JANUARY 18, 2006

Hello everyone,
I wanted to get word out early today because there are two great events tonight that I want people to be aware of……. So with no more little tidbits and such here is Word on the Street for January 18, 2006

Tonight at the GVSU Loosemore Auditorium there is a panel discussion of local women who have just completed a leadership class through Lighthouse communities. The event takes place from 6-8 This should be a very engaging conversation with 7 women who will be speaking about the work they have and will do in their communities. The Mayor will be presenting the women with their graduation certificates, and if you caught it there was some great press about this in the paper. did I mention the event is free and there is free cake and punch?

Also tonight but in a different vein all together, there is a Visiting Artists lecture with artist Cat Chow, it is at the UICA starts at 7:00 and I got a few emails saying this women is pretty cool, it looks like she is making some crazy work.. I have been to a few of these visiting artist lectures and I almost always enjoy them, they are free to the public and you generally have to get there early for a good seat.

Thursday night, (19th) is the Third Thursday Gallery Hop on Division, this week’s theme is Meet the Artists and there will be artists and entertainers in the spaces on Division. Last months urban lights event went really well and the Division Crew is trying to keep it going strong. You can check out work at Tributary, Studio 71 South, Sanctuary Folk Art, Stop by any of these places for info about the events.

Also a part of 3rd Thursday
There is an opening at the DAAC with new work by Reyanne Boyk, Levi Bailey, Laura Corcoran & Sarah Scott-Brant you can cruise by the DAAC between 6 and 11

Also some of the Live work spaces are going to be participating, I think Travis Brandy and Faye may be participating, and I know Hugo is having Live music at his space ( located over by Reb in the Martineau apartments)

Also I thought this was such a good deal that I wanted to spread the word, Carly Starin is doing a great massage deal, you can make a first time appointment and get a 20 minute massage for 10$ That is a great deal it is like half off, She is giving massages out of the building behind Wolfgangs and this offer is good on Fridays between 3 and 7 call 460-6166 for an appt. What a great way to start the weekend!

On Friday the 20th there is a new show opening at Eyekons gallery, The title is, Epiphany, A Recognition of Things Unseen, and features 3 women one of whom, Quinn, is featured at Art Beat and you can see some of her work in Marie Catribs, ( I suggest their adult Grilled Cheese), Quinn’s work is the kind of work I would want to make is I was any good at assemblage type stuff, it is why I have been saving junk my whole life, but I don’t do well with assemblage so I have to live vicariously through her. Check it out though her work is great, and I think the opening runs from 5-10pm, Eyekons is on the Fulton hill in the old old scavenger hunt space......

This Saturday January 21, 2006 you can check out Space vs. Time over at 470 market this is part of their freely improvised music series and is a monthly improve show with a whole cast of Familiar names, hugo claudin, corey ruffin and other guests, ( you know other guest right?) ok bad humor on my part but 5$ on yours to get in the door.

Just two more things….
There is a cool event at the UICA on Saturday hosted by the Progressive Women’s Alliance, it will be starting at 10:30 and it is getting a bit of input about how to make the PWA appeal to 20 -30 year old women, Bliss and Reynolds will speak. Good time to get a voice heard…. 41 Sheldon Boulevard SE Grand Rapids MI 49503. www.progressivewomensalliance.org.Oh yeah, free coffee and scones,

Opportunity, you all know how I have romantic visions of getting a residency in a michigna state park as an artist and there is one more opportunity coming up it is at ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK, and is open to Two-dimensional visual artists, photographers, sculptors, performers, writers, video/filmmakers, composers The application deadline is February 16 (postmarked) and the residency period is June through early September. There are five of two to three week residencies, which is a great vacation time and for more info you can contact Greg Blust at 906-487-7152 CST or greg_blust@nps.gov or write: Artist-In-Residence Program, Isle Royale National Park, 800 East Lakeshore Drive, Houghton, Michigan USA 49931-1895

That is it, Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. (have I ever mentioned I love getting emails LOVE THEM!) Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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i am so bummed that i am missing cat chow tonight.

- george | January 18, 2006 2:16 PM

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