MAY 24, 2006

Hello everyone! Happy Holiday weekend!!! Does any one know where to get a great unisex baby present??? I have to do some shopping…. Onto other things…. I am sure most of you have begun making plans for this weekend and some of these events are inevitably involved, however. if not, here are some holiday week/end suggestions.

Here is word on the street for May 24nd

This week Studio 71 South is holding their first Caffeinated Conversation with Allie Merrick, it begins at 7 and tickets are $12 they are offering coffee, poetry, discussion and music. If the event is successful I think they are thinking about doing it a few more times. So check it out Tuesday May 23rd.

This week the Wealthy Theater Annex is home to John Rich who will pre presenting “Love:Sow” it is a collection of new shorts. John will actually be soon departing from Grand Rapids to spend time in both Prague and then Chicago, so this may be a last chance to see his work locally. The tickets are a suggested donation of 5$ students and 10$ the rest of everyone else. And there are two performances Thursday the 25th and Friday the 26. they start at 8. Afterward there is a meet and greet… I think the Thursday night performance is on my agenda.
This Friday the Freely Improvised Music Series at Space Vs. Time continues…. This time featuring Is and the Church of Light and Sound… I am not sure if these are two different bands but I am pretty sure they are… of course Space vs. Time is located at 470 Market Ave. in limbo between Wealthy and Godfrey…. 5$ to get you through the door…

Friday the DAAC has a show with Year Future, La Dispute, With love, Man at Arms, and Rescue. Yep probably about 5$ to get in… I wore my Man At Arms t-shirt yesterday. It id bright yellow with a Blood Red vulture on it.

If you aren’t going camping or to the beach this Saturday night the Thrones and Growing are playing at the DAAC… 8 PM….

Monday nights the DAAC is hosting a new event called “GRHHC live from the 616” I think there is a little rapping a little talking about rapping. It sounds cool from our place, and it generally draws a few people in.

Jobs- There is a job open at Alticor. Not my normally included job description, however, this job looks pretty interesting. The position is building relationships with nonprofit organizations and “ establishing partnerships that will provide meaningful volunteer opportunities and financial grants as part of Alticor's Corporate Citizenship.” Now that could be interesting. They are looking for someone who has a Bachelors degree in Communications, Public Relations, Public Affairs Business admin. Or a related fiend and 3-4 years in a nonprofit. Of course there are a whole bunch of benefits… if you are interested check out Reference AutoReqID #1598BR. EOE
Volunteer Opportunity…..
This one is a bit more up my alley. Dwelling Place is looking for volunteers to work the Parade of Downtown Living. The volunteer shifts are light about 2 hours and the event is June 9,10, and 11th. If you volunteer then you get a free 10$ ticket to see all of the sites. By volunteering for this event you are supporting Dwelling Place because they receive $$$$ raised by the event. So we are looking to get a bunch of volunteers and they are trickling in pretty slowly. Pretty much all you have to do is hang out at one of the sites for about 2 hours punch tickets take $ from interested visitors, and hang out. Once your shift is over then you can go on the tour yourself and check out Downtown living. Some of the sites are cool, and some of them aren’t built yet…. But it is an easy way to help a great organization. So if you are interested, contact Andrea Westerbeke at 454 0924 ASAP!!!! (tell her Jenn sent you and she will give you a good site)

Art opportunity
My mother had to point out that I spelled my name wrong in this posting for last week ( oh the disgrace! How is it I am 20-something and forget how to spell my last name…. hum, I can’t spell much of anything so I guess it make sense… ) So here it is again, if you tried to email me and it bounced back try again I have fixed it. More vendors needed for the Avenue For the Arts Market, First event June 10th!!!!! Fir a vendor packet or more information email

Next week look forward to the Telephone show opening Friday, and the Otterness exhibit, infesting our downtown. ( in a good way)

Oh and I got another new email address… is it possible to have too many email addresses??? I think they are like shoes…. Can’t ever have to many. So Drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
That’s all folks thanks for reading to the bottom, have a great holiday weekend…

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