NOVEMBER 24, 2005

Hello everyone,
Ok lets get down to business I am a day late and feeling like a dollar
short, because to tell you the truth there isn?t all that much going on this
week?.. Well I hope that everyone has gotten their fill of turkey,
cornbread, aunts, Kung pow Chicken, football, family pets, snoring
relatives, pie, Tiki Marsala, crying cousins, or parades. What ever you did
for Thanksgiving, I hope you had (or are having) a blast. Now that it is
time to digest and eat leftovers? and there aren?t many things going on this
weekend ?.. I?ve had a hell of a time finding an internet
connection?so,,,,,, I thought I would instead give a little insight into how
to give a little to the arts community, all the while buying wonderful and
insightful gifts for your family? It is the giving that keeps on giving??
all the way around,

Here is the Word on the Street For November 24, 2005

Ten ways to support the arts this holiday season.

1. Want to give the gift that keeps on giving for the entire year? If you
are looking for a gift for an entire family, maybe a brother or sister with
a family, or a friend that reproduced a few times?. Think about getting a
family membership to \
? The Grand Rapids Arts Museum, For a 4 person membership it is $50?. This
can also be used for 2 designated adults and 2 children under the age of 18
(so it can be grandparents or whomever?) Did I mention that this is 100% Tax
deductible? yeah nice, thoughtful, supportive of the arts community, and a
total score on the tax write off? did I mention you can check it out online?
? There are other great family memberships like the Fredrick Meijer Garden
which is a bit more expensive?.75$ for a year including 2 adults and 2
children under the age of 18??..(they all have to reside in the same
household) I think that you might even be able to purchase on the internet??
so here is the web page?.

2. Support the live performing arts and give someone a night to remember?.I
think this is a stellar present for a couple or as an extraordinary way to
bond with someone??. (Best friends?. girlfriends? whom ever)
? Catch a show or buy tickets to the Civic Theater, Grand Rapids Opera, or
the Grand Rapids Ballet. You can get a pretty cool deal from the grand
rapids civic where you buy a gift pass that can be exchanged for tickets?
that way they fit the person?s schedule and they can pick the show.,. If you
want more info about tickets, or gift passes you can call or check out the
website at? or call Call
222-6650 and then press 1 for more information.
? You can Purchase tickets on line for the Grand Rapids Opera, they have two
productions comeing up West Side Story (Febuary) and la Traviata (in March)
they say that tickets start at 20$ a person?.
? I also have to suggest a favorite of mine the Grand Rapids Ballet. Also I
would like to point out that event though you can get tickets thought ticket
master you can also order tickets thought them on line, or at the company
box office at 616 454 4771 extension 10...

3. Another great suggestion for a duo is Movie Passes to the UICA or the
Wealthy Theater. This is supports two great institutions, in Grand Rapids?
Ticket prices are comparable to movie passes at any other theater? and both
venues are conveniently located downtown with a pretty wide range of movies.
In fact? if you are looking for something to do this weekend.. Both theaters
are showing movies each night?. For more information about each venue check
out the UICA at and the Wealthy Theater at

4. So if you are looking to feed the creativity and inspire others by
enabling them?. Think about Enrolling your self and a friend in a
class?this takes a bit of finesse, knowing someone?s schedule and then
coordinating around it but I do have a few creativity inspiring options?
? For the most part people (chicks especially) love dancing? this is not for
sure but if your significant other has ever said? why can?t you dance like
that???.. I would suggest looking at dance classes offered by Laura Armenta?
might I suggest?. Salsa? ?. The Armenta Studio 951 Wealthy St. Grand
Rapids, MI 49506.

? Also in the Wealthy Neighborhood is the Arts Studio Inc. 1134 1/2 Wealthy
St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 616) 458-5718 and The Arts Loft (Same street, above
Verhey Carpet for more info.). Both offer
classes and instruction in the arts. To meet instructors and find out a full
schedule of classes I would suggest stopping in at either location and
getting to know the staff personally

