MARCH 2, 2006

March 1
Hi everyone,
I have to say there are quite a few opportunities coming up that are pretty sweet, I have one for a show over by Detroit, and a few that are local as well as some sweet stuff to check out. I hope to see everyone down at the DAAC on Friday for the logo voting for S. Division, a few of the designers will be on hand and the designs are pretty cool. This week ends my midterms and starts my spring break, and to tell you the truth I didn’t even realize it! So I am pretty happy about that. For everyone who still gets spring break, have a great time, for the rest of us who still have to work, I suggest taking your own spring break and fitting in a personal day to check out some of the great stuff going on in Grand Rapids. It is a granulated method to help preserve your sanity until spring. So here is…..
Word on the Street for March 1, 2006

Thursday March 2, 2006 at 7pm Matt Madden creator of 99ways to tell a story: Exercises in Style, will be speaking at the UICA, Funded by the GVSU Visual Arts Committee, this is one of the last visiting artists for this semester, so far the feedback about other visitors has been fantastic. So Matt is an author/ artists/ comic book creator and the lecture is highly recommended both drawing and illustration students and it looks as thought it would also be good for graphics students. Check out for more information.

Friday march 3, 2006 come down and vote for the logo branding Project for south division, I will be hanging out at the DAAC 115 South Division, with some food and voting ballots, you can come down between 6 & 9 to cast a vote for what logo you think will best represent South Division, I’ve gotten some pretty good submissions in for this project and I think I will be fun to see what people like, so stop down, have some munchies, and cast a vote.

Friday March 3 from 1-4 and Saturday march 4 1-2 pm, there is a small entry fee of $5 for one or $10 for three pieces. There is drop off for the “More Women: More art” open to men and women… but the artwork needs to address “the feminine” there is a Cash Prize for “best of” questions? Contact Lisa Orr There is room for performers but work needs to be less than 10 minutes interested? Contact Rachel Finan at

Saturday March 3rd. I recently got to see a show that I might not have checked out. At the Kendall gallery the currently have a show called “Hateful things” if is running though March 10th and is really pretty great. It is almost as if framing and presenting this nasty part of our History would make it seemed more contained or removed , but instead you realize how deeply ingrained some racial stereotypes and bigotry really can be. The Kendall gallery is located at 17 Fountain NW and is open M-Sat. 10-5 I highly recommend it. The

On Sunday March 5th, there is a show at the DAAC featuring Discover America, The Same Fate, and Monument Monument. Show starts at 8 and it is 6 bucks to get in

on Sunday March 5, 2006 The red thread project is being launched at the UICA, From 3-5 they are going to be gearing up, you can come and knit a hat, get hat making supplies, a little mid afternoon nibble on some food and drink, also I have to mention that they are looking for volunteers, set-up, knitting cookie decorating button-making, t-shirt sales, Information & sign-up and of course clean up I am seriously considering volunteering, and if you are interested contact Cindy Koning at
Monday march 6th I will also be hanging out at the DAAC from 11-5 so if you can’t come by and cast a ballot for the logo branding project on Friday, you can stop by on Monday and vote then.

The M. I. N. I. show out of Detroit is taking submissions they can be Visual, Audio, & Film/Video all visuals under 7 inches (including frame) and all audio/film/video under 7 minutes (including credits)
The opening weekend is March 31st / April 1st at the Dreamland Theater it’s FREE to submit! And you can get submission forms of the Dirty Bro. Website. visit for anyone that isn’t sure, Dirty Bros. is a project of Jason Starins, formerly of Grand Rapids, on of our Art stars, and also a long time employee of the oh, so like home, Kava House. So if you are interested in a little eastside exposure this is a great opportunity.
So tis’ the season for donations of art work. Artists seem to get overburdened with the battle of how much artwork to donate, where to donate it too, and inundated with requests for artwork to be auctioned. Off the top of my head I can think of 4 comments about donating work.
The first is, the reason to donate work is to support the organization you are donating to, if you do not believe in that organization’s mission DO NOT DONATE, you are putting your seal of approval on the organization, you are allowing them to represent you. Most of the time this is not a concern, donating artwork this is a great form of altruism.
The second is, I firmly believe the work should be presentable, but if it is not already framed, or if that is not a requirement, do not go out of your way to frame it, unless you can write it off as a business expense, or as a tax write off, (which I think that you can, but you have to assign a price to the work before donating it and get a donation receipt from the organization.) This is not something that all organizations can do, make sure you are aware of the size of the organization before asking for a receipt if it is a large organization they should be more then happy to write on up.
The third thought on donating work is, this is a fantastic way to get people who are interested in buying work to see your name, and your work, I highly recommend putting your name and contact info on the piece, attaching a business card, or your website.
The fourth thought is, attend the event. Then when someone is gushing about your work whipping out a card and mentioning that you are in fact the artist. Be tactful with this if done in the wrong way it can be tasteless, but done in the right way can be a good way to sink a few more people who are interested in your work. Also I love to see what my work goes for in a donated auction sometimes it is less then you might want for the work and sometimes it is more, however, it is fun to see people haggle over your work.

So…. With that said, there are a few groups looking for your support.
The first is for; the annual spring celebration for Humanics Students at GVSU The event is on Friday March 24th from 5:30- 7:30 at GVSU’s Loosemore Auditorium. They are looking for donations of artwork and if you are interested or want more info about the organization contact Kat at 269.599.3727 or The last day for artwork submission is March 13th. This is a small student organization.

There is also an organization called West Michigan PhotoWorks that is sponsoring an annual Charity Contest. Any photographer is eligible to enter. There are three entry categories open to your interpretation, Broken, Wild, and Open ( everything else) one half of the 33.3% commission is donated to charity and if you want more info the web site is the Due date is March 31

My sister has recently started working with an place called Easely art, I have mentioned them before but they have an interesting little niche working with adults and children providing different easy to get your creative juices flowing For adults they offer workshops with a make it and take it type of deal. They have adult projects such as GIFT PRESENTATIONS / PAINT YOUR OWN SCARF / CREATE YOUR OWN WINEGLASS CHARMS / CREATE YOUR OWN FLOOR CLOTH/ PERSONALIZED JOURNALS / SOMEDAY BOX / PAINT YOUR OWN TABLE RUNNER AND NAPKIN SET / SCULPEY VASE / GLASS STONE EMBELLISHED GLASS BOWL SET / INTERACTIVE JOURNALING SEMINAR / EMBELLISHED WOOD TRAY / DECOUPAGED SERVING PLATE/FOUR DESSERT PLATES And then beginning on March 13th they have workshops for kids all the way from infant ( 10 months to 24 months!) and toddler workshops from 2 years to 4 years their children’s classes range from 4-5 years and then 5-6 years. To be honest the classes seem a bit expensive at first but the level of interaction for the kids, and the results of the class are well worth it. You can check out prices and more info on line at if you are interested in the kid’s classes I would get them enrolled ASAP.
Traditional Sign off Drop me an email at or Now WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

Posted by jenn at 4:57 PM.

Hi Jen!
Thanks for the mention. In response to your thought that the prices are high I wanted to comment and justify. Have you scene our location? Very expensive and beautiful! The gallery event is awesome!!!! The kids all receive roses, we have the most amazing cookies from cookies by design that feature famous works of art. The kids work is all showcased with documentation boards and photos (google "reggio"). We print invitations for family members. This is all about boosting the confidence and building the self esteem of the children. It is beautiful. Our next gallery event is may 2. I would love for you to come and see the future of art in grand rapids. It is amazing! regards!

- kirsten | March 21, 2006 5:40 PM

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