NOVEMBER 9, 2005

Hello Everyone,
This week has been crazy! I am writing and rewriting term papers, getting a move on at work, meeting with everyone and then some… so if I am not meeting with you… we should talk about that.
 If you want to tour Martineau (the artists live work spaces, drop me an email)
 I am looking for projects for Avenue for the Arts… if you have one that you think is a good idea, I would like to sit down for lunch or a beer and talk about it…
 Just a reminder anyone who is submitting for the Functional art Project those are due next week…. Please make sure that you send what you have…. The people who are looking at the functional art projects are able to think outside the box… so if you didn’t get time to get it all done… just send what you have.
 Please read the bottom entry it is the part that I start with THIS IS SO FREAKING IMPORTANT cause it is and the state of Michigan needs you
So with that in mind
Here is the Word on the Street for November 9th, 2005

I am going to start with opportunities ‘cause this is the stuff you have to get taken care of….

Hey you know those art battles over at the UICA? Well they are doing another one next Friday and it looks like you can still sign up to get in on it so….$1,000 for people’s choice….8-11 but this is about the sign up… if you want to participate get on the web go to the UICA web page and look for the Art Battle 5 entry form Or, contact

Friday + Saturday November 11-12
Ever had that dream where you are onstage and you forget you line? Yeah I was in drama in high school and I still have that dream…. But for anyone who loves to perform Opera Grand Rapids is having auditions Friday and Saturday for a production of West Side Story. You can call 454 2741 ext 17 to make an appointment for an audition….

What is happening this weekend

Friday, November 11 This is the time of year that the young and fresh are graduating so get out there and see those senior shows… I will list the ones I know of but, if you know of something please send it my way… this is a great way to know what is going on in the community and a good way to scout out talent….. I know it is a drive out to Allendale but the GVSU kids are doing some cool stuff so check out a few openings out there this week on Friday in the Padnos gallery at the Clader Art Center in Allendale on the GVSU campus Suzanna Schrotenboer, illustration
Jennifer Zona, ceramics are having their BFA show from 5-7

Friday from 7 on, Stop by and check out the Blame opening at the DAAC. Jesse, Ian, and Neil are all over the place, They designed the everything for the Ionia Street Market….They were a big part of the Dyce event ….. I just saw some of their gear over at the Weston Project ( more on that in a minute) and they recently did a fashion show at a pear Downtown… did I mention that they sell their stuff WORLD WIDE and still have time to go to school and make their own work? So come down and see what the Blame Boys have in store for you this time…. The DAAC FRIDAY Night… we will be hanging out… chillin’

Saturday November 12 at the DAAC BANDS kiss me Deadly, andydicktracymorganfreeman, Ben and Bruno, Winne Cooper….
We all remember Winne Cooper…….

City Knitting in Eastown is now having classes where you can learn how to make all sorts of cool stuff so the thing is that they all start SOON so you need to get up on it and call Lorilee, her number is 616 - 454- yarn And the prerequisites are that you can knit and purl and cast off… Holey Squares Scarf , Two by Four Sock Class, Mini Felted Tote – a Beginner Class, or Felted Clogs if you don’t know these basics and you stop by and get a bit of yarn and some needles you can take the beginner class and learn to make a keyhole scarf
Check out City Knitting at 423 Norwood Ave, SE ( behind Wolfgangs ) there is also open knitting on Tuesday nights!!!!! Till 9:00 pm

THIS IS SO FREAKING IMPORTANT. So my sister brought to my attention that there is the possibility being discussed that Arts education classes may no longer be mandatory in public schools in Michigan. SO OK WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? That means that if they are not mandatory then they are more easily cut.. Disposable… and all of those kids who don’t have a chance to participate in arts activities outside of school wouldn’t ever have a chance to try any of it period.. And this isn’t just drawing we are talking about this is band, drama all of that stuff… and then we will be raising a generation of uninspired people who are unable to tap into their creative sides!!!! SO THIS IS REALLY IMPORTNANT< GET A PEN OR GRAB YOUR MOUSE GET READY TO CUT AND PASTE… Please send a letter to
Michael P. Flanagan
Superintendent for Public Instruction
Michigan Department of Education
Post Office Box 30008
Lansing Mi 48909
Just tell them you think it is important that the arts stay in the schools and that they remain MANDATORY…… I have never asked you to write a letter to anybody so that is how important I think this is…. If it was legal I would have already made 700 copies and signed ya’lls name to it. But it is not legal so please it is 37 cents and a world of good to public education I already sent mine out.

Where are you going ot do your Holiday shopping? Send me an email and tell me about it? I am looking to get some really steller Christmas Presents this year so where should I get them? Check out the improved version of The Word on The Street it is stored online at Post comments, see other projects, check out Potluck!!! So check out G-rad Check out the Word on the Street, tell me what you think. If you know of something interesting going on in the area, or have a review of and event that you attended and want to share it, drop me an email at or
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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