? Kendall College also has continuing studies class, course schedule guides
are out and about but if you haven?t seen one yet thy can be gotten by
contacting Brenda Sipe at 1-800-676-2787 ext. 1139 or hey because it is an
email universe. Email her at
5. Feed creativity and inspire others by enabling them?. Skip the classes?.
I?m talking art supplies? I find the best presents that I have ever gotten
for friends haven?t been something that I have made them? it is something
that enables them to create?.. (That is so CHEESY) oh well! So keeping up
with our shop local deal? please don?t go to Michael?s or the Hobby Lobby?.
Seriously there are places that are better, their staff knows a popsicle
stick form a pipe cleaner?So I suggest you check out

? Service Reproduction Company, this is the best place in Town. It is
located at 345 Summer off of Bridge Street, they have staff that is paid to
sit there and answer your questions, They have a ton of stuff and what they
don?t have they can order for you?. They just moved into a bigger and better
space so I have to mention this address might be outdated?. Also they have a
student punch card and once you spend a certain amount, you get a free $15

? T-Square is a few miles out of town?it is located on the NE side at 5140
Plainfield Ave. NE Grand Rapids 48525 (616) 361 6968 they have a great
selection of paper, and a knowledgeable staff, they are locally owned and
they have a great framer.
? If you are looking for something that someone can get into but might not
be a super intensive time commitment think about buying necklace-making
supplies at Little Bohemia located in the Monroe Mall. Totally cool
personalized.. They also have gift certificates?
? City Knitting As if you haven?t heard me say enough? check out City
Knitting on Norwood behind Wolfgang?s Crocheting and Knitting are one of the
best ways to spend your winter months.
? Camera Center is located on Wealthy Street, across from Wolfgang?s; maybe
I will start giving all directions based on Wolfgang?s. Anyhow! Inspire you
create with digital cameras, photo papers, film, what ever?
6. This leads me to my next point?. Get something framed for someone?
support local frame shops and give the gift of art?. (Where to buy the art
is next? but assuming you made some, or already bought some, or whatever) I
suggest the following frame shops.
? If you are already at the Camera Center ask for Bud at the Framing
counter.. Not so good at rush jobs, Bud has the best prices in town?. hands
down. (He also sells gift certificates, so that the person can pick out
their own stuff)
? T square asks for Ericka, this chick is cool collected and works really
well with artists. She will give you the breakdown straight up.
? Underground studios? Ask for Alison Jones? just be warned underground is
for those who want to sink their cash into the deal, this is a more hefty
payment?. (Fair warning this is not a thrift buy) But they have impeccable
craftsmanship and Alison is great to work with.

7. I also have to suggest that you actually buy art for someone that you
know and love. I have been hoarding stuff from this summer and just started
getting more stuff for presents. I love it because I know how I feel when
someone buys my stuff?. So I suggest this holiday season you go right to the
source, buy gifts from Local Artists?. There are several cool upcoming
? Out at GVSU there is the yearly Ceramics Sale it is held in Kirkhoff and
it is a great way to get mugs one of a kind pieces, I have this wicked mug
form Chris Scramhorn? and I know he will be selling more of them.
? The UICA is having their December sale? along with the Heartside
Ministries Next weekend I will include more info about this in the next Word
but I wanted to mention them now.
8. You know how there are always those people that you just know don?t like
what you get them? but you are obligated and you really can?t see a way out
of it? Like co-workers? Instead of buying lame gifts that people aren?t
going to dig?think about making a donation in that person?s name, at least
if they don?t like it they aren?t gonna say anything because it will make
them look So Totally Insensitive. Suggestions for places to donate too?.
? Pretty much any of the organizations that I have already listed, plus two
other favorites that work with youth and art, Artworks located at 1031
Wealthy St Se, Grand Rapids, MI (616) 458-3133 http://www.artworksgr.or
? Or the Grandville Avenue Academy-Arts 644 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids,
MI (616) 742-0692

9. Of course, I have to suggest that you buy local art from local
I leave this up to you to choose what galleries, if you want suggestions I
could give them out but you could also pick up a gallery guide or On the

10. Last of all I might suggest one more thing that you could do this
holiday season. Try to make an effort to attend events, get out and get to
know your arts community. This is the only gift that is more for you than
anyone else.

Enough of the Cheese I am exhausted and going shopping tomorrow?. If you
know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and
event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email At or or if you
Remember something cool that was in last week?s word on the street but can?t
remember what it was then check out word on the street?. on line at or check out G-Rad? the address
Thanks for reading to the bottom?..

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