APRIL 26, 2006

Hi Everyone!!!
Crazy times Crazy times, Congratulations if you have recently graduated or just finished your semester, for everyone who hasn’t been in school for a while, spring is in the air so we all have a reason to celebrate, I was breaking out the flip flops this week and have been loving the sun shine. You can tell it is spring cause there is so much to do, and it is one of the best times of the year to get out and about. So here are some suggestions for your weekend plans and here is the

Word on the Street for April 26th 2006

Friday Night at the DAAC starting at 6 Carly O’Dell is shoring a series of paintings, they are Bright and funky mixing some pretty intense colors. The pieces are completely integrated works where the frame is apart of the piece and the piece is apart of the frame. Also on display are a few pieces of her mom, ‘s work and a series of pictures staring the Vigilantes, After 9 kicks off the band potion of the evening including the Vigilantes, Menage and a special guest. Check it out. Donations at the Door.

Carly O'dell

Friday night next door to the DAAC Zona and Amy Augustine are having a show at 111 South Division, Starting at 6 they will be hosting a Steel drum band lead by Edwin, and Showing off new pieces of work by both artists. Zona is showing some of her floor pieces, but also a pretty impressive showing of new wall pieces. And this is one of the first time Amy has had her work out and about on Division.

Also Friday night from 7-9 there is a BFA exhibition Featuring Kevin Buist, Craig Hokesma. Zoe Perkins, and Joseph Post. I have met both Craig and Joe, they are cool guys and both have been pretty involved with some of the Stuff that has been happening around the 106 Calvin space. So now is time to check out their show located at the Spoelhof Center at 3201 Burton St SE (on Calvin’s Campus) The show name is “LAUNCH”

Starting at 10ish is the first installment of Portable Cinema! That is right the guys from Portable Cinema are kicking off the summer this spring with an outdoor showing of the top 11, 5 minute flicks from the 24 hour film festival. So its Free and outdoor, it will actually be set up somewhere in the parking lot of 120 South Division, so park on the street and head up the ramp at the back of the lot, they are hoping to facilitate a discussion about these 5 minute flicks and start the summer season off with a bang…. Even if it is a little chilly show up cause we have an alternative indoor venue, if need be…..

Friday night at the Jukes David Bleckly is playing at Jukes (home of Ipod DJ Sunday’s) great musical and fashion sense collide. David has a great voice and is doing a solo acoustic set starting between 9 and 9:30. So get on out, get your drink on and listen to some covers of Cash, and a bit of Original Bleckly. Oh and did I mention it is free????

Wow way to kick off summer guys, that is a ton of stuff to do on Friday….

Saturday night…..The Space vs. Time group is now hosting 24 hour theater, breaking from their traditional home at the UICA 24 hour theater will now be rocking it over at 470 Market. The last 24 hour theater show was a whoopling success sp now they are moving it on out to new venues. This is the 17th time they have done this so it just keep getting better…. Starts at 8, and I think the cover is probably right around 5$$$????

Lately the DAAC has been hoppin’ all weekend long, some of the shows are so packed people are spilling out onto the street and there will be kids chilling all over, maybe Sunday will be no different???
On Sunday April 30th there is a three band show at the DAAC with Shoplifting, Son and Heir, and Triforce. 5$ to get you in.

Monday night I am so so going to this show, on Monday at 8:30 Chance Jones and Cabildo are playing at the DAAC how sweet is that!!!???? I am going to chill and listen to Jones, hopefully pick up a copy of his new disc and then shake it to Cabildo. Love this show, love these bands..

On Tuesday from 2-4 there is a big old GRAND OPENING of the Martineau apartments. So I would like to invite all of you to come down. Unlike some of our other events, you will be able to tour all of the spaces, each of the 23 apartments will be open. There are formal invites, and some of you may have gotten them, but even if you didn’t get a formal invite, it’s ok, just drop down for a bit and check it out. Cabildo and Batucada, are opening the events at 1:30 with some live performance. The actually ceremony starts at 2 and will be about a half an hour long, we will be unveiling a piece of public work going up this summer, and there will be portions of the Functional work going in on the 100 Block on Display. Cabildo will keep playing in the afternoon. A display of upcoming developments going up in the Heartside community will be displayed in the Calvin space. Catering in the Foodsmith space, and more artists live work spaces then you can shake a stick at. Also it will be one of the first times to check out the new Avenue for the arts logos on display in the neighborhood!! Also the “ other BFA exhibit” for Calvin this semester (106 s. Division) will be opening also this day from 2:30 until 5 so check it out!!

Don’t want to drop me an email? but want to talk with the world? ( well…. the G-rad World) See you out and about this weekend. Post and email on WOTS home
http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ at or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects…. Or as always Drop me an email at ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com or jennschaub@hotmail.com..
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom…..

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