MARCH 22, 2006

Ok so here is the deal it has to be short and sweet week with not chit chat? I am mad cause my computer just quit and now I have to retype this whole thing!!!!!! Ok so I do have to mention that I heard Live Coverage was happening at the UICA, and this weekend is a music filled weekend?

Here is Word on the Street For March 22, 2006 (one day late)?..

Thursday night, I promised Al I would clear the air about something and invite you all to another VIP night at McFadden?s, I may have ( well I DID) sign Alison up for a VIP party without her knowing, and when McFadden?s called her up to ask her if she wanted to be a VIP she agreed having no idea how she had gotten signed up, So I invite you all to join us for 2$ u-call-its between 8-11 at Mcfaddens ( well I won?t be there till 9..) but just show up tell them you are with Alison Jones, don?t know Alison? Or me? Doesn?t matter, say her name, and it is 2 dollar drinks till 11, um yeah and it includes anything without Redbull in it. maybe I will see you there.


On Thursday night you could also go to the DAAC and check out The Trial, (Lone) Wolf and Cub, Bald Eagle, and Coal Black Horse. So pretty much a whole circus?

There is so much music this weekend there is even a movie about music, Friday at 9:00 check out a flick about music, punk, old style, an intense look at the Minutemen. We Jam Econo: is only playing for one night and it is Friday, so 8 PM, Food drinks, and prizes, (Prizes? Don?t know.. but I?ll bet they are at least free movie passes) The movie starts at 9PM Website:

Friday night at the DAAC , in case you missed it Thursday night, you can check out Lone Wolf and Cub, with a slightly different line up, smallspace, and Away with Vega? uh are there different lone wolf and cub bands?

Friday March 24th At the Space vs. Time location at 470 Market is Your Input Here (electronic music) night and I believe that all shows are 5$ but don?t quote me on that?..

Saturday March 25th At Space Vs Time there is the Freely Improvised Music Series with Corey Ruffin and friends

Bill mentioned that he checked out the live model drawing at the UICA a few Saturdays ago, the report is lots of room, and the group is pretty small so you can request positions. So dust off those drawing skills and do something with your Saturday afternoon, 1-4 UICA 5$ members and 7$ members?

On Saturday night you can check out a gig at the DAAC, Russian Circles, Victor! Fix the Sun, Maps and Atlases, and then Paucity.

Saturday March 25th at 9 PM the UICA, I though the write up about Jason Forrest was pretty elusive so I figured maybe someone would check out the show and tell me what it is like in person. So if you check out Jason Forest with S. American Agriculture, and wicker basket tell me if it is anything like the descritption. (which can be found at Tickets are $8

Didn?t get to check out a show at the DAAC yet? Well then Sunday is your day.. The Nethers, Fields of Industry, and Linus Rules,

Oh wait there is also a show on Tuesday march 28th and it is special cause it is George?s Birthday party and show?. So his birthday isn?t exactly even on Tuesday but it is his choosen celebration day. Calsiotone for the Painfully alone, The Donkeys, The Mighty Narwhale, and S. American

I have one other request, I am writing a little diddy about Heartside and looking for input, so if you cut and paste the following questions into and email, answer them and email it back to me I would appricate it.
1. Where is your favorite Heartside place to grab a bite to eat lunch?
2. Favorite Heartside place to grab a drink with friends?
3. Favorite Heartside place to check out a show?
4. Favorite Heartside shopping experience?
5. Favorite Heartside ______

Um Yeah so other then that HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Send that info back to me today?. I am interested to hear what you have to say??Drop me an email at or or just post comments online on G-rad. WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects?. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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