NOVEMBER 9, 2005

Well I have to admit this weekend seems a bit slow in comparison with last weekend but never fear I have unearthed an email that some friends started a while ago that recommends their favorite places to eat and do a bit of shopping in Grand Rapids. I like it for the same reason that I like writing theses emails, it is a personal recommendation. These girls all recommended their favorites and said why they like it, so thank you ladies. Also I have found online radio this week and have been listening to an online Great vocalist station that is Sinatra, Ella, Billy, and I love it.

November 4th For sure on Friday night you need to check out the show at the DAAC, Alison Jones and Jeff Vandenburg are having a show called Gasoline and Monsters. Al’s work is always a crazy mix between reality with these sexy overtones.. I hate to use the word Urban but yeah, exciting and seductive but hard edged. Jeff is expressive and generally pretty in your face. It will be interesting to see their work all in the same room. 6-11 at the D.A.A.C. ( also you can check out the Street work on Division We got trees this week!!!)

On Friday night November 4th, the band Porchsleeper wsg David Bleckley is playing at Jukes. David is better known as Johnny Buckshot. The incredibly low voiced David promises to be amazing….. and also mentioned that Porchsleeper looks good also.

Also on Friday night at the wealthy theater at 7:30 there is a concert at the Wealthy theater called ‘a Night of Worship” it is No Other Name and Marie Sheldon, a “love offering will be taking for the Salvation Army for Hurricane Relief fund Tickets are 8$ at the door

Nov 5th If you are looking to take in the last of the colors and do some driving this weekend take a bit of a trip up to Lowell and check out the massive antique store down town and check out Nobody’s Darlin’ is playing at the Riverview Restaurant in Lowell, MI 6:30pm

Friday November 4th, There is Crazy stuff going on over at the UICA this weekend and it is all day of the Dead El Dia de Los Muertos, starts at 8 and there is a 10$ cover, but you get to check out Raiz Viva at 9, and there is a whole bunch of enticing food, stuff to buy and the Exhibit for border Hop New work by young Mexican Artists in the post NAFTA era… your cultural understanding is expanding even reading about it just think if you go to the event!!!! So check it out 41 Sheldon Blvd.
In partnership with the Mexican Heritage Association


So I am sure that you all have noticed that I am pretty into this idea of going and interning somewhere for the summer… but I am kind atied up so it thought I would pass this on….I keep thinking how cool this would be for a video person or someone that needs a bit of soul searching.
Residencies open to: Two-dimensional visual artists, photographers, sculptors, performers, writers, video/filmmakers, composers
Application deadline: February 16 (postmarked)
Residency period: June through early September
Number & length of residencies: Five of two to three weeks each
Contact: Greg Blust at 906-487-7152 CST or
For additional information, write: Artist-In-Residence Program, Isle Royale National Park, 800 East Lakeshore Drive, Houghton, Michigan USA 49931-1895

Check out http://www.

So I just wanted to say here, Thanks for the recommendations ladies…..

Bars/ Resturants:
There's Mezze, on Fulton, near the Arena, that is a cabaret bar. Drinks are kind of pricey and there is often a cover, but everything is really high quality, and the entertainment is great. Also at Mezze has live entertainment on several nights, it's a great date spot, belly dancing, tango, live music.

San Chez is on Fulton, next to the Van Andel Arena - they serve wonderful tapas (small Spanish dishes that you share with your table), nice wines, and very damn good flan.

Shogun is a very good Japanese/Sushi restaurant in Breton Center, which is on the corner of 28th St. and Breton. It's pretty cheap, and very tasty.

Bombay Cuisine and Pub is in Eastown, on Lake Dr., and serves fabulous Indian food and nice drinks.

Little Mexico I love it strolling mariachi (yeah my spelling sucks) band on Fridays and or Saturdays great ambiance, fast service, big beers mid priced Stocking bridge

Sunday Eat for free on Michigan Street.
Birch Lodge has Free tacos until 2

Logan’s Ally has free hotdogs Tons of beer on tap and bottled, a small outdoor porch, sometimes they serve mini Coronas in a bucket, they have pbr on tap and a lot of high end beers ( i think they carry over 40 beers) the only thing is you have to take quarters and hijack the juke box otherwise you get stuck with some stinky stuff.

