OCTOBER 5, 2005

Ok guys,
I gotta keep it short this week cause I have so much to get done and last week had so much going on so I just chose one choice thing per day…. I don’t know who checked out the Destination 1111 show but man it was great I think I walked around with this big goofy grin on my face….I LOVE WAREHOUSE SPACES and I really really love it when a WHOLE bunch of people get together and get something done….I was in a show in Detroit a few months ago called the GIANT show and it was in a warehouse but the Destination 1111 show was bigger….. the shows were cool for different reasons, but man…. I REALLY LOVE IT when GRAND RAPIDS ARITSTS do something that cool…..( Is Grand Rapid’s Cooler then Detroit?... I think I have to think about that..)

Hey I got a response last week to an event ( this movie was shown at the Grand Rapids Public Library)… Thanks Olivia…

A note about the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence:
It's a wonderful true-story film about aboriginal girls in Australia who were taken from their families to be raised in a harsh, white-run, religious boarding school. The movie follows their attempts to return home, following the thousand-mile-long rabbit-proof fence that crosses the country. It's definitely worth seeing................

Monday October 3-October 14th Faith Ringglods work on display at the Aquinas College Art and music center. I include this cause I went to see her work a few years ago at the KIA and it was pretty interesting quilts really evoke sewing to me but it is just as much about paint… and all about the idea…. More about this next week…. Aquinas College Art and Music Center M_F 10-7 (616) 632-2449

Thursday October 6th Hey there is a Middle Eastern Garbha-Grha Dance Class that starts this week on Thursday. I have seen the instructor Sarah Mayne Steigenga dance a few times and out of all of the Grand Rapids Belly dancers her posse is the best. They are sexy but real, and I like their outfits…… so if you are looking to learn some incredibly amazing hip movements….. check out this class October 6 – November 21… I wish I didn’t have class!!!! ( I would so do this!) Mondays, 5-6 PM UICA Members: $80; Non Members: $95

Friday October 7, 2005 American Gothic the artwork of Carlos Batts 7-11pm book and dvd signing, screening of American gothic 10$ to get in at the door.
Exhibit open October 7-30th
artist talk 7 pm Saturday October 8th reservations suggested but not required
Studio 71 South 71 South division Grand Rapids MI 49503 Contact: Studio71SouthJameson Dick, or Joshua Dick
contact@studio72south.com 71 South Division Avenue Grand Rapids MI 49503
Phone 616 458 4140 Fax 616 855 0964 www.studio71south.com

Saturday, October 8 so everywhere I go lately I am running into friends who are involved with the Grand Rapids Raggidy Roller derby Team and I think it is so cool…..I heard though the grapevine that there is a fundraiser on Saturday at Ten Bells…. I haven’t been to Ten Bells since my Boyfriend’s band got kicked out ( man that sounds cool) but maybe for this I can show up….so if you know a Roller Girl ask her for details, if you don’t know a roller girl…go to Mulligan’s…. look for a cool looking girl with a bit of style…. If she isn’t a roller girl she probably has a friend that is….

Arts Opportunity
So The art loft’s tree of life project has expanded out of their own modest space and is now going to take over a street level space so it is just all that more easy to find. so they are looking for people to come and make some limbs… all that you need is an arm and some spare time….you can participate by showing up at the Art Loft on Thursday nights from 6:30-9pm and on Saturdays from 1-3pm pretty much you make a cast cut it off and decorate it any way that you want to…..
the art loft.
1115 Wealthy St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Volunteer opportunity
Campfire USA is looking for self reliance counselors, and some after school Activity/Academic Assistants this is a pretty cool program that teaches kids self confidence and responsibility for action, and it is a good opportunity for you to get involved with the school district so…. If you are interest. You must also be available for one of the two scheduled trainings: Monday October 3 from 7-9 p.m. or Tuesday October 11, from 11a.m.-1p.m. they are going to begin self reliance presentations the week of October 24, so If you have any questions, please contact Quiana Broden, at 949-2500 ext. 25 or quiana.broden@campfireusawmc.org. You may also reach Lydia Boonstra, AmeriCorps Program Director at 949-2500 ext. 33 or lydia.boonstra@campfireusawmc.org.

Singer Songwriters!!! This one is for you
OK so I got this weird email about a songwriting competition which sounds legit but because I don’t know who sent it to me I am pretty on guard about it so if you are interested in entering a music competition, they name drop lots of famous musicians….. you can check it out on line at the ISC website - www.songwritingcompetition.com, or enter your songs as mp3s online. But All entries must be postmarked on or before October 14, 2005, so check it out now if you are interested

So it is time to send this thing out into space…..If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com or if you remember something cool that was in last week’s word on the street but can’t remember what it was then check out word on the street…. on line as a Blog at http://www.g-rad.org/wordonthestreet/ or hey why not just check out G-Rad… this time i will give you the address http://www.g-rad.org.
Thanks for reading to the bottom,

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