AUGUST 17, 2006

Hi everyone!
I just got back from a short end of summer vacation so I want to get right into Word because there are some great events that are happening tonight. But! I wanted to say thanks to everyone who came down to the Avenue for the Arts Market this weekend. It was super cool and it seemed like everyone had a great time. So!

Here is the Word on the Street for August 17, 2006
Tonight at Vertigo Music Will Oldham / Bonnie Prince Billy will be playing at 7:00. I overheard Herm telling someone that they should probably get there around 6:30ish to make sure to get a good spot. The show should last about 45 minutes and I guess this guy is like the crown prince of indie rock… Is that right music fans Indie Rock? Anyhow very important music royalty tonight at Vertigo, located in the 100 Block of South Division, Parking available on the corner of South Division and Cherry! See you there! (FREE!)

There is a closing reception tonight for Andrea Eckert’s Show at Studio 71 South. The show Arhetypes has been up for about a month and the artist will be on hand from 7-11 tonight answering questions and hanging out. The space is located at 71 South Division. (Free)

Also on Thursday as if you haven’t had enough choices, you can check out the show at the DAAC with I accuse, xbrainiax, morihei ueshiba, and modern times. Man I hope I spelled that right. Doors at 8 ($5)

Geez as if there isn’t enough going on tonight. There is a sneak preview of Snakes on a Plane at Celebration Cinemas at 10PM if you love Samuel l Jackson, love air planes or love to be freaked out by large nasty snakes this might be the movie for you. You can buy your tickets in advance or just show up and hope you get in. This invite was extended by Geo of G-rad who is so geeked about Snakes on a Plane he ordered his tickets a few days ago. ( about 8$)

One of the fascinating events this week is a performance at the Wealthy Theater being put on by the Bonafide Terrain Program Event called “the Unkown”. I thought the actual description was so intriguing I am just going to cut and paste it in… The Bonafide Terrain Program a group of young men and women making their voices heard. They are stripping off the labels and stereotypes of how others see inner city youth. Over the last eight weeks they’ve combined their talents, experiences, skills, and new found knowledge. They have a night prepared you won’t want to miss. Experience “The Unknown” a production of our thoughts, talents, and ideas through music, theatre, discussion, and their own personal documentary of what their real world is. Do you what to know the truth? Then join them and see not only what they have accomplished this summer, but also where they are going with it. That is tonight at the Wealthy Theater at 6:30 Pm.

The Wealthy Theater is all about the political right now and will be showing “ the Big Buy Tom Delay’s Stolen Congress” Pretty much a movie about political destruction and money money money. Afterwards there will be a panel discussion with a representative from the Kent County Republican and Democratic parties and a rep form the Michigan Campaign Finance Network. 5$ gets you in and it is only 2$ with a student id. Doors at 8:30

This Friday ay 6:30 there is going to be a movie shown about the creation of a Mural on Wealthy Street, the piece was created as a collaboration with an Artworks Class directed by Alynn Guerra the event starts at 6:30. (donations)

Also on Friday Space VS time is presenting their Jazz Trio who did an impromptu performance at the Avenue for the Arts Market on Saturday. They will be playing everything from Mingus and Parker to some original work. Prior to Jazz there is a butoh performance by Racheal Finan. Doors at show at 9pm, Space Vs time is located at 470 Market. ($5)

This Friday August 18th at 8:30 the Summer Bummer Tour is coming the DAAC, the Flyers are Pretty funny, the Bands are Folly, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Look what I Did, and the Human Abstract. Tickets for this one are a bit more then the Norm and can be pre-purchased at Vertigo for $10. More at the Door generally means a much better show at the DAAC.

On Saturday is the Riverside Arts and Crafts Fair. Located along the river, this event offers arts and Crafts… Um yeah I couldn’t find out much more about that one…. (free to visitors)

Also on Saturday the DAAC is Switching Gears and hosting an acoustic show with Claire Fisher, Ben Schweizer and Kyle Colter.

If you are looking to have a more punk kind-of an experience Saturday night there is a Punk Rock Benefit for Skelletones, at Skelletones with a bunch of bands including HIV, Hit and Run, Death or Glory, The Deadbeats, The Double Whammy, Rick Johnson’s Rock and Roll Machine, the Red Shift, GR Scum, and Chugger, Doors at 7pm (8$)

The Final DAAC show for the weekend is Sunday and the show is at 8pm they are promising an Early Start with a $5 cover. The show features Ninja High School and S. American Agriculture.

Did I mention the Individual Artists Memberships now being provided by the Grand Rapids Arts Coucil? The total benefits of the membership are still being worked out but they will include everything from classes to an online listing of yourself and your work. One of the reasons outlined by the council for why they are doing this is so that they can better serve individual artists. So if someone is looking for a mural artist, or someone who specializes in lighthouses or abstract painting they can look through the database and have access to individual contact information. The basic membership is 35$ and includes access to marketing your work and tax implications for self employment. They include 2 samples of your work on the website and a link to your website ( just another reason for us all to get on it and get a website built) I have the membership form as an electronic file and if you would like me to pass it on to you drop me an email. Or contact the Arts Council Directly at 459-2787 ext. 11. I find this move towards individual support to be very interesting. We should all be excited to see what opportunities will arise out of this over the next year.

There is an interesting northern Michigan Mag that everyone should check out. The magazine Third Eye is highly political, and for the most part reiterates the same political ideals over and over. HOWEVER! The layout is interesting the covers are great and they feature new artwork each month, and are looking for submissions. There seems to be a very cool underground art and music culture coming out of the northern part of the sates. You can look at the submission form online at or check out the Mag in person by picking up a copy at the DAAC.

Support! Local! Good!
The annual Music from the Heart, a Dwelling Place fundraiser will be featuring the Count Basie Orchestra. And will be held on 7pm Tuesday August 29th 2006 at the St. Cecila Music Society ( downtown GR on Ransom across from the one Trick Pony) The event is pretty cool I am going to be ushering, and last year there was a nice swanky after party in the parking lot with food and more music. I am looking forward to seeing the Count Basie Orchestra; It should be a good time. Tickets are $100 ( it is a fundraiser) and Can be purchased at Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids 101 Sheldon BLVD suite 2 or for more information call Andrea Westerbake at 454 0928. ($100)

Well I have to admit I have been having problems loading word onto G-rad lately so you can check it out but it is kinda messed up of course the best way to get a hold of me is to drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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