OCTOBER 26, 2005

Hello… So I know that everyone and their brother is going to be having a Halloween party this weekend but sometime after you dress up and before you hit the local party circuit There are a few events you could attend as a warm up….
So Short and Sweet here is The Word on The Street for October, 26th

Friday October 28th is the deadline for the UICA annual Christmas sale… make some one happy by supplying them with hand made cheristmas presents… at the same time you are making money to buy christmas presents for your family… id it like one big economic circle of love…… check it out and fill out a form at http://www.uica.org/ham.html

Friday Oct. 28 from 6 till 11 pm. Reb and his crew are celebrating dia de los muertos with a show/party/sale. Always a good time for all and if you have not been down to Sanctuary Folk art it is worth the walk… and if you are wondering where to park there is a lot off of Commerce at Cherry, then just cross Division and you are at Sanctuary Folk Art, 140 S. Division.

Friday Oct 28th after you check out the show at Sanctuary you could cruise over to the DAAC for a good show there are a few bands playing…. North Lincoln, Casket Life, and Freshman Rhetoric.

Or if you want to catch a different vibe, head over to the west side….. and check out The Salt Miners with special guest Nobody’s Darlin’ at Jukes they are playing Friday October 28th, there is even a bit of web info if you are interested in checking it out ahead of time…… www.saltminers.com www.nobodysdarlin.tk

Saturday October 29th, This really is someone and their brother having a Halloween party….. Tributary and Bouck Brothers Studio and Gallery is having a reception fir artists Lisa Stephenson, from 7-10, you can come in costume and then stay because the party continues on with a costume extravaganza.
Located at 40 S. Division Grand Rapids, MI 49503 phone 616-458-4124 www.tributaryart.net

Saturday October 29th is a night for celebration…. Come over to the DAAC and check out OUR 2 YEAR ANNIVRSERY… that is right your favorite local co-op is 2 years old…. What a cute cuddley little DAAC we are… wow that was dorky…. And so the bands are Yacht, Bobby Birdman, e*rock, S. American Agriculture. Oh and it is 6$ to get in and celebrate the goodness of good music, good art and community spirit.

Also Saturday Oct 29th there is another huge Halloween Bash YEAH and it is in a HALL…. I love Halls as much as I love warehouses…… but the show is The Sleeves, Delilah DeWylde and the Lost Boys, The Concussions, The Hearsemen, and 3D Invisibles and I also think I saw something about them giving hearse rides…..it is at the 6th St. Hall (St. Casimirs) 649 6th st. NW (Corner of 6th and Davis, on the west side) the show is 21 and over and costs 6$ to get in.

Hey I know that a lot of people have met or seen Mathew around town… he rides a pretty all out bike that says something about honk for bike lanes… which I think is funny cause I have a feeling he gets honked at a lot, just cause his bike has the extension cart and is a bit larger then the normal ride. SO any how he needs a roommate. ASAP to live with him in the Martineau Apartments ( still spaces available!!!) they are live work spaces and if you want more info and have missed it in the past email me and I will send it on….
Mathew (28) is looking for a working artist or artisan, who is responsible, has a steady income, chilled out on the booze, drugs, and/or crazy socializing (at home), male, around 25 years of age- although he is open minded. So if you are interested in more info about Mathew email him at clarkma2@aquinas.edu
If you are interested in more info about Martineau, or would ike to tour the apartments, Email jenn at jennschaub@hotmail.com

So I am going to go eat lunch and see if I think of anything else…. Nope. The Word on The Street is stored online at http://www.g-rad.org/wordonthestreet/ and the best part is that you can post comments and all that good stuff so check out G-rad Check out the Word on the Street, tell me what you think. If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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