AUGUST 2, 2005

Hey Everyone,
This week's word on the street is going to be short and Sweet. Please come out on Friday and check out the show at the DAAC Jason Starin and Chris Sandon are great artists who are showing together in GR for the first time. They have both been participating in shows in Detroit and the East side of the state…. So let’s show them what great support we have for artists in GR. Thanks the word on the Street for this week is…..

Thursday, August 4,
Thinking about Joining the DAAC, The DAAC is always looking for some fresh ideas and faces, come and get to know everyone at the Board Meeting held the first Thrusday of every month. Normally at 9 this month the meeting will be at 8:00 so we can clear out for the
Man At Arms show At the DAAC starts at 9- till whenever for more info look at

Free Film Night!!!! Also August 4th, (assuming it doesn’t rain) Hey this project was recently included in Craig’s List as one of the cool things going on in GR.. I am hopeing the weather gets better cause I have been lobbying for Lookout park all summer…….
Plan 9 From Outer Space @ Lookout Park portable cinema - Aug 2, 11:22 am
According to the guys…… "Can your heart stand the shocking facts about Graverobbers from Outer Space?" Plan 9 from outerspace, Ed Wood's most classic example of complete, but earnest, filmmaking ineptitude, will be screening up at lookout park this thursday (august 4) at 10pm.

Friday August 5, 2005 is rockin’ I suggest checking out the new Boutique Gallery opening in Eastown. The Space is 1479 Lake Drive ( right next to Smitty”s) Elyse VanLaar is opening “Eye Candy” which is going to be specializing in handmade jewelry, accessories, fine art and craft, and it is all local. I think we should do our best to check it out and welcome her to the GR Scene. She is all about, thinking and working locally to promote local artists. There are a ton of different items in store… I know many of the Ionia Street Market Artists have work for sale. I think the number is somewhere near 20 different local artists… so stop in and check it out.

******Check this out!!!!******* Also happening on Friday at the DAAC is a Sweet show Chris Sandon, Ann arbor/ Detroit artist and Jason Starin Formerly of GR and currently residing in Ann Arbor, have teamed up to create Dirty Bros. They are putting on an extravaganza, Called Kiddie Circus, with art and three bands/ Performances by Timbre Ar. , So to Speak, That Guy he’s the Guy!, And Das Chritz featuring Random White Dog. Come down and check it out I will be there, so should you. You can see more about the show at

Hey did you know that you can be listed for free on GRNow as an artist or Musician for free, yeah check it out I was floored to find out that there are over 140 bands and like 10 artists. I kinda thought, huh…. More people need to take advantage of this sort of stuff then I realized, I am not one of the artists who is posted, so I guess I understand better then I thought. Be better then I am get yourself and your stuff out there. Check it out at

Yep and that is it short and sweet hope you are all doing well.
If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or

Thanks for reading to the bottom

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