FEBRUARY 8, 2006

Hey everyone,
I was so stoked last weekend because there were a ton of people at Division Now, the DAAC was packed and I heard that the turn out up at the UICA and The GRAM was solid. So I feel like that points out the fact that people are out and checking out the scene and that makes me one happy art geek. So with that gleeful affirmation on of my mind,

here is the Word on the Street for February 8th, 2006

This morning I had the pleasure of having brunch with Rikke Luther one third of the now dissolved N55, internationally active artist who looks at creation as an individual and social process. And it was really cool we all just chilled and ate some good food and there were times when the conversation was pretty structured and then it wasn’t. But it was cool to talk with her, so if you are interested in hearing about some of her adventures she will be speaking at the UICA this evening (Wednesday, around 8 Pm.) I enjoyed the brunch, and am betting the event will be pretty good too.

Saturday the 11th 2006, Hum I would check out the DAAC show on ,we are trying to pay off our PA system , so Saturday is a fundraiser, the Hombrinus Dudes are plating along with Orenza, Ultra Thrash, and Tough Shit, I think the names are pretty representational of the sound. Also Brandon Behning still has work up and I really think he has some sweet stuff.

This Saturday check out, Eno, Butoh, DePolo!, the new show at Space Vs. Time, over on 470 Market, this is some crazy stuff, new work by X-Performance ( Butoh,) based on by the films of the German director, Werner Herzog. Eno Diamond’s 'Operetta' for his 7 piece ensemble of Tuba, Violin, Sax, Trumpet, Drum, Bass, and Vocal and a photo exhibition of the pictures of Steve DePolo, Doors open at business starts at 8:30 pm 5$ to get in, and there is parking.

OK there is this one weird thing I wanted to mention and it is the Invisible man , ( by Wells) is being put on as a live radio drama by master Arts Theater and they have performances on Thursday Friday and Saturday at 7:30 and on Saturday there is a matinee at 2:00 so it is a bout out of the way at 75 77th Street SW, you can call 455 1001 for more info.

Hey I thought I would mention it just incase you didn’t know, the Vagina Monologues happen this weekend, and they happen all across the US because the writer gave up her piece of the pie for this one weekend a year so that organizations can do some fundraising, so check out your local Vagina Monologues, the Best bet in GR is at GVSU, and I think they are doing performances at the Fountain street Church and next week the Cook Dewitt Center.

On Monday’s Space vs. Time, 470 Market, is hosting a donation based yoga class at 5:30 which is attractive to me. Cause I’m poor, poor, poor, this month.

There is a wall behind the Artists live work spaces, it is pretty big 83 feet long, and Dwelling Place is allocating $4,000 so that we can dress it up and make it pretty, or whatever so if you are interested in a proposal email me and I will send it to you, the wall is in the parking lot of the 120 and 106 buildings, it is right across the street from the DAAC. So email me, you would be a fool not to.

I wanted to mention that the Lowell Area Arts Council is hosting its 20th Annual West Michigan Regional art Competition and the deadline is February 11 so get out that dusty work and drop it off. There are some decent prizes and enries forsms are available. Up to 2 entries, with a 20 $ entry fee. Hey why not download an application right now? www.lowellartscouncil.org

Class; Interpreting the Still Life, at the UICA taught by Michael Pflehaar, that runs form February 15 to April 26th and is Wednesday form 7-9 it is $180 + supplies for UICA members and $200 + supplies for non members ( maybe that membership is a good idea)
Anyhow the class is geared towards intermediate level painters working in oil or acrylic, and there will be stuff and (clothed ) people to paint, so you will be able to maniputlate the space and develop that don’t-just-paint-what-you-see-all-the-time kind of attitude. Check out more details at http://www.UICA.org

There are two new blogs ( that look at the personal lives of artists and their art) and there are two new one in town. Tommy Allen’s new site is Imagine and you can check it out at tommyallenart.blogspot.com
And then you can also check out Micheal Pfleghaar’s Blog at which is a bit less personal but gives you a look at works in progress. http://www.pfleghaar.com/sketchblog

Some more buying and selling
This Weekend at the Delta plex Price and associates ( as in Lisa Price et al) will be at the Family and Kids Expo selling books new ones, for cheap mostly for kids, and they have these really cool things called hot shotz, and they say they are totally nontoxic and not chemical but they have these little buttons in them and you push it and the thing gets hot and hard, and is a hand warmer, yeah she was just showing it to me and I had to buy one, they are so so so cool and reusable. So if you are headed over to the Family and Kids Expo at the Delta Plex look them up.

Thanks to everyone for being awesome and being out and about last weekend, I think it is great when we go out as a huge crew and take over the city, this weekend we will be able to be a little more chill. Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. (have I ever mentioned I love getting emails LOVE THEM!) Now WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

I wanted to mention that i thought it would feel different when i hit 30.... but it doesn't.

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