AUGUST 9, 2005

Hi Everyone,
There are jobs and opportunities at the bottom of the page so make sure you check those out even if you aren’t interested in reading my Psycho babble at the top……

Over this last week I have gotten some interest in this little hobby that I have going on here. I guess that some of you guys are reading these and that makes me feel good, so I think it might be a good time to address why I do this thing I do….

I have a certain amount of criteria for what I put in these things, if you want to know what is going on in GR it is easy to find out the stuff that is well advertised, planned way in advance, and financed, however there are a lot of things going on that are more spur of the moment, that don’t get a ton of press, that are, shall we say a bit removed from the mainstream radar. So that is one thing I keep my ears open for. The other events are stuff that I would want to do myself. There are not a lot of shows at the GRAM that appeal to me personally but when they do something that is showcasing local artists, I am into it, and include it in my little emails. This is not a calendar of every event, and it isn’t met to be, but I do try to include stuff that people send to me if it meets afore mentioned requirements. This is also a personal endeavor, it hasn’t got much to do with my job, it is a hobby. Thanks to everyone who reads this ‘cause I think that there is some cool stuff in GR that needs to be looked at and appreciated.

Hope that wasn’t too long cause now here is the good stuff, there are even some new jobs……

The word on the street ……………
I’m gonna start with a review written by Theresa, This is for A new gallery that opened in GR, called Eye Candy, It was one of the suggestions for last week’s word, and I stopped by the opening and was stoked about the live music being performed on the front porch, it seemed to be getting a great response from passers by,,, this is what Theresa had to say…
The gallery is bright and spacious for its modest size, full of locally created work. The work here is quirkier, more likely to walk the line between class and sassy subversion than other Grand Rapids galleries, though it maintains an economically healthy neutral aesthetic. Craftier items take on a chic appearance next to the artful and trained jewelry and ceramics. Most of the pieces are wearable accessories, but here too are bold illustrations, wry magnets, bizarre mugs, rich photographs. Priority
seems granted to the three-dimensional pieces, but keeping the two-dimensional pieces off the wall seems to add to their accessibility to potential buyers.
Wednesday August 10th need I even say it one more time… Ideal collective, at Drink, Open Mic Variety night… I am planning on going if I get home from dinner early enough. I hope to see you all there.

Thursday August 11th
Movies, I love them for their escapist qualities, character development, quirky surprises, their vibrant colors… well I guess we haven’t actually seen a movie in color at the Portable Cinema shows, I guess you can’t have it all. The movie last week was hilarious and some residents came out and enjoyed it as well as a regular crew of movie appreciators. This week’s showing is, In The Mood For Love, Canal Street Park, 10:00pm FREE
According to the guys this is Wong Kar-Wai's romantic drama that Geo Loves his best quote is “I can say, without much shame, that Wong Kar-wai is the reason i went to film school.”

Friday night at the DAAC
Zombra * Hombrinus Dudes * Triforce.
If these bands are anything alike I am thinking they might be Loud ( I hope no one shoots me for using this word) passionate, rock. Also still on the walls is Kiddie Curcis the work of Chris Sandon and Jason Starin, who passed our fake mustaches to everyone at their opening and brought some great bands over from Detroit.

Saturday August 13th
****Ionia Street Market**** Kids in the Park 10-4 This event has it all, fire tucks, story tellers, children’s art activities, the Children’s Museum is putting together a bubble painting station, a water playground, art vendors, sun and fun.check out our website for an account of what the day has to offer and please come down and check it out. The ISM is always looking for new vendors Special Thanks to GRTV and Amiee Hampton for the great Job on the Ionia Street Market PSA… you can check that out on GRTV…

Saturday August 13, 2005 night
Show at the DAAC with the Sequoia Outlaws, Love me Destroyer, La Dispute, No Such Monster, and Antioch.

Web stuff
Check out This thing that George and Ben created, I don’t really understand it but I like it it is some sort of bloging thing that gets updated everytime you update… yeah it is hard to understand but once you see it you kinda get it.


JynnaVyve at the Arts Loft is still looking for local artist to hang work in her space gallery and hallways. Contact her
Call or stop by 616.856.0366
1115 Wealthy Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Band Opportunities
Yeah I am looking for bands for the Ionia Street Market’s end of the summer events.
I am looking for bands or performers who are interested in doing a one hour (ish) time slot for these events
Revamp Event August 27th 10th
Summer Fundraiser Event September 3rd
Activism Event September
Please contact me if you are interested in playing at one of these events.

Looking to take a class? Rebecca Rodriguez is teaching a printmaking class at the Fransescan Life Center in Lowell… This place is weird in a good way it is way way out in Lowell. The class isn’t for a while but sign up is now. November 4-5 Wood & Linocut Printing with Rebecca Rodriguez I think Rebecca is also going to be showing some of her work there. For more information, call FLPC at 616-897-7842. or look at their web site http//

JynnaVyve over at the The Art Loft is discounting the fall
tuition for the months of August, September and October. Your first week as a new student is free ($75.00 for the first month tuition) and then only $100.00 tuition until the end of October. Get ahold of JynnaVyve for more info about, classes, family plans, community projects ect….
Call or stop by 616.856.0366
1115 Wealthy Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

There is another job listing this week, oh the excitement! ART JOBS!
I would think a lot of people will be interested in this position so please get those applications in ASAP!
All I can tell you is the Grandville Academy is looking for an Arts instructor/Program coordinator, Part time, Send letter, resume, and references to
644 Grandville SW
Grand Rapids MI 49503
you can call and get more info about this position, $, what they are looking for ect. Ph# 616 742 0692

Also I wanted to point out that community organizing positions are a powerful way to intergrate creative vision into neighborhoods and commercial districts, with that in mind there are 2 community organizer positions open at the Grand Rapids Alliance for Neighbrohood development to work in the Eastown, and Roosevelt Park Neighborhood. Part time, (if you speak Spanish the Roosevelt park one would be for you) I would think you would get props for living in the area but it isn’t always a must. Resumes need to be out by August 17th to
Karen Horlings Crime Prevention Coordinator
Grand Rapids Police Department
#1 Monroe Center
Grand Rapids Michigan 49503
or email to

Alright I am off to eat At Trini’s Mexican in Sparta… and call my mom. If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or
Thanks for reading to the bottom

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