FEBRUARY 22, 2006

Hello Everyone,
This weather is killing me… it is such a tease, and it makes everyone really, really, active so it has been freaking crazy around here all day I was just running all over! And luckily because this week is midterms I don’t have class tonight so I can take a few deep breaths, and send out….

Word on the Street for February 22, 2006

DON’T FORGET Logos for the logo branding project are due on Friday! You can send them to me though the mail or drop them off at Dwelling Place Of Grand Rapids at 101 Sheldon Blvd. Suite 2 Grand Rapids Mi 49503

Thursday February 23 If you have gotten to check out either of Mira Nair’s Movies at the UICA this week then you will want to attend the lecture at Calvin “ Between Two Worlds: an evening with Mira Nair will have the award winning director talking about her documentaries and films. directing award-winning documentaries, including So Far From India and India Cabaret. Salaam Bombay!, Mississippi Masala, The Perez Family, Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love, My Own Country, My Own Country The Laughing Club of India, Monsoon Wedding iHysterical Blindness. The Namesake, The lecture is at Gezon Auditorium Calvin College 3201 Burton SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Free!!!
So this weekend I know that S. Division will be a happening place to be, there is going to be a mini Mardi Gras Celebration with openings, some fasntastic costumes and a few beads also.

On Friday night there is going to be an opening at Sanctuary Folk Art For Dave Warmenhoven. Dave’s work has really changed pretty dramatically over the last few years, his color usage is a bit more chill and the way that he uses commercial identities has shifted but his work is …… cool. It is really developing. I Highly suggest checking it out “ Worship the Sun”. There will also be music by ahimsanic. Sanctuary is located at 140 S. Division. 6-11

Also two doors down check out Heather’s space Image Creations she is setting up a special window display and I heard a rumor that she might be doing some face painting.

While you are down at this end of the street I would stop by My Video Shoppe and talk to Chris, he is willing to haggle over video prices, and if you have late fines… you may be able to talk him out of dropping the fee down so you can be able to rent from one of the most highly developed video collections in all of GR.

At Tributary there is a closing party at 40 S. Division for the Royal Watercolor Society & Friends" Tributary will be Serving Food, wine and Beer along with music from the Celtic band Tinkers Tea. Additionally they will be hosting a Central Michigan University Alumni Event that night with Jim Gillingham, the director of CMU's biological station on Beaver Island, So you can hob nob and check out some watercolors This may be one of the last events at Tributary so it would be nice to check out the scene and give them a big bear hug for all of their hard work over the last year. If you have already checked out Sanctuary and Heather’s space plan on stopping by for about a half an hour at Tributary, then hop back across the street cause….

From 8- 12 there is goint to be “ Celebrity Art show Redux at the DAAC” the Celebrity art show is so cool but the weather was so shitty that not many people made it out to the opening so they are trying it again so check it out…. 115 South Division.

There is going to be a huge blow out at Studio 71 South, the center of the Mardi Gras Activity the brothers are going to entertaining guests, Feel Free to come dressed in your Mardi Gras Best. They will be selling beads and if you buy beads you get a free pass into Rumors for some all out Dancing.
71 South Division

Wow so that is it for Friday night… Whew….
Saturday February 24th The First United Methodist church is holding its 33rd annual religious art show. The show is juried and admission is Free it is open Saturday form 10-6 At 227 East Fulton Street.
Then on Saturday February 25th there is a show at the DAAC with I Accuse, branjac, goddam, and Morihei ueshiba it starts at 8 pm.

This Sunday Febuary 26th you can get out and help Support the Grand Rapids Publci Schools at their annual Arts/ music fundraiser at St. Cecila music society, across from the one trick poney, I think on Library ST. it is only $ 20 and so important to support the arts in the public schools, it starts at 2 pm.


The Wealthy theather is going to start hanging up some artwork, which is great cause I think it will be a nice addition to their space. They are looking for artists to submit work dealing with the theme of war for a show to accompany a Documentary “Why we Fight” the deadline for submissions is Monday march 6th and the Exhibition will be up Friday March 10th through April 7th. The theater will keep 20% of the sales, and you can drop off stuff at 1130 Wealthy SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506 For more information contact: Alynn 459-8423 alynnga@yahoo.com Jeff 459-4788 x 122 jsmith@grcmc.org

Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. (have I ever mentioned I love getting emails LOVE THEM!) Now WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

Posted by jenn at 7:33 PM.

CABILDO is also playing on saturday at Mezze Cafe(38 w fulton) at 9pm. arrive before then and you won't be charged the $5 cover that begins at 9!

oh, the posting says there are two saturdays, both the 24th and 25th. is the religious art show on friday?

- brett | February 22, 2006 7:58 PM

Yeah it is on Saturday that is what i get for not proof reading, thanks for posting about Cabildo, that should be a great show.

- jennschaub | February 23, 2006 3:14 PM

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