema movie is gonna try it again this week, their t movie is at, . This week the movie is. Closely Watched Trains at Bridge/Alabama portable cinema – Thursday July 21, 10:00pm According to the guys the movie is site specific, “ NW corner of Bridge/Alabama NW so we found this little parking lot right up next to the tracks up on the westside and we thought "this place would be perfect for a train movie!" so that is what we are doing. And what film is trainier than Jirí Menzel's 1966 classic Closely Watched Trains? ” bring chairs and blankets, no booze.

Yeah due to the time of year there isn’t a whole lot this weekend….
If you are really ready to go with nothing to do check out grnow.com for events in the area.

And while you are on the web I suggest looking at this website,-A guy I know, Jason Ross, has a website with his stuff on it… sounds ordinary until you see Jason’s work. http://www.j-rosscreative.hostrocket.com I have to admit I am a tough sell, Picky might be a good word, but Jason’s stuff blows me out of the water. The only thing you have to know is everyone in the picture is Jason.

Another thing to start thinking about is Fall festivals, The Eastown Street Fair is coming up. September 24th, 2005 from
10am to 10pm. Event organizers are looking for vendors, you name it they want it so…. Email Tammy for Registration Forms at tamijvb@yahoo.com

Last week I had sent out info. about a show at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and got this feed back from Tommy Allen, Thanks Tommy I appreciate it.

The show is really worth seeing since the GRAM does not often showcase refreshing new art very often in their space. Adam Tetzlaff is a nice guy and I really enjoy his take on art history in his pen and ink drawings. Also, Thomas Allen, not to be confused with me (see my August OTT article about this mix up), is showcasing a refreshing look at pulp fiction books. I dare you to go and not say, "Damn, why didn't I think of that!" The other artists are equally impressive.
I was just in Royal Oak this past weekend and in the coffee shops were various newspapers where many featured bits on this exhibit.

Do see the show, it is really an exciting exhibition.

This weekend does signify the end of the month if you are looking for a new place, the apartment above the Eastown Community Association (ECA) is going to be up for grabs, located at 415 Ethel St. SE #2, 2 brm, hardwood floors, rent is 625, includes water, electric, and trash,
A spacious two-bedroom apartment will soon become
According to the email I got “The ECA is seeking a tenant(s) who will respect the neighbors/neighborhood and who may be interested in becoming involved in the association. If you are interested, please pick up an application from the hall. Drop off your completed application to the same location. No phone calls to the ECA please.” So if your getting booted at the end of the month, this might be a good thing to check out.

Just another note last week I was informed that the production of Tortilla Moon was actually produced by the Grandville Ave. Academy of the Arts, and I just wanted to make that correction, the venue was the theater but produced by the Grandville Ave. Academy of the Arts…..with that said.

Thanks for reading to the bottom….
If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com

See Ya,

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