FEBRUARY 15, 2006

Hello Everyone,
Thought I might point out that I am not always, perfect. I occasionally get things mixed up. To amend for my mistakes, I just try to do better next time, so please forgive me, the last show at 470 market was on FRIDAY not SATURDAY, you have my heartfelt apology if you showed up for it and the door was locked. And of course, my solemn vow to try and do better this week.
So lets give it a go, here is.....

The Word on the Street for February 15, 2006

Wednesday Feb 15 has two pretty cool events.
The first is the Progressive Women’s Alliance 2nd Anniversary Which will be celebrated at Tributary gallery located at 40 S. Division, there will be a brief presentation by the PWA Board of Directors, and then some chilling and noshing and chatting about that the PWA does, which is motivating the Fine women of Grand Rapids to be proactive in their communities. (mostly politically active) So it is 6:30- 8:30….

Also on Wednesday there is an event over at the Wealthy theater that is a little different then your normal event. There is a Fair Trade Tasting and Workshop, and they are featuring Coffee, Tea and Chocolate. From 6:30- 7:00 there will be “ tasting /shopping” From 7-8:45 there will be a conversation/ Discussion- workshop and if you participate in the Workshop and the Discussion there is a movie at 9 pm and you get in for a mere 2$ which is pretty sweet, kinda like fair trade chocolate…..

I know that was cheesey.. I get it from my dad, he is a punny guy too.

Then Thursday February 16th, I would suggest checking out the Third Thursday Gallery Hop:

At Tributary there are hosting an opening for “the Beaver Island Royal Watercolor Society & Friends”

Studio 71 South will be kickin’ it with some artists, and I believe you can still check out the Penis Project that is getting some pretty good feedback.

At the DAAC they are hosting a huge show that got a great write up in the Press, the Celebrity Art show features a bunch of work by a bunch of local artists, and I was looking in the window the other night and it looks like some cool stuff, After the opening there is are performances by Edie Sedgwick who inspired the show, The Casionauts and our very own and favorite, Mister Squid!,
You can also stop by and See Reb over at Sanctuary Folk art at 140 South Division some of the live work spaces at 106 and 120 will be open.

Also on the 16th there is an opening for Rick Beerhorst at Art beat and then a concert from 7-8 at Global infusion. If you are interested in checking out these two spaces go to 143 & 145 Diamond SE. I have seen quite a bit of Rick’s work over the last few years but I haven’t been into Art Beat yet so if it is cool email me back I would like to know what it is like.

And on Friday February 18th the First Methodist Church is hosting T’Alyne and a collaborative with the Paul Brewer-Robin Connell Jazz Group at 6 Pm. For more information about either part check out www.talyne.org or www.brewer-connell.com

On Friday February 17th you could check out the show at the DAAC Featuring Harley Poe, All Rights Reserved, and Eric Browning. You know, I have never heard of any of these bands, but people keep telling me that the DAAC has a killer line up this spring, so I am taking their word for it. Also I kinda like the artwork that is up on the webpage.

Quinn& Tuittes has a full house on Saturday Febuary 18th The show features, the Mighty Narwhale, Son & Heir, GrRoPoLis, Umberto, and Paucity. I think some version of this played at the DAAC minus 2 of the bands. So it will be like that…. but different.

Creston is cool, I have to suggest checking out a few other hot spots in Creston while I am on the subject, Sazarac’s lounge ( i.e. the old Bono’s Pizza) is pretty cool and they have hosted a few of the Ideal events, nice lamps, The B-friend and I went and got some grub there for V-day, they also have wireless internet incase you want to geek it out while drinking a beer, ( I have both times I have gone)
Then also I have so suggest Greydon’s Crossing which is the old Scoreboard, and it is SO NICE, and so chill, but the food is a tad greasy, however the onion rings are GREAT.

And the Sit and Spin Laundry Mat is great it is clean, and new, the dryers are fast and they have single, double triple and quadruple loading machines. Did I mention there are also plants and really nice light fixtures and the walls are a nice shade of blue? I highly suggest it as my laundry mat of choice.

Allie Merrick is looking for a good sax player for a bit she is working on, if you are interested you can email her at alliemerrick@inbox.com or if you are looking to do a bit of snooping before you offer up your services check out www.alliemerrick.com

That is all I have in me for this week…. Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. (have I ever mentioned I love getting emails LOVE THEM!) Now WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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