MARCH 29, 2006

Hello Everyone!!!

This week I am busted busy, but I am gonna get this out on time… this is a heads up next Friday is HUGE the Free Radical is happening at the same time DIVISION IS ART is happening, that pretty much means 31 storefronts, businesses and live work spaces on division will be open from 6-11 PM on the 7th… Put it on your calendar cause that is over 50 artists, and it might take from 6-11 to see it all. More about that next week….. But it is this week we are concerned about right now… one day at a time, (or week)

Here is Word On the Street For March 29, 2006!!!!

Thursday night March 30th 2006 Since I got an email about this from two different sources it must be pretty good, Jesse from Blame was gushing, so He suggests checking out Chuck Anderson at 8 pm at the UICA, the guy is 21 and I guess you can check out his work No Pattern on line at For a sneak preview… it should be interesting to hear someone so young discuss their work.

Thursday March 30th at the DAAC the Icicles are playing,
March 31 2006 Peter Nam is opening at the Calving space located at 106 S. Division. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Calvin Space this would be a great opportunity. Slightly different form the Kendall Gallery Calvin’s space is detached from the rest of the university and interesting because professor Adam Wholpa’s work space is situated in the left hand side of the space. The gallery is gorgeous and I haven’t seen Nam’s work yet, so I can’t say much about it what I do know is the show title is “12.05” and the opening starts at 7PM.

After checking out the Nam show head across the street to the DAAC and check out if He Dies He Dies, Ozenza, and Triforce.

Friday night ( the 31st) at the UICA there is a big old shin-dig for a whole mess of new artists, I am happy to seen that the UICA has started clumping their names together in the email so you can do a quick scan for names you know and then read the description Thanks Guys!!!! So from 6-9 pm you can check out the work of Satoru Takahashi, Christin Lahr, Lisa Dillin and Michael Fels. The show descriptions use one of my favorite “words commonly used to describe art” synergy, also includes work dealing with Toys, created environments, medical care, and…… well I guess you will have to show up to find out for yourself.

This weekend the MINI show opens in Detroit, if you are headed across state and want more info on checking out the show email local Lisa Orr at, and she can give you more info…

On April 1st there is a long awaited event, most of us have been to their fundraising parties and probably know one of the girls, by day slightly wild women and by night dressed in their uniforms, something almost as good as superheroes. You know who I mean… The Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are having the first Exhibition Bout. I would guess this will be a bruiser….

At the DAAC April 1st three bands Lazer Crystal, Wildcatting, and Mass Shvers, There will be new work on the walls from Artists Dean Stephens and if you would like to meet the artist he will be on hand at the DAAC Friday the 7th from 6-7:30

Starting April 3 and running through April 6 at the GVSU Padnos Gallery ( located in the Calder Art Center) is a BFA exhibition for Ryan Hill Illustration and Jason McChristian, it seems like it was just yesterday that Jason was a young blue haired attitude riddled freshman, and now he is graduating… ah how time flies, Check out the show and congratulate the guys on making it all the way through.

Last weekend I went to see the Treasures of Ancient Egypt at the Van Andel Museum, expensive 17$ for adults!!!! And on top of that you can buy 6$ audio tour, but it was right up my alley, and I have to remark that Egyptians were small people, the reason I mention it is the show is, the quality of the work displayed greatly overshadows the normal mummy exhibit stationed at the museum, and i thought it was pretty damn impressive because they layout a visual timeline of when things were produced, and you realize that the US is a damn young country, nation what ever… I found it to be fascinating…. So if you have 20$ to burn and an afternoon, I suggest checking it out the show is only up for a few more weeks.

Call for art for the Women's Center at GVSU, this is cool cause your work is on display for a YEAR, it is a juried show, however, if someone is interested in buying your piece they send your name and number on to them and I hear quite a few of them sell, so…
They are looking for 2 d and 3 d work, 2d work can’t be larger then 4’ in any direction and 3d work should not exceed 10”x10”x10”
Must be ready to hang (IE Framed), and they are due before 2 pm on April 7th at the Women's Center 161 Kirkhof, and there is an application form… NOTE THIS SHOW IS NOT JUST FOR WOMEN, BUT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR WORK ABOUT WOMEN.

I thought this show was really cool and thought of a lot of people whose work would work for it, The Description is a cut and paste because I wanted to get all of the info right, I think this is pretty sweet…..

(SCENE) Metrospace Urban Arts Exhibition
Deadline: April 14, 2006
East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces a call to artists for an upcoming exhibit based on and around Urban art. The exhibit will be held at (SCENE) Metrospace in May 2006. All artists over the age of 18 are invited to participate. Applications will be accepted through Friday, April 14. (SCENE) Metrospace is looking for artists whose work incorporates "Urban" themes, particularly those that capture the inner city and/or metropolitan style and way of life. This could be interpreted through an assortment of medias and styles including but not limited to: graffiti, graphic design, photography, painting, installation, drawing, sculpture, performance, video, and sound. Artwork in any media will be reviewed. To apply, artists must submit images or documentation representative of the work to be exhibited, a description of your project idea, an artistic statement and/or a resume. Artists must also include an SASE for the return of their materials. There is no entrance fee. Please send your information to: (SCENE) Metrospace, C/O Emma Kruch, Coordinator, 410 Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI 48823. Application deadline is April 14, 2006, and early submissions are encouraged.

So I am off to spread more good cheer and visit with some people on the street Drop me an email at or Now WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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