JUNE 14, 2006

Hello everyone!
The first Avenue for the Arts Market was a success! The mood was awesome, people were excited we had a pretty good showing of vendors, and the visitors were into it and spent some loot, so at the end of the day everyone was pretty satisfied. We are currently working to upload pictures onto the web site. I have also begun a personal campaign to upload images onto the Permanent home of Word on the Street ( located on G-rad) so for a sneak peek at some of those images check out entry 43, if you click on one of the photos it will take you to a flickr site with more images from the market, and other openings.

Street Market

So here is the Word on the Street for June 14, 2006

Tonight Russian Circles are at the DAAC, along with Orenza, and then Paucity, We say Paucity last week on Saturday at Founders. And I have to say that they were totally awesome. I love watching, Mike play the Guitar. So the show starts at 8:30 and it is 7$ through the door. Jeff said that Russian circles is really awesome, and it is also instrumental so it should be one totally awesome jam fest… in a non- Phish, sort–of-jam-band, sort-of-a-way. The DAAC is located at 115 South Division

The DAAC is packed this week, there is no rest for local music, on Thursday June 15th Insect Warfare is playing with xbrainaix.

Thursday night if you are looking for something a little different check out the Belly Dancing at Mezze, we went there for lunch today and I had a great cheese melt with pesto and tomatoes, it was superb. So that is a dining suggestion. The entertainment is pretty great, but there is a 5$ cover charge, well worth the loot.

Then Friday at the DAAC is La Dispute , Shuttlecock and Knife Crazy are playing.

This Saturday is the Bizarre Bazaar. The mud Room will be setting up a booth to demonstrate throwing, and selling cool glass jewelry, the Eastowners will be out looking for a good time, there are a bunch of local acoustic acts who will be playing and of course you can always pick up some awesome food. Bizarre takes place at the intersection of Wealthy and Lake Drive, Wealthy side, the event runs from 9-7 so I will see you there!!!

Geez so many shows at the DAAC, which is so awesome. On Saturday it is another action filled night with crazy bands, Saturday, Magrudergrind, Mesrine, Last act of Man, Morihei Ueshiba and Panacea are playing at the DAAC.

Humm… this Sunday June 18th Alejandro Escovedo is playing at the Wealthy Theater, Apparently this guy is awesome and according to Pete the sound production should be killer, He is accompanied by 2 cellos, 2 guitars and a violin, the opening act is Ralston a local act. The gig starts at 7:30 sharp and is $15, you can get them at Vertigo, Schuler’s, and Music, or The Beat Goes On.

Finally Sunday night at the DAAC LSDudes, LSDudes, Chromelodeon, and Scary Beast are playing….

Who’s who and what’s what
Local artist Deb Lanning has a (newish) web blog of her work called www.theurbanbungalow.blogspot.com,if you have a blog spot of your own and would like to share it with the readers of Word on the Street Pass it on I would love to send it along.

OF course on Sunday there is the opportunity to set up at the Fulton Sreet Artisans Market… ( located at the Farmers market on Fulton and Fuller) for more info you can check out their blog, or call JynnaVyve at (616) 856.0366

There is a call for entries, from the UICA, they are looking for works for Undercover: An Exhibition of Artists’ Books… so they are looking for stuff that is to be exhibited September 8- November 10 2006 and of course the concept of book is rather loose or “expansive.” So if you want to apply for the show then check out, http://www.uica.org/applyUnderCover.html but you better get on it now because the entries need to be reviewed by July 1, 2006

Looking for a place to live? If you make less then $26,000 a year there are some great apartments located in the 100 block of south Division, They are located to the right of the Artists live work spaces directly above Sanctuary Folk art and Capsule. The Chaffee Apartments offer brand new wood floors, you have the option of painting the apartments, some skylights and some views of South Division Avenue, some off street parking is available. Rents range between $439 and $490 but you have to fall into the correct income brackets so if you make between $10,536 to around $26,000 a year give Bobbie Vandermolen a call. 454 0928 ext. 501

Renee Hartig got a hold of me and informed me there was a typo last week and I had said it was $100 dollars for 3 days at the Detroit music Festival… I was wrong it is $300 So I eat my words, and hope it was my fault and not my sources….

Ok that is it…. I got it, well pretty much all of it. I think Cabildo may be playing at Mezze on Saturday, but that isn’t to be quoted.

Please tell me your thoughts about Myspace… I am curious how you use it, how often you check it, why you like it, all that stuff.

So Drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Also of course WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
This month is my Birthday Month, so each weekend is a holiday weekend……
Thanks for reading to the bottom, it was a long haul.

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