MAY 11, 2006

Hello everyone,
The week is never boring is it?? We are getting geared up for the summer season of festivals and I wanted to start with an invitation to participate in the Avenue for the Arts Market. We are going to have 4 events, and if you are interested in participating I would like to send you more information… we are looking for people interested in participating in a manner of ways and they are outlined in the opportunities section, if any of these sound appealing to you please drop me a line. Also, Carly made a good suggestion about finding jobs, the best way is word of mouth so, if you hear of a cool job, or there is an opening at where you work, pass it on and I will post it in Word, in fact there is one this week, so check it out….

Other than that here is the Word on the Street for May 10th, 2006

On Thursday May 11th, Studio 71 South is hosting a Wine tasting tour with Allie Merrick, she will be in house with a bit of poetry, some jazz and a few wines to taste, this is going to be an ongoing event, and tickets are $25 since tickets are limited, you can pick them up at Studio 71 South, located at 71 South Division, If you don’t get a chance to check it out this time, you can go next month on the second Thursday…

May 12th Come and check out the work of Cat Campbell at a new space at 120 South Division. Located on the Street Level, Nick Stockton is Hosting Cat in his new space and if you have ever seen Cat’s work before it is pretty Amazing, I lived with the girl for a year and her method of making is pretty interesting. So come and check it out Friday the 12th from I don’t know 7-9ish???

On Friday May 12th The show at the DAAc is described as, a celebration of everything and nothing…. And is sponsored by Vertigo music. The band line up is Love Fossil, Morale, The Avery Set, and Jonah Brockman… So check out the DAAC, check out Vertigo… Stop and hang out… oh and there are door prizes… Cool.

Wealthy is hosing its Spring Fling, pretty much an opportunity to get put and enjoy a neighborhood business district. There is food, music, spring Sales, and prizes!!! The event also is going to raise money for the Henry Street Schools and you can purchase flower pots decorated and planted by local students. So if you are wondering what to buy for Mothers Day, this is a pretty good place to start. So this is an all day thing until 6… So Wealthy Street Check it out…

This Saturday at Jukes there are a bunch of bands playing as a benefit for Split Lip Rayfield’s Kirk Runderstorm… by a bunch I mean 12 bands for 5$ and the event starts early, so you could make a day of it… from 2-9 there is NO SMOKING ( DUH CANCER RELATED BENEFIT, So no complaining!!!!) But the line up is pretty long so here is the list, if you see one you like, I would suggest scheduling it in for that afternoon/ evening… Love's Lost Heroes, Kevin Michael Murphy, The Willeys, Arganik, Russell James, Continental Blue, David Bleckley ( love him!!!), Draggin' Anchors ( Good band, Seen um a few times), Delilah DeWylde & The Lost Boys ( always great and lively), Potatoe Babies ( always put on a show, not just play), Truck Stop Cobras, and Harvyst….. So it is for a good cause with some pretty cool bands/ musicians, check it out, should be crowded….

This time there are a bunch of Opportunities to check out…

Volunteer Stuff
The Grand Rapids art museum is starting to raise out of the ground in down town Grand Rapids… So they are beginning to plan for their new home and are looking to train volunteers for their Docent program… a docent is the person ( you ) who guides the a tour of the museum, and knows what is up with the work, so it is pretty cool because it is a way for get access to the museum, learn a bunch about the pieces in the exhibitions, and brush up on that art history, if you are interested in volunteering you can contact Lauren Boylan at 616 831 2916…or email

Volunteer for the Avenue For the Arts Market, last year we were the Ionia Street market, but this year we are moving the event to South Division and setting up on the sidewalks. I am looking for a number of volunteers for the events and volunteers of all types. So here they are:

Volunteer to be a part of the Arts Creative Committee, and help us create decorations for each event. We are planning on having 4 events on the second Saturday of each month so I am looking for volunteers to be involved with a committee that will create decorations for the street related to each theme, if you are interested in being a part of this committee, we will be having our first meeting on May 17, 2006 at the DAAC from 6 PM to discuss creating decorations for the events.

Volunteer to help advertise the event, this is something you can do on your own time, and includes handing out flyers for the events, posting them in Shops around town, as well as handing them out at other local events.

