FEBRUARY 1, 2006

Hi everybody!
Well another week has come and gone, and this weekend brings a whole slew of new events, I will be hanging out in Heartside this weekend taking in the sights and sounds. It promises to be happening all over the place.

So here is the Word on the Street for February 1, 2006

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be critiqued by Sue Coe, yesterday I ran into her again. She asked if she had been nice during the crit. and I told her it hadn’t damaged my ego to badly, what I didn’t tell her was I stopped eating meat shortly after hearing her speak, I would like to think it was just the right time in my life to give it up but I would guess she might have had a bit more to do with it then I would let on. So if you are interested in hearing a pretty impassioned printmaker talk about her work and social politics, animal rights and the whole of it all, I would highly recommend checking out Sue Coe at the UICA Thursday night 7pm, she packs them in so come early for a seat…I wish I didn’t have class this Thursday night, it is killing me!

Friday night has so many events in Heartside I thought I would just do a whole section on it.

Friday February 3, DIVISION NOW The artists live work spaces are having their first building wide event 8 Studios will be open, and many of the spaces will have live entertainment. Just a short rundown of the who and what. Open studios: Adora Trostle, Quinn, Richard Jeltes, Brandy Krause, Fay Nielsen, Derrick Hollowell, Travis Childs, Hugo Claudin, Heather McGartland, and Jeffery Dykehouse.
The live entertainment includes Draggin’ Anchors in Hugo’s space, DJ’s in Derricks, Travis is having some friends play, and I think Fay and Brandy might have music also.
Also from 6-7:30 come down for tours of available units, we will have 3 of the open units open for tours. The spaces are located at 106 and 120 S. Division, and both buildings will be well marked. There will be maps available on site or easy navigation.

Across the Street at the DAAC Brandon Behning is having an opening, the show Proof Art includes new Drawings paintings and Mixed Media pieces, So hop over to the DAAC and check out his work from 6-9

After Brandon’s opening there is going to be a benefit at the DAAC to raise some loot. So you can check out The Mighty Narwhale, Son & Heir, and Mason Proper 5$ for the music. Two of these bands make it onto George’s favorite local bands list, that must mean something good.

Also Friday night February 3, at the UICA they are having one of their big old blowouts with a ton new artists so here is the short list of what is up
Gallery: Race Street, Title: ACTION + REACTION, Artist: Jason S. Brown
Gallery: In Space, Title: DREAMS OF FLYING, Artist: Miranda Maher
Gallery: Front Street Title: JUST ASKING, Artist: Gregory Steel
Gallery: Portal Space Title: PAPER BAGS Artist: Kate Carr
Gallery: Monroe Street Title: WASHED: Artist: Hoon Lee ( just a quick note this oneis a performace including 50 gallons of milk. A one night only sort of thing)

Also that night there is a also a performance of MI and L’au with special guest Smallspace. Um. You should check out the bio on these guys, it is pretty crazy, it sounds like the hole up in the middle of now where with only each other and make music all the time… In Finland. Huh?, I love my boyfriend but if I was trapped in a small ass cabin with him ALL OF THE TIME. I am not sure who would break first. So this might be worth checking out just on that note but I guess you will have to decide for yourself, Friday Feb 3 at The UICA tickets are 8$

Whew and that is it for the 3rd! I know that everyone will be packing in 3 funfilled hours between the DAAC, Division Now and The UICA, and thinking, welll I can chill tomorrow but Saturday won’t be your night to relax.

Saturday February 4th, The Intersection is hosing the Grand Rapids Raggidy Roller Girls this weekend, the fundraiser “ Breaking Bones and Melting hearts” is a Fundraiser and will start around 8. Check out the girl’s uniforms and a slow motion demo, along with a little Queen of the Rink. There are so many of these cool roller derby chicks floating around I would bet that you have met a few yourself.

Over on Leonard, Jukes is hosting, Delilah Dewylde and the Lost Boys, along with The .357 String Band, supposedly this group is a little punky, and a little country, and did I mention, Jukes usually doesn’t have a cover…

Back at the DAAC there is a 4 band night scheduled with ENSO, Linus Rules, Lone wolf and Cub, along with The Word Play, it is 5 $ to get in and promises to be a good show.

On Sunday February 5th, I know that most people will be sitting on their couch watching the super bowl but before that Cheryl Vander Molen ( Perfect Mistakes) is having a sale at her studio form 2-8 pm and she is selling a ton of cool stuff, the short list includes fabric, clothing racks, display items, handmade clothes, used clothing,
craft tent, huge mirrors, bookcases, mini frig, microwave, lamps, mannequins, and a vintage black vinyl hide-a bed. Her studio (place of the sale) is 240 Front st. S.W. 49504 suite 214, and she mentioned it might also be up for lease so if you are looking for a new spot it comes with a recommendation.

If nothing else check out what is happening on Friday , between, the UICA, Division Now and The DAAC it promises to be a pretty great night. Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. (have I ever mentioned I love getting emails LOVE THEM!) Now WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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