Just food:
There's a very nice Ethiopian restaurant on E. Fulton St. - it's called Little Africa, or something, and it's very small, very cheap, and very good. Their tea is amazing.

If for a good burrito, go to Julian's on South Division on Thursdays they have buy one get one half off special.. it's highly worth it.

Jamaican Dave's on wealthy street...

Gaia Vegetarian food, and Yes it is OK to serve yourself your beverage if it is one of those that is out. Also has good breakfasts ( Veggie Hash) and decent coffee... and suicide juice.

Santo Domingo's on S. Division has Dominican food.

Good barbecue, go to Sandmann's, on Wealthy St. and Fulton. Rib tips.

Hotdogs, go to Yesterdog in Eastown, on Wealthy St., across from Mulligan's Pub. Cheap and satisfying.

is Marie Catribs a great restaurant on the corner of Diamond and Lake, great for something different for lunch. They have something for all. Amazing deserts too.

Go to Maggies Kitchen on Bridge for good Mexican food. Lunch and Breakfast only.

The Pita House (Sammi's) in Eastown is good for dinner for gyros and flalafel sandwiches and they have great bottled sodas!

Olive Express in the Monroe Mall, new Mediterranean cuisine and juice bar suggested dish the Falafel Vegetarian platter.

Tre Cugini has wonderful food on Monroe Mall... Italian, naturally....

ummm, what about Cambridge house for good whisky's and martinis and actually pretty good bar food if your in the mood.

Just Bars:

Don't forget FOUNDER'S!!! Brewery on Monroe, near the 6th St. park, which has wonderful beer and usually bands playing on the weekends. They charge cover when there is a band, and don't serve anything but their own beer, and soda. No food, but popcorn is free and a basket of peanuts is $1.

Also, Rockey's around the corner form Cambridge has great local live music ( check out open mic night) and good beer!

There is Billy's in Eastown, on Wealthy St., but they don't play blue's every night- sometimes it's hip-hop or bluegrass, or on Sunday night, 80s night.

Kitty corner from Billy's is Mulligan's Pub, which is kind of loud and smoky and dark, but there's pool, a jukebox, and decent drinks. A lot of college- age people/hipsters/punks and a handful of 40-something men scouting out the younger women.

Just Nightlife:
Azucar and Tequila on S. Division have 100% Latin music/dancing.

The Division Avenue Arts Cooperative has great music and art shows check out the website at

Great place to go for Contemporary Art and great art films the UrbanInstitute for Contemporary Arts on Sheldon.>or call for show times 454-7000.

As for the daytime:

Aman Park (take Fulton west from downtown, turns into Lake Michigan Dr. after you pass John Ball Zoo - about 6 miles) has beautiful trails for hiking.

Frederick Meijer Gardens (1000 East Beltline) has arid and tropical gardens inside, a Children's Garden outside, plus a sculpture garden and amphitheatre where a lot of great musicians come through during the spring and summer.

There are also the Grand Rapids Art Museum, and the Grand Rapids Public Museum, both of which have nice exhibits and both are downtown. The Art museum also has a music series, where every Thurs. or Friday evening >they will feature a blues, bluegrass or jazz band, with a cash bar. I don't know if that series is over for the year or not, but I've been a couple of times, and it's pretty classy. There is a $3 cover for entrance to that.

There's a new clothing store near the corner of Madison and Hall called Down Low Urban Wear that looks pretty cool, but no-one has been in it.

Little Bohemia on Monroe Mall downtown is a great place for knick-knacks, cool shoes, interesting clothes, beads, chap stick, jewelry and an assortment of sometimes over-priced, but cool stuff.

Best place to buy music in town is Vertigo Music on Division Avenue, great place, great staff, buy local! Open 12- 8pm

So I am going to go eat lunch and see if I think of anything else…. Nope. The Word on The Street is stored online at and the best part is that you can post comments and all that good stuff so check out G-rad Check out the Word on the Street, tell me what you think. If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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