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Ok so here are some updates that I forgot to add as if this week was not busy enough I missed a few gems….. SO MUCH STUFF THIS WEEKEND!

Wow… So GVSU is doing this cool show that is up until the 23rd but the opening reception is tonight September 8 5-7 out in the performing Arts building at GVSU, and the title of the show is RAW ART division Avenue Artists, it is also going to be accompanied by a showing of in “the Realms of the unreal” the life of Harvey Darger… I am not sure about the times on that showing but I’ve heard it is good stuff. Mantra is playing at the opening and then show is up until the 23rd of September so if you don’t make it out tonight try for sometime this month.

September 9th 7-11 Also I wanted to include that the Tributary Gallery 40 s. Division GR. which is having an opening tonight for the Southpaw Artist Guild, which includes Derrick Hollowell, Elliot Mayo, Twila Jefferson and Christopher Hicks. I know Derrick, Chris, and Elliot, from what I’ve seen this show will be worth checking out.

Sat the 10th The page it self is nice the event should be better, There is also a bit more info about the DYCE show this weekend here is a link to their website it gives a full run down of the event
You know the specifics, also if you want to check out a bit more about Jesse Hora one of the producers extraordinaire look at

Geez and then I also wanted to include and event that is happening next week at the Wealthy theater Grid is putting on an event to speak out about Local TV. People who are interested in letting local channels hear what they think about the programming, messages, news broadcasts ect. Are encouraged to come down Tuesday, September 13 at 7pm to the Wealthy Theatre located at 1130 Wealthy St. the FCC is granting license to Broadcasters so it is time to say what you like what you don’t. Grid, encourages people to have a 2 minutes to speak about their thoughts, and bring a written statement that they will send to the FCCFor more information on the Local TV License renewal Campaign go to or Contact: Jeff Smith Tom Schwallie - 616 459-4788 x122

So Much To DO!!!!!!

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