Volunteer to be a part of the event. The day of each event we will be needing to have volunteers to help direct traffic, help with vendor set up and take care of any last minute glitches, this is a great way to get an inside look at event planning.

This one is GOOD… the Lowell Area Arts Council is looking for an Assistant to the Director, so you have to have assistant type skills such as computer literacy, writing and communication, ability to work with diverse groups of people and of course an interst in the arts and arts education. The drive to Lowell isn’t all that bad and the job is part time with a flexible schedule, if you are interested in the LAAC, check out and of course the job contact is Lorain Smalligan, Executive Director, (616) 897-8545. Send letter and resume by email or by mail to LAAC, PO Box 53, Lowell, MI 49331…I suggest getting on this one ASAP.

Show opportunities,
Be a vendor at the Avenue for the Arts Market. Anyone is invited to participate in any of the events, the themes are intended to shape entertainment, and showcase some of the businesses located in the 100 Block of South Division. Parking for vendors will be provided. The events include the following dates and themes the events will be held in the evening. If you have more questions please email me at Set up starts at 4 and the event will run from 5-9 PM:

Month: June 10th, 2006
Title for event: Revamp
Revamp is a little rock and roll and a little DIY we are going to focus on the themes of vintage, redone clothing and goods, with a thrift store feel, kinda Garage Sale, kinda flea Market, of course art, and whatever else…

Month: July 8, 2006
Title for Event: Mind Body and Soul
Mind Body and Soul was one of the most successful events in 2005’s street market, This event will focus on a bit of everything, however we are looking to showcase intuitive artists, Yoga, Martial arts, Health products, Natural foods, Folk Art, Massage, incense, Phrenology ( head reading) Feng shu, Plants, garden art, Stone signs, Wind chimes some Tarot, Henna, and get the good vibes flowing…. As always all interested vendors are invited to participate.

Month: August 12th, 2006
Title for the Event: “Art Exposed”
Of course with the event on the Avenue for the Arts one of the events had to be all about the arts. This event will focus on all forms of art and arts creation including live performance art, onsite making of work, demos by local artists, and of course tons of work for sale. And of course all interested vendors are invited to participate

Month: September 9th, 2006
Title For the Event: Spectacle
South Division with a carnival atmosphere, bringing people out and enjoying the end of the summer. If you know any Jugglers, people with unicycles, clowns, stilt walkers, strong men, or magicians send them our way. Of course we are always looking to invite down all participants so if this sounds like a good time to you please contact me for more information.


The DAAC is looking for artists who want to sign up for shows over the next quarter, if you are interested in having a show at the DAAC please attend an informational meeting on the may 23rd at 6 Pm at the DAAC. This is a fist come first serve format, however the Gallery Coordinator does reserve the right to move shows to best utilize time and space of the DAAC Gallery. If you have questions email

BIG DEAL!!! The UICA is hosting a call for work for the Governors residence’s Governor+ Husband gets to select the work, the call is state wide, but the UICA is local so we should all be entering this one….. The work stays up for one year, and will be viewed by everyone who goes and tours…. The work has to be eligible for sale, and the UICA gets a 30% commission, due to the administration fees, heck, that’s not that bad… you can download forms from the UICA website or! Contact Janet directly.

Gees, on the 15th I think the entries for that print show are due and so are the Feminist Art Project submissions, This was something I had sent out a while ago. And it is pretty much a celebration of women artists, so you can choose a women artists to celebrate and create a banner in Homage of their work. This is just a submission of Proposals and Preliminary Drawings, so get in touch with Christy Kelly for more information, if your submission is chosen then by the 31st of May you will receive a 28X48 vinyl banner, and then they will go on the lampposts of Ann Arbor…. Which is pretty cool…. So do it up this should be an easy one.
I have a friend who works is Old Town, Lansing and she wanted me to pass on the invitation for the Old Town Art Market, The event is June 3rd from 10-5 they are interested in Fine Arts, and the event is juried, however, the cols is only $10 for students, and $20 for non students, pretty much you just have to submit a sample photo, description, of art and if you have questions, fee free to contact Morgan at 517 485 4283… She will love to hear from you… Oh did I forget to add the event is June 3rd.

The end of it all!!!! Drop me an email at or If you didn’t know Now WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects…. Also now in projects is something that Neil and I did last year called 7 ways to throw a show… check it out….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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