MAY 3, 2006

May 2nd
Hello everyone!
Today is the day! I am going to start being better about getting word out on time, I have been slippin’ over the last few weeks because of the craziness, but now I make a solemn vow to try to be better at getting it out on time. And congratulations to Theresa Z., she is entered into the Metrospace Urban Arts Exhibition coming up soon, so she is going to let us know how it is. Also thanks to everyone who came out the Grand Opening of the Apartments, the turn out was pretty decent even after the bad bad weather, it was nice to see some familiar faces in the Crowd, and it was great to see so many of the participating artists at the event, The rain loves our events, it always shows up when we have them…… ( insert nerd laugh here) So enough of me babbling…..

Word on the Street For May 3, 2006 ( on time!!!!)

Tonight from 6-till close Vertigo music and Vito are hosting DJ night, they have a few turn tables set up and you can bring a crate and mix some beats. Herm is offering special discounts to DJ’s and Vito is going to keep things rolling.

Thursday night May 4th at the DAAC there are three bands Playing, The Dead Science, Night Toucher, and Scary Beast… Night Toucher and Scary Beast sound like b rated horror flicks….. pretty interesting… or mildly scary.

This Friday, is Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican Heritage Association is chilling at the UICA there is food, and Cabildo, Possibly Karisa Wilson might also be playing. So stop down and see Hugo, Julio, Andrew, And the ret of the crew from Cabildo. I don’t think there is a cost but don’t quote me on that festivities begin at 7:30

If you are looking to support Artworks, Friday is a good day for it They are going to be hosting “Art around Town at American Seating and having a live auction of work from professional artists & those up-and-commers. You can check out a tour of the American Seating building, bid on some work… and Catering is provided by San Chez Bistro. (yum) So between the Cash Bar, 35$ tickets, and Auction, this is not the night to leave your wallet at home, but it all goes to a great cause. The artworks apprenticeship program…. Call Beckah at Artworks for times and more info.

Also on Friday Studio 71 South is having an opening featuring new work by Lynn Arnold it will be up for a while, however we all know the work looks more fabulous the night of the opening. The name of the show is “Navigating” worth mentioning is that Studio 71 South has been working on getting everything arranged around the space, so it has an new set up, and they are going to tackle Framing, and start up some classes.

On Saturday May 6 there is a show with the Flatliners, Kalines the 72 Dolphins and Shoe lace at the DAAC, I have heard of any of these bands so if you check it out let me know what is up.
OH this weekend is the second Bout of the Gradn Raggidy Roller Girls. They are selling tickets at the door but if you want to be sure to get them you can go on I didn’t get to go to the last Bout but George mentioned that Rayanne is amazing so if I am in town I am definitely going to try and make it to this one. These Chicks are so freaking hard core. Slamming into each other at full tilt speed ANIALATION!!! So Eveything is coming up Bruises at the Delta Plex. You can also pick up some cool Roller Girl Gear…..This is sssssssssssoooooooooo much cooler then the Griffians.

Sunday May 7, 2006 LSDudes, Masles Mumps Rubella, and the Mighty Narwhale are playing at the DAAC, I haven’t seen the LSDudes play in a while, so this sounds like a show worth checking out.

Finally Elephant Micah and Fields of Industry are playing Monday May 8th starting at 8… My boyfriend has Fields of Industry in his Ipod… it was a favorite for a long time.

So I got passed along a bit of info about a print show and I have condensed the guidelines for participation, so read carefully, they are looking for pretty minimal stuff, bit they want submissions by the 15th of May, I am going to be busting my butt tonight to get some new work done, because I want to enter.
Attention Western Michigan Printmakers: A new Grand Rapids, Michigan gallery space specializing in works of fine art on paper is seeking Western Michigan print artists who would like to show/exhibit and Sell their works in the opening show. Guidelines for participation are: *Submissions shall be received by May 15th, 2006. *Almost any type of print are welcome. All Intaglio techniques and woodcuts are welcome. *Sorry digital prints will not be included in this show, but may be for another time? *All print sizes are welcome, however due to space considerations larger size prints will be extremely limited, if at all.. * There is no theme -although questionable -subject/material ? may not cut it. * Prints should be - At Least be mounted in / under a mat -at minimum - for professional presentation to the general public. The gallery will not be able to frame or mat your prints for any reason. * This is an opening show for Western Michigan print artists, so please either be a resident, past resident, past Western Michigan print student, or explain how you would be associated/ grouped with other Western Michigan print artists in your artist statements. Please include with your submission: *Three to six slides of print works you would like to be considered. Digital Photo CD -R and- RW format are also welcome for MS Windows XP. Depending on the success /participation and interest in this unique show more than one or two pieces of an artists work may be accepted for the opening show. *A typed sheet with your name, title of your piece, dimensions of work, medium of piece, and your contact information. *Artist statement And resume. *S.A.S.E. = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Please include appropriate postage if you would like/need your slides back.
*Artists will be notified if selected. *Also please forward this to any artist you think would be interested!
The gallery has not opened yet and so I cannot receive mail there yet. The temporary address for submissions is as follows. Paper Works Gallery Attn: Fred Bernard 1038 Ardmore St. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49507


The Grand Rapids Art Museum is hiring for three different positions, Marketing and Communications Manager and two part time positions Administrative Assistant to the Director and Public Relations Coordinator for more info about the positions check out the GRAm online. Or To apply send a letter of application and a resume to:
Human Resources
Grand Rapids Art Museum
155 Division N.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

I have a question, where does everybody look for jobs? I am interested in how people search for jobs? Is there a good GR “jobs” website, or what? Email me if you have any ideas. OKDOKEY…HERE It IS THE SIGN OFF!!! Drop me an email at or Now WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading to the bottom.

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