AUGUST 16, 2005

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This week I am going to keep it short ‘cause I am running behind. There are some cool opportunities and shows but before I get to that… I do have on thing that I would like to say before we get to the Word On the Street, on the 27th of August the Ionia Street Market is holding their Revamp weekend, this is an opportunity not only for artists to show work but for everyone to participate…How? you ask… well Revamp is all about the remade item, items that have been remade and items that need to be remade.. so if you have Garage sale items still hanging out that you just haven’t sold yet, bring them down, set up a booth ( it is only 10$) and hang out with us in the park. We have some really diverse music that day and some cool thrift stores and our regular crew of Fine Artists and Crafts people… this is your chance to come down and be a part of the Ism.
Also thank you to all of the people who worked so hard on Saturday for our Kids in the Park Event, it was great to see that many people in the park enjoying the Entertainment and Arts Vendors. Want a preview of our ISM Events or want to get involved Check out our website

Here is the Word on the Street for this week,

Hey, Portable cinema got rained out last week and I have to admit it isn’t looking all that great today but if it isn’t raining tonight check out In The Mood For Love, Canal Street Park, 10:00pm FREE
According to the guys this is Wong Kar-Wai's romantic drama that Geo Loves his best quote is “I can say, without much shame, that Wong Kar-wai is the reason i went to film school.”

On Friday the 19th Reb down at Sactuary Folk Art on Dicvison is doing an opening and party from 6-11pm.the show is titled "collision on division". According to Reb everyone is invited for art, music and fun.

Just a note on this Reb is running this amazing space even during all of the crazy construction down on Division so please get out an support Sactuary, the Artists carried in this gallery all have interesting stories and work that is unlike anything else found in Grand Rapids it is so worth checking out.

Yep the riverside is hopping this weekend, on Saturday there is the Riverside Arts and Crafts Fair From 10 AM- to 8:00 Pm 6th Street Bridge 600 Monroe Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 Food, kids stuff art vendors, entertainment it should be a good time.

Easely Art on Northland Drive has an opportunity for artists, they are looking for “creative souls to share their talents with our children and maybe even adults on occasion.” You can drop off resumes and ideas or stop in, 5150 northland drive GR 49525 or if you have questions phone 447-9025, Ask for Kristen

Be a part of something,
This is an ASAP opportunity for ACTORS AND ACTRESSES Libby Sturrus is looking for actors and actresses for a show that will be performed Sept. 9,10,16, and 17 at the Hungry Heart Café, According to Libby “The Show is called Shadow Show and it is based on Carl Jung's writing about the shadow self. Shadow Show is an invitation to explore the sides of ourselves we don’t reveal in public. C.G. Jung defines the shadow as the negative qualities of the personality that reside in the unconscious and sometimes surface through projections. Essentially, we blame others for doing what we darkly desire to do. Shadow Show wants to explore a dialogue with our shadows, confronting the conscious with the subconscious, uncovering our secret deeds and revealing our own frightening desires.”
She is looking for people who can commit to three rehearsals a week and all four performance nights. The show is an ensemble piece with opportunities for some solo work. Below is a brief statement about the show. If you are interested please call Libby at 616-481-1999

Show opportunity:
I checked this out last year and it would be really great if there were some people who wanted to participate, there is a pretty big flow of people walking throught the building and the response is positive. Also Rachael is a great person to know, she is energetic and really into the causes that she supports.
Submission for: World AIDS Day---December 1st, 2005 How to participate in "Artists Express AIDS III":
Create a piece of artwork using this year's international World AIDS Day theme of "Keeping The Promise*Stop AIDS" (This theme is an appeal to government and policy makers to ensure that they meet the targets they have agreed to in the fight against HIV and AIDS) as your inspiration. Artwork will be displayed on December 1, 2005 at Grand Valley State University's Grand Rapids DeVos Center.
Please let us know by November 15th if you will be participating so we can reserve a spot for your art. Deadline for art to be turned in for this event is Tuesday, November 29, 2005. Artists who participate may have the opportunity to become part of the National NAMES project; your work would become part of the AIDS Memorial Quilt!
World Aids Day 2005 is sponsored by S.H.A.C.K.(The Sexual Health Awareness Coalition of Kent County). For details or to sign up please e-mail Rachael or call (616)-331-7220.

Ok here is the normal sign off, If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or

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