MARCH 15, 2006

Hi everybody,
Well there is a ton of stuff this week and even a few jobs (cool ones) thrown in, before that I wanted to say, thanks so much to everyone that came down and voted for the logo branding project, we do have a winner, which will be announced within the next week, Again your support is much appreciated by myself and the neighborhood. We had over 140 people weigh in with their opinions. The new Logo will be announced later this week Also, I did go and see Chance Jones at Mezze Last week and it was great, one of the highlights of my spring break.
So with all thanks out of the way, Here is the….. Word on the Street For March 15, 2006

So here is a little follow up to something I mentioned last week

On Thursday March 16th from 5-7 out at GVSU in the Padnos Gallery. Brian Caponi and Andy Tienkersly are having a closing reception for their show “Vessel” did I mention that there are like 2,000 lbs of clay in this exhibition that has been made into “structures” over the last week, part performance, part instillation. Sounds messy, and worth checking out.

Thursday night is the Third Thursday Gallery hop on Avenue For the Arts. There will be stuff going on at studio 71 starting at 4 and be sure to check out the new show opening at the DAAC. One of my favorite random buddies that I have known for a long ass time now, Mike Ingold is part of a show called “It’s always the worst decision to make” the show also features Kertis Lytle, Josh Stauffer & Jeff VandenBerg they will be chillin’ from 6-11

After the Third Thursday Gallery hop Head over to McFaddens, through no fault of his own George W. ( of G-rad Fame) is the center of attention for a VIP Party. The deal is you go to McFaddens, tell them you are with George and they give you a bracelet, the bracelet gives you access to some free munchie food and 2-3 dollar u-call-its until 11. So I’ll be tooling down there after class to hang out an sip on 2 dollar jack n’ cokes. George said I could invite everyone, so even if you don’t know either of us come down and ride the wave.

So yeah Friday the 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, and it just wouldn’t be right to not even mention it so I though instead of talking about the Black Rose or Quinn and Tuttie’s I would mention the coolest of the cool Irish Celebrations in West Michigan. By far one of the crazist St. Paddy’s day events is held in a little town called Conklin, and it starts at 11 a.m. the whole town is about 2 blocks long but they have an all out parade, which ends at the door of the local pub Fenian’s Irish Pub. They call it the 'Wearin' of the Green Parade” and this year is the 19th annual. I think there are 2 more important things to note. On St Paddy’s day I am told that Fenians goes through 17 Kegs of Guinness, and who even knows how much of any other brand. That is so much freaking beer. And this year’s Grand Marshall of the parade is none other then Gary Morrison, flying his true Irish spirit. This event is so all out I can’t even explain it. So check it out. Fenian’s Irish pub 19683 Main St. Conklin Mi. ( don’t worry if you find Conklin you find the pub)

This Saturday the 18th in Veterans Park downtown you can get together with friends and take part in a quickly dieing American tradition, an anti war protest. This Saturday marks the third anniversary ( I think we need to have a different name then anniversary, which has happy connotations) of the Invasion of Iraq. This march, rally and teach in starts at 11:00 am

This Saturday March 18th at 6:30 Pm the UICA is having one of its biggest blowouts of the year, “Live Coverage” 50 West Michigan artists, making and auctioning work, in space at the UICA. With a little bit of everything, there is a lot to see, and a bit of munching to do with “hors d'oeuvres and beverages” I love the word hors d’oeuvres. So since it is a fundraiser tickets are $60 but 50$ for UICA members, but buy them early cause they are 70$ at the Door ( whoah) So gett’um now, at the UICA or call 616-454-7000 x26.

Space vs. time is hosting an event on Saturday and it starts at 8:30 it is 5$ to get in but you get to check out, Jason Cunningham, first public performance, Josh Dunnigan (percussion) Brian Schorn ( multi meida artist ( also has work in Studio 71 South currently) and Rowan O’Dougherty (one of my favorite ex- framing customers) Space Vs. Time is located at 470 Market.

Later in the evening stop in at the DAAC and check out Jake Stilson, GrrRoPoLis,Please Oh Please and TBA ( this is not a band, but it will be…) $5 cover.

And if you still find yourself to be wound up on Sunday night and looking to release some energy check out Akron/Family, Breathe Owl Breathe, & Son and Heir at 8 Pm the DAAC is at 115 S. Division.


Music Aficionados, Herm over at Vertigo is looking for an electronic music lover, you gotta know your shit, Vertigo customers want help that knows what is up. So the position is part time, and it pays 8-10 an hour, and you gotta like people.
Herm also mentioned that he is looking for bodies to work events at shows, at various venues to hand out flyers, promotional goodies, etc. Pretty random but it sounds cool, for more info about either of these check out Vertigo at 129 S. Division and ask for Herm, he is almost always around.

Summer Gigs

The Fulton Street Farmers Market is getting ready to pimp it out for the summer, they have 122 spaces and on Sundays my favorite place to buy produce turns into an artists showcase, however only in its second year the market needs a bit of encouragement. So if you are looking to get in on organizing the market on Fulton now is your chance to flex those organizational muscles. Call the Fulton Street Farmers Market at 454-4118. Gee don’t have the time to do it for free? Well no sweat this position involves monetary compensation. Hum you think that means it is a job?

Interlochen is looking for summer season employees to chill with students grades 3-12 Interlochen features a ton of cool stuff for the kiddies, and it is just as fun for the counselors…… well it could be. On Thursday March 23rd at the Summer Job Fair at GVSU there will be an Interlochen representative on hand to get people signed up it runs form 10;30 -3:30 take a resume, and pick up an application packet, or skip the job fair and find it all on line at or The recruiters name is Grimaldo D. Robles “Coordinator, Seasonal Employment Interlochen Center for the Arts” and you can catch him at 231-276-7337 or

If you are looking to get into a pretty interesting class in the fall I suggest Civic Studio. Students from multiple disciplines and colleges have taken the class and it is pretty fascinating. To be honest there were a bunch of “realizations” I gained from Civic Studio. CS created an unintentional method to understand and introduce ones self to a neighborhood. If you have ever taken a class with professor Paul Wittenbraker you can attest to the fact that often it seems as though you are involved in some crazy art/sociologically charged experiment, but then you come out on the other end and a while later figure out what it was all about. For me it provided a loosely structured method for getting to know an area. For instance, our first class we went out and meandered so pretty much walked the neighborhood, no set path just getting out and about. Hum, at the time I think I learned that there is a bunch of interesting architectural flourishes on the houses in Creston. The practical application for me now is, if you want to get to know an area, get out of your car and walk. Walk. You will never learn more then you can teach yourself, and you will know more about your area if you walk then 80% of the people who are there everyday. I see I could go on through each thing we did and draw a million parallels about how I use what I “learned” (realized) in that class, but we do not have the time for that today. But if you really want to get to know what I am talking about take the class. To find out more about it check out and if you are interested in getting in get a hold of Paul Wittenbraker by dropping him an email.

Housing stuff.
We have 3 live work spaces left on Division, they are radical. Rent it from 577 to 657 and it is income based. I kept giving tours and liked them so much that I moved into them. That pretty much explains how cool they are. If you want a tour give me a call at 855 0435.

Or you could move to Port Huron, their cool city’s deal is to give 5 Artists housing grants to the tune of $5000 (each) but you gotta move to Port Huron…. Yeah….. Port Huron. Any way use the 5 thou, as down payment assistance, closing costs, and/or home improvements to any home within the boundaries of the Community Renaissance Program (the neighborhood around the Studio 1219 building) or the new Oak Crest Homes development which will be within walking distance to downtown and the waterfront. Hum, well we all need a place to live so get an application for these grants along with additional information is available on the following websites:, and

Want to expand your artistic territory and show across county lines? The Paint Creak Center for the Arts ( in Rochester) is Seeking submissions for Main Gallery Group Shows and First Floor Gallery Featured Artist Solo Shows for 2007 exhibition season and beyond. Two deadlines for review of submissions: March 16 & September 14, 2006. For prospectus, call PCCA at 248-651-4110 or e-mail

Chance to sell work online,So I haven’t met anyone who has used the site yet but I got an email about what looks like a glorified my space page for multiple users. It is but the cool thing is you can sell art work on it. Apparently there are unlimited listing for free and they have a method for paypal and credit cards and it looks like there is a ton of space to put up pics or your work and whatever. So I guess I would like to know if anyone has used a site like this before? If you have what have been the disappointments? And what did you get out of it? Tell me what you think after you check out the site.
OH boy that was a long one. Drop me an email at or or just post comments online on G-rad. WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom
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