AUGUST 24, 2005

Hi everyone

It tis’ that time of the week again, time for a little bit of info to come your way. So this week, I sent out an email yesterday about the market, I know a bunch of you guys got it. So I guess that is my inspirational rant for the week. Personally I Start back to school this week and I am excited about it the way I was when I was little and then also the way I was when I was in highschool, I got a new backpack that I haven’t used yet cause I am saving it for school and I got 3 new zits, and that is something that I guess I just won’t ever be done with. Hope that everyone who is headed back to school has a great year. So enough of the personal stuff……

Here is a bit of what is coming up and pretty much here is the word on the Street for August 24, 2005

Wednesday night august 24th Ok so the uica has some stuff that you can go and be a part of as kind of a support networking thing. The Writers corner is meeting every Wednesday evening from 6:30 - 9:30 PM. If you need to have a group of people look at your stuff and talk to you about what is rockin’ and give some constructive feedback this might be the group for you,
If you are a part of Writers Corner I would love to hear about what you all are doing so drop me an email.

Wednesday night Ok next up you knew I was gonna say it at somepoint….. DRINK< IDEAL COLLECTIVE…. So I am not sure what is gonna happen with the event after Blues Ends Haven’t heard yet so I’ll keep my ears open. Doors open at 8-ish goes until 2-ish. Check it out. Open mic, ideal, showing off the goods…. A great time is had by all.

Thursday night at 5 at the Wealthy Theater, Food, and Film. a 15 minute documentary about “ the story of a neighborhood changing form the inside out.” OUR BLOCK is a great short film about some of the community efforts in GR to create solid strong communities. The show is pretty short so don’t be late, the documentary made by my very favorite, film makers, Plastic Son Productions, is a pretty heartfelt look at a neighborhood. Stop by and check it out after work.

After that the party moves over to Layette (by the School by Wealthy) for a great (back to school) movie “ The Breakfast Club”, Ah I have loved this movie forever, but haven’t seen it in years, so I am stoked. Portable Cinema Claims they are still gonna try “in the mood for love” again, but they just need a to try something else after being rained out two weeks in a row.

So then Friday night there is a show at the DAAC Division Avenue, you know right where all the construction is that I have had 3 people ask me about so it must be good but you know I don’t know a thing about it so… Alasdair Roberts, mv/ee, Chance Jones, and Static Films. ( well I guess I do know that I Like Chance Jones, but according to all of these (3) sources Alasdair Roberts is awesome..) Huh, go check it out.

Guess what is Going on this weekend…. REVAMP at the Ionia Street Market. Heartside Park is going to be hopping with vendors, entertainment, soda…. we have really been trying to advertise for this like crazy, we even have ads in the GR Press classifieds. Please come down and check it out it is also an anyone can participate kind of event ‘cause we are trying to get people to sell their Yard sale items that just keep building up. I have some Vintage Dealers coming down, some Great music, and a whole lot of great art vendors, so why not come down and Gear up for the fall. Heartside park 10-4 or if you want to be a vendor 9-4:30. Check out our website

I need some volunteers for the Ionia Street Market, if you are looking for a relaxed volunteer position. I’m in need people to work the events for the rest of the summer, pretty much it is just sitting around enjoying the park on a summer’s day. You know chillin watching the info booth, letting people into the parking lot, helping to put up the signs on the day of… maybe making an announcement or 2 if you are interested. I also need volunteers to put up flyers…. If you are interested call jenn at 855 0429

Ok if you thought that portable cinema was going to be done when school started you were wrong….Portable cinema is accepting submissions for a fall film festival to take place the 22nd and 23rd of September. It will be called the Grand Rapids Film festival. If the weather permits it will be set up the same way as it is now in a park somewhere. If you know anyone who makes films let them know as well. The format will be shorts and moderately longs meaning 30-45 min maximum preferred, however if you want to show it submit it. There is some good stuff being made and everyone should make some more. Send submissions to:
543 Norwood
Grand Rapids, MI
Or give a copy to Nathan or George if you see them around town.
Thanks The deadline is the 9th of September

Ok that is pretty much it for the week… You made it, and here I thought I didn’t have all that much stuff to say…If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or

Thanks for reading to the bottom,


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