SEPTEMBER 28, 2005

Hello everyone,

Wow, it looks like community street fairs and festivals ended just in time. The weather turned nasty this weekend but not before I had a great time cruising around Eastown with a crew, checking out what was going on. I got to catch Cabildo, LSDudes and La Familia along with some other acts and ran into a ton of people out and about chilling. It was so great cause it was the first time ( in a while) that I have gotten to just hang with no particular place to go…. and I loved it so … Hats off to Tami and the rest of the ECA, along with all of the artists, and performers for making a great event. This weekend has some big events… not a ton of events but everything is something to get stoked about. So for this week the week of September 28th…
Here is the word on the street

Wednesday night September 28th….. Original’s Film Fest. This is a new( ish ) program at the Grand Rapids Public Library. ( located on Library Street!) They are showing “Rabbit- Proof Fence” Have I seen the movie? No, but I think the idea is pretty cool. The library asks that everyone be age appropriate ‘cause they are showing some films not suited for all audiences which is a nice break cause the only movies I remember the Library playing are Saturday morning kiddy flicks. So check it out…..

Thursday night …September 29th This is such a big deal… unfortunately I have some important business this night but I highly suggest checking this out. This is super cross disciplinary and way cool. The UICA is hosting the GVSU Artist Lecture Series and this Thursday on the September 29 at 7:30 PM they are having Mary Jane Jacobs speak. If you don’t know who Mary Jane Jacobs is she has done some really innovative public art stuff, and is currently working and living in Chicago….she is way into the public art stuff and has curated a bunch of cool shows. One of them made such a big impact ( it was like 10 years ago and everyone is still talking about it) you can read a pretty good interview with her at this really long web address.

Friday Night….September 30th 6-9 At The DAAC. Nathan Mabie is having an opening of new work.. Nathan uses, spray paint, found materials, and a computer…. and what comes out is some drawings done with spray cans, smaller more intimate works, and some video instillation. For me this body of work is a bit about conflict, and a bit about how absurd it can be…. I wonder if he would say that? So that is my personal take on it but I haven’t seen it all up yet so.. Come and Find out for yourself. And then after ward if you are looking to hang out at the daac there is some live music The Sequoia Outlaws and La dispute are playing.

I think that the set up at Godfrey and Hall is pretty killer, there a ton of artist studios in the building including one inhabited by Ideal Collective, and everyone seems to chill pretty well. So this month they are having an extravaganza so all of us can check out their spaces, artwork, meet and greet. The event is Destination 1111 and it is an all weekend sort of a thing so there is really no reason not to check it out.
September 30 –October 2 location…warehouses on corner of Godfrey and Hall
6-9 Friday 1
2-11 Saturday oh and Saturday at dusk there is a fashion show in the loading dock out back. 1-6 Sunday
and yeah they have a website or call 581 0481
There was a great write up about this in the GR Press and I know this has been in the plans since last year…

Saturday All Day 10-7 October 1 I guess that this is sort of street fairish from the description there is the “Big Up” Community Unity Event at the Corner of Wealthy, Barth and Calkins over by Jamacian Dave’s ther is the promise of diverse music and handmade goods, and they are still looking for performers and vendors so……contact nefertiti -459—2275 or Dave -458-7875 for more info
Sunday night there is a Friction Records Palozza of sorts at the DAAC with, Bear vs Shark, Ari Ari, Russian Circles, Victor! Fix the Sun, and Man at Arms and speaking of friction Records… if you can pick up a copy of Third Eye Magazine ( out of TC) and check out the great spread of Jeff’s work… Third eye has a designer who’s covers are radical. I love them.. the one for this month if it was a t-shirt I would wear it till it fell apart….. I am thinking about ways to make it into a t-shirt.. is that an intellectual property issue if I wear the shirt but don’t sell it????

Saturdays ( so this Saturday the 1st) Open Model Studio at the UICA. Abigail Bradley is the facilitators of this class… not teacher so it sounds like you can show up pay your $, a model is supplied, you supply the drawing material and then, you get 3 hours to make some drawings which could be really fun ….and since it is an open class you can just show up… which for those of us with crazy lives is GREAT….. The class goes from September 24 – November 15, 1-4 PM
$5/session for UICA members and Non-Members: $7/session

My favorite website this week is the one that I found the Mary Jane Jacobs stuff on.. it is very cool and I have sticky noted it to my computer check it out I think I might love ti at first I was kinda disappointed with the boring design of the actual site but man all that info and I read a few of the essays and I have to admit it is nice to read some “art” based text that are not so into themselves that they aren’t relevant to anything other then that one thing, and at the same time are well written intellectual and oh yeah there is criticism… read Ann Daly”s bit about Richard Florida…. She seems to spend a bit to much time poking fun at the guy himself, but she also manages to talk about some of his bigger “Creative Class” flaws…..Like the huge gaping chasm in wage and yearly income for “creativistes” and the rest of the creative class (yes the poor starving artists… and also she manages to pull the positive lessons not from Florida’s Data but from his technique. So I enjoy this site, maybe you will also…

Hello if you are ever looking for a job outside of GR ( New York ) or if you are just looking for a new and interesting well laid out email news blurb about artists and stuff the New York Federation of artists really does a pretty good job it is sparse but every once in a while I find something that I can actually use in their info…… so if you are interested the website is

Hey I am serious about this part…. You really should take 5 and drop me some critical feedback about something you went and saw…… If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or or if you remember something cool that was in last week’s word on the street but can’t remember what it was then check out word on the street…. on line as a Blog ( maybe someday it will become a vlog! ) at or hey why not just check out G-Rad… this timei will give you the address
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