SEPTEMBER 21, 2005

Hi Everyone,

I think this week I might be a slacker so I hope that I am not missing too much good stuff. Last week I was such a space cadet there was so much info floating around that I put the wrong Date on the word and then even had to update it so this week’s version is Definitive.

Oh I also wanted to say that there is some great work up at the DAAC right now, so if you are checking out a show there this weekend drop me an email and tell me what you think. That Destination 1111 show is coming up and it seems like the next major event.. I might even place the bet that it could being in more people then the DYCE Show… but there would be no way to count… still it could happen….so I guess we will all have to go an check it out. But that isn’t for another week or so. This week is jammed full of other little goodies…….

The word on the Street for September 21 2005

So I got a note about something that is coming up this weekend but if you want to participate you need to reserve a spot so I will stick this in first. From the 23-25th you can be a part of Create-athon, which sounds like an excuse to hole-up and make artwork for a weekend…… Peaceful country type setting, and you pay $$$ for the weekend and get food/ lodging…also for less $$$ you can bring a tent and camp out. Where is it at you ask…? Delton Michigan….. Where is that you ask? well I don’t know but I know who does, Sandy Hansen 616 396-5772, and I know of a website with some more info It sounds like it could be a ton of fun for families…..

*****Thursday September 22 Portable Cinema.. They took a break last week ‘cause of that Wolf Eyes show at the DAAC So this week, we have one of the all time worst movie people of all time, creating his all time best movie. I really dislike woody allen. ( and the only reason I say this is cause I am trying not to use the word hate) I know that some people love him but I have fallen asleep to more Woody Allen movies than I can count… so I guess making lots of bad movies counts for something…. 09:00 PM: ANNIE HALL in CANAL STREET PARK same place same time. Annie Hall

Starting on Friday the 23rd I’m learning all new stuff this week. What is 24 hour theater? Apparently it is the creative process of writing directing and producing a play all within 24 hours. So if you are interested to see what comes out of a 24 hour wham/bam/thank-you/sir style of theater production check out MYTHS FOR THE IMPENDING RECONSTRUCTION: THE BEST OF 24-HOUR THEATRE September 23, 24, 30 and October 1 8 PM Who? UICA’s X Performance Group Where? UICA is located on Sheldon Tickets: $10 for the general public and $8 for UICA members.

Saturday the 24th……Ahhh… the season of community fairs is still upon us and this weekend is one of my favorites. The ECA is bringing us another great event you have been reading about it for weeks it is the The Eastown Streetfair September 24th from 10am - 10pm (guess where In Eastown! ) on Wealthy Street between Lake Drive and Atlas. Tammy did a great job booking the music this year ( Cabildo ( at three) and La Familia ) and if you want more info about times for performers you can drop her an email at or just head on down and chill all day.

Saturday Sept. 24th Also this weekend is the Wealthy Street Alive, which takes place down by the wealthy theater. So you can pretty much walk wealthy and enjoy the people watching, food, and entertainment the whole way

*****Saturday September 24th from 4-12:00 there is going to be a Music benefit for a family who has ties, and is returning to GR, following Katrina wiping out their place in New Orleans. Becky Brown Davis ( a GVSU BFA alumni) her husband Brian Davis and their Brand new born right after the storm hit baby Marcus…. Oh yeah and did I mention that it is at Eastern AVE Hall, 506 Eastern NE, Grand Rapids, MI The bands in order of appearance are The Underlings, Brother Howe, Bascom McGee, Oxter Mahone, Nobody's Darlin' , The Willey's , Los Cobras and The Icicles Interested in more info? Contact Sean Quashnie, 616.485.5568 or Mark Rumsey, 616.780.6663 suggested donation 10$

This last weekend I got a chance to kind of experience what Josh Dugin’s class at the UICA whould be like and it was really fun, quite the challenge that whole 2 hand, eye, coordination thing is crazy, but a lot of fun I suggest taking off your rings if you decide to participate but the class is At the UICA starts next week on Monday at 6pm - it's open percussion which means everyone can come play cost is $5 for UICA members and $7 for non-members I also like that the UICA is doing a drop in class.. I think that is pretty cool.

**** There is a great opportunity to Intern, or volunteer, at the Heartside Ministry they are looking for Art Room Helpers, computer Center Mentors, and Front Desk receptionists Pretty cool cause there are a whole lot of people who go to Heartside ministries and if you have ever checked out their gallery it is pretty interesting… No matter how far you think you have come as an individual overcoming the stigma’s that you may have about homelessness, and poverty, you will be surprised at what barriers within yourself, you find, and overcome, by working in a program like Heartside Ministries. ( and I mean that cause I find it for myself everyday) 54 South Division Grand Rapids MI 49503 or for more info call 616-235-7211

Hum I got this in relation to having an intern this summer but I have an interst in the Career Services at GVSU because they have never adequately answered the question “ what opportunities do you provide for Fine Arts Majors?” so I think it is time to help them organize their stuff by supporting this program that they have started. So here is what they are looking for ( it still cracks me up that I got sent this email..)
Become a member of the GVSU Career Contact Bank. This is an opportunity for professionals, like you ( scoff) to interact with students in a variety of ways, including:

Informational Interview: Students will contact you to talk or meet with you for one-half to one hour, preferably at your worksite, to learn more about the field you work in and about the position you have. They may ask you questions such as: What are your job duties? What was your career path? What are the trends in your industry? For many students, this may be the first contact they have with a professional from their field of study.

Shadow Experience: A student can spend up to one-half of the day with you "on-the-job." This is a great opportunity for the student to see first hand what a job in your field is really like.

( Jenn) would like to extend an invitation to you to join GVSU in these education/workplace partnerships. To do so, please register online at If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact GVSU at (616) 331-3311 and while you are at it ask what it is that they do recommend for graduates going into the Fine arts Field and if you get a good response I would love to hear it.

Do I sound jaded? Maybe, but I am actually very interested in students having resources. So this is an encouragement please, what ever you do get in on this career services thing I would hate for an aspiring art student to not have an adequate contact in the “real world” and if the career services center has contacts then maybe they will have something to say when art student’s ask them about job opportunities.

Things to put on the calendar
*MARY JANE JACOB, September 29th Thursday, 7:30pm, UICA
*Destination 1111 September 30- Oct 2 1111 Godfrey, SW Grand Rapids Michigan
Portable Cinema’s Film Fest.
The Citizen’s Transit Summit October 3rd…

Ok here is the normal sign off, If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or or if you remember something cool that was in last week’s word on the street but can’t remember what tit was then check out word on the Street on line as a Blog ( ah computer lingo) at or hey why not just check out G-Rad… go ahead goggle it.
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What is the Citizen's Transit Summit.

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