AUGUST 24, 2006

Hello everyone
Before we get into it, I wanted to mention that this week marks the installment of the public art in the 100 Block of South Division, there are 13 newly installed tree Guards and currently 2 bench areas ( by the end of the week there will be 3) Also Brandon and Stephanie have been hard at work in the lot of the 106 building, so please stop down and check out all of the new stuff. It is pretty exciting.

Here is the Word on the Street for August 23, 2006

This Thursday Mexican Sans Frontietes is hosting an evening of Jazz with Stew Cutler. They are located at 120 South Division in unit 226. According to Hugo, Stew is a Brooklyn Based guitarist who is performing around the state and is making a special appearance and performance at the space. Doors open at 8 and it is 8$ to get in. Want to know more? Call 616- 706 7963

Also on Thursday night is The Freedom of…. Oddity event at the UICA, this is going to be pretty interesting cause they are going to have a bunch of crazy performers from Chicago performing Acrobatics and wearing food tickets are 75$ and there is an after party at the Fitzgerald building and tickets for that are $10. For more info you can call the UICA at 454 7000.

Also on Thursday night the CMC is opening up a time to create political videos to enter into the Dick vs. Jen Video Contest. They will have digital video cameras and Portable Editing systems on hand to actually create a 30-60 second political add/ The contest is open until September 4th and films will be shown at the Wealthy Theater on the 21st. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion about the Gubernatorial election. If you are interested in participating but don’t have the Tech Savvy tonight is for you Show up at the CMC on Wealthy at 5 pm they will be open until 9pm. For more info email or

This Friday night at the Rocker the is a show with 4 bands. Can anybody tell me where the Rocker came from? All of a sudden this bowling ally out on Plainfield ( 3700 NE Plainfield to be exact) is throwing all of these crazy shows…. Last week it was Moto, and now this week they are hosting Ten Second March, Cash o’Riley and the Downright Daddies, Jimmie Lee Danger and the Cleverly hillbillies, and of course David Bleckley, So please if you want to check out the show it starts at ( PM it is 5 or 7 dollars it is 18 and up, and please somebody let me know who is running these shows……

Of course this cannot be forgotten Ideal collective and Mike G Productions are storming the Intersection on Saturday and holding “res 06 Audio Visual Fest” there are a bunch of bands and djs playing, including Love Fossil, La Famiglia, 4finger 5, Fill in the Blank, AB& Coconut Brown, Silence, Nuggets, Action Jackson, Omega Supreme, Mr. Piper, Spydre Murphy, D Smith Bassist Trop, and the best part is that they are holding a Break Dance Battle, of course with ideal you get to see cool Fashion, and some live art making, as well as a Live Photo Booth, some custom hats, and tickets are only 5$ in Advance, it is still Advance, so get them while the getting is good. Res starts at 6 PM.

On Saturday the 25th the UICA will be showing Sketches of Frank Gehry, the film focuses on his creative process and the buildings that it produces. When Nathan and I were in Spain we saw a Frank Gehry exhibit that chronicled his creative process and I have to say that it is pretty interesting, he uses a highly creative approach to create these crazy buildings which are architecturally pretty interesting. I would recommend checking it out, if it is anything like the exhibit it will be inspiring and fairly introspective.

Also on Saturday August 26th the Grand Rapids Hip Hop Coalition is hosting an Album listening party for j. Dilla’s the Shining. It seems like the DAAC is actively seeking to expand their musical acts and I think that the increase in hip hop shows is evidence of that.

On Sunday August the 27th the DAAC is hosting The Assailant, Ozebza, Elphaba ( isn’t that the name of the witch in Wicked?) and Ash Dance are playing show starts at 8:30 I am guessing it is 5$ to get in.

Check out…. The new window display in the Window of Vertigo Music, this evening we will be installing a tribute to Led Zeppelin in the window of Vertigo music, it will include parts of a public project that ended on the August 12th Avenue for the Arts Market. Market participants created Led Zeppelin inspired stencil art which will be displayed in the Vertigo Window for the next month. The project was a collