APRIL 5, 2006

Hi everybody!!!
Here it is, but it isn’t short cause there is just too much, I hope to see everyone out on Friday night at the FREE RADICAL, there are so many people who have pulled together to make this awesome, read the list or pick up a map the night of… 9 they will be located in all of the spaces, or sanctuary folk art), the map will make sure you don’t miss anything… and I guess I have to say, I think it will be really Rad..
Word on the Street for April 5, 2006!!!!!

Tonight there is a show at the One Trick Pony with Karisa Wilson from 7-11 and it is free, if you haven’t caught her around town yet you should, it is pretty good tunes, and she has a great voice, so that is Thursday April 6th and it is FREE!!! So stop by and get a beer and some spinach dip.

This weekend is a must do!!!!
I have seen some of the work from the Free Radical this weekend and it is Freaking amazing, some of the paintings are so so so cool, and simutanioulsy, or as a part of or in addition to, I haven’t decided how this works, The live work spaces are a part of free radical cause the are having their next big shindig on Friday also! So that brings the grad total of stuff going on, on Avenue for the arts, to 50+ ( this is a pretty conservative count) in 34 Spaces….. So the following is the run down with no descriptions, and yes I do get to other things happening this weekend, but that comes later.
50+ Artists in 34 Spaces April 7 from 6-11 PM

…..The night of Free Radical if you bring your event Map to San Chez you will receive $3.00 off 3 Mezze / Tapas order….. Thanks to the Staff at San Chez for supporting their arts community.

Free Radical 300 block

1. 356 Jefferson
Featured artists: New work by Blame Clothing founders Jesse Hora, Neil Hubert, and Ian Macnider, The collage work of Michelle Bowers, and introducing the illustrations of Geoff Holstad.

2. 337 S. Division
Curator: John Charles Mosher
Kendall College of Art and Design Painting Club
Featured Artists: Victoria Clark and John Charles Mosher

3. 339 S. Division
( Can be accessed through 337 or 341, or the rear of the building)
Kendall College of Art and Design“Fun P.I.G.S. on Parade” ( People In Graduate School)
Featured Artists: Nuell Friend, Andrea Eckert, Molly Pettengil, Kelly Allen, Ben Harrison, Shawn Gould, Kris Jones, Andy Branch, and Laurel Sprague

4. 341 S. Division
Featured Artists: Joel Berry and Mike Guyette

5. 333 S. Division
Featured Artists: Kelly Allen , Sally England , Shana Curtis , Alison Jones

6. 222 S. Division Avenue
Involved with the show? Jack Patient Scott Travis

7. 200 S. Division Ave.
Goodwill industries Open till 8pm The extended hours at Goodwill allow for a bit of extra browsing.

8. 139 S. Division
All City Kicks
Open 6-11pm Stop by and check out their selection of exclusive collection of sneakers, and clothes.

9. 138 S. Division
Sanctuary Folk Art
Open 6-11pm Live Music w/ Ahimsanic Meet the gallery artists = Tom D., Carmella, Warmenhoven, Reb + more

10. 136 S. Division
Open 6-11 Featuring the furniture & artwork of Cameron and Rachael VanDyke and the opening of their new gallery space “Caplet”

11. 129 S. Division
Open until 10pm Artist: Mike Breakiron Special Deal- all regularly priced used cds for 25% off.

12. 125 S. Division
My Video Shoppe
Open until 11Hosting artwork by Jevon Dismuke, paintings of screen legend Bruce Lee, and Video Projection by Nick Stockton. Special Discount for the evening: $25= 10 Video rentals

13. 117 S. Division
Open until 10 PM DJ Mike Sylvester, will be mixing, and scratching in the front window, along with a funky Free Radical Window display.

14. 115 S. Division
open hours from 6-8:30 "Beyond the Boundaries of Reality" Featured Artist: Dean Stephens at 8:30 the Last Hope and the OffBeats will be playing after 8:30 the cover is 5$

15. 111 S. Division
Space 1
“ Awkward Life “ Involved: Jamie Combs, Brian Brown, Stephanie Behning, Sarah Weber, Marcus Hunter , Brandon Behning

Free Radical 111 2

16. 111 S. Division
Space 2
Involved: ideal Collective Cameron Murray, Erwin Erkfitz , Mitch Hess, Kristy Menarde, Matthew Wyatt, Andrea Lutz., Josh Breuer

Free Radical 111

17- 30 DIVISION IS ART event At Martineau Apartments
Spaces in the 106 building can be accessed through a door located in the parking lot and Spaces in the 106 building can be accessed individually, though the front and back of the building.

In 120 S. Division

Heather McGartland will open up Imagination Creations, her self created boutique and hosting a live performance 8-10pm.

Jeff Dykehouse will have open hours to invite the public in to see work from Emily’s Big Picture Project.

Hugo Claudin, Mexicans Sans Frontieres Moseo Cash Taller, will be hosting an open studio with paintings and new work, from 6-9 Blue Nebula a Jazz band will be performing.

Bill Taylor and Jason Heysteck will be displaying new paintings and holding Open studio hours

Wojtek Dobrowski, open studio hours to check out new photography

AJ Paschka will be opening his space “Artvark” and hosting artists Saul Hildebrand and Nick Stockton, and two visiting artists from Chicago, along with new music.

Nathan Mabie and Michael Saunders of Plastic son Productions will be holding an open house and host the work of artist Brett Gill.

106 S. Division Ground Floor
Calvin College Art Space
Advanced student photo show

In 106 S. Division
Annamarie Buller and Andrew Tegelaar will be hosting a live Butoh performance with artist Rachael Finin

Adora Trostle will be holding open studio hours

Travis Childs will be exhibiting new paintings and a mural

Janet Quinn and Richard Jeltes will be displaying new work and having open studio hours.

Emily Johnson and Brooke Daily will be holding open studio hours

Fay Nielsen & Brandy Krause will show off new artwork, fashion Sculpture, jewelry and host live music

Derrick Hollowell invites the public to check out new work in a chilled out atmosphere.

31. 71 S. Division
Open until 11pm
May have some live art- possibly glass blowing, Meet the artists and see the newest in Grand Rapids Talent.

32. 46 S. Division, Heartside Gallery

32. 14 Weston
Premier Skate
Open until 11 Pm Live DJ in House

33. 53 Commerce
“Hommage to the Commodore64” Multimedia installation reflecting on the nostalgia of the Commodore64 Featured Artists: Nikos Monoyios

Check it out, I am hoping for good weather but if it isn’t grin and come anyway, we live in Michigan and a bit of rain hasn’t stopped us yet. I’ll see you there……
Also Friday April 7th, there is a Kendall College Runway show, “Bodies of Art” it has a bit of everything from Kendall, and a % of proceeds goes to Mel Trotter, it is $10 a person ans $7 a student, but it doesn’t start till 8 so come and check out the free radical early if you want to go to both. Did I mention it is at the Imperial Ballroom at the Amway,

Friday April 7th
Also on Friday April 7th, at the One Trick the The Hummingbirds (from Detroit) Delilah Dewylde and the Lost Boys are playing, it is free and starts at 10Pm, but it is a 21+ show and would be a great way to chill out after Free Rad….

On Saturday if you are looking to rock check out the Gates of Slumber, Death Valley Dragline, and Ozenza at the DAAC located at 115 S. Division Ave….. yep… that is that about that…

Also on Saturday night at the UICA there is an a butoh dance performance, if you have not seen a butoh performance yet they are pretty interesting, this one is “dunker Tanz” and there will by musical accompaniment by Corey Ruffin, Jordan Adema, and Hugo Claudin. It is starts at 8 and tickets are 10$ for UICA members and 12$ for everybody else…… this is some intense business.

Has any one checked out I pod night at Jukes? I am Curious if it is fun or if ti sucks, drop me an me an about it….

Oh on Sunday April 9th at 8:30 Trophy, Chance Jones, Southerly, and the Mines are playing at the DAAC, and I know I have said this too many times, but I really like Chance Jones, and he mentioned that he was going to be finishing a new cd, and I can’t help but get a little excited about it So… maybe I will take a study break and check it out…

There is an interesting adult ed course at the Fountain Street church being taught by Suzanne Eberle, and it is a 2 part-er it starts Monday the 10th and then meets again on Monday the 24th to look at Modern and contemporary art to explore the ideas of "Spirituality and Art", and it is FREE!!! So that is cool …… 7-9 both nights 24 Fountain Street. Thanks for the heads up Beth!
Monday there is a big old show at the Daac with the Mighty Narwhale, No things, Knife skills, and Spit for Athena… It is a crazy Monday, maybe it would be a good way to start off the week.
Like 4 years ago I saw Low in Chicago with Kid Dakota, Kid Dakota was amazing, but Low was pretty cool too, not they are playing on Wednesday the 12the at Calvin…. I guess the show is in the FAC ( I think that means Fine Arts Center, but I am not sure) tickets are only 5$ with a Calvin ID ( I guess the difference is made up in tuition payments… and for the rest of us saps it is $15!!!! But they are good, super mellow when I saw them, and very sweet…..

Interesting Project out of GVSU… by Sarah Wassenaar, the work is this interactive box with a webcam, it is an interesting idea, I got to stick my hand in it, I guess it is interesting to me cause it is participatory, but more so depending on location and I guess it could be looked at as a state of variable interaction…. Uh, am I getting to into it? Check it out for yourself at http://merz.art.gvsu.edu/~xchange

I mentioned it last week and I will mention it again ‘cause it is cool and I wish I had a chance to get some ideas around for it….
(SCENE) Metrospace Urban Arts Exhibition
Deadline: April 14, 2006

East Lansing's alternative art space, (SCENE) Metrospace announces a call to artists for an upcoming exhibit based on and around Urban art. The exhibit will be held at (SCENE) Metrospace in May 2006. All artists over the age of 18 are invited to participate. Applications will be accepted through Friday, April 14. (SCENE) Metrospace is looking for artists whose work incorporates "Urban" themes, particularly those that capture the inner city and/or metropolitan style and way of life. This could be interpreted through an assortment of medias and styles including but not limited to: graffiti, graphic design, photography, painting, installation, drawing, sculpture, performance, video, and sound. Artwork in any media will be reviewed. To apply, artists must submit images or documentation representative of the work to be exhibited, a description of your project idea, an artistic statement and/or a resume. Artists must also include an SASE for the return of their materials. There is no entrance fee. Please send your information to: (SCENE) Metrospace, C/O Emma Kruch, Coordinator, 410 Abbott Road, East Lansing, MI 48823. Application deadline is April 14, 2006, and early submissions are encouraged.
Hey, I know that I miss things if I do you can upload them yourself by posting them as a comment on G-rad, So if you know of an event ahead of time, Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Now WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can post it yourself by going to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….

Hey, We made it too the end! Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….( only 7 pages!)

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