SEPTEMBER 16, 2005

Hello everyone,
Maybe there is just too much to touch on it all in one email but you know… I think it might be more like I am just not as on the ball as I should be. I think an indicator of this is sending out over 400 emails with the header WORD ON THE STREET SEPTEMBER 21 When yeah it was the14th…. Great. Anyhow here are the 4 things I wanted to touch on. There are more but I am saving them for next week…..
1. Tonight At the DAAC Lisa Nowacki and Renee Hartig are having an opening form 6-9 their work is very different but both of them has work that is very calm… Lisa is a photographer, her work invites you in, it is the sort of thing you need to get right up on to really check it out. And Renee paints…landscapes with a fantastic sense of color. So come down and check the work out. The DAAC is kinda hard to get to right now you need to park in the United Way Parking Lot and come up the Back Steps. I mean if you want to be adventurous traverse Division but man, don’t fall in one of those huge holes.

2. OK next up DID I MENTION THIS WEEKEND IS THE LAST WEEKD OF THE ISM? THE IONIA STREET MARKET NEEDS YOU. Please come down and hang out in Heartside Park for a few hours on Saturday.

3. Monday night at the DAAC Ashton Allen is playing. This guy is on tour, he is originally form Florida, and had decided to do a night in GR so lets shoe him that we can even come out for an event on Monday nights.. but you know the thing is his music is pretty chill, and his website has one of those features on it that I love… you know the feature where when you pass over the Icon it kinda swells up… well if you don’t know check out his website, pictures, images, sound clips and swelling Icons.!! debut album "Dewdrops" which will be released nationwide September 27th on Livewire Recordings (Fontana / Universal),

4. Uh Monday nights at the UICA Josh D form world Dance Collective is doing a class at the UICA it is open percussion and anyone can come which is pretty cool cause you don’t have to know much about it.. and he is going to teach rhythm and techniques. It is 5 for members 7 for nonmembers and even though josh has 3-4 drums available he suggests bringing one along .

The Word on The Street is stored online at and the best part is that you can post comments and all that good stuff so check out G-rad Check out the Word on the Street, tell me what you think. If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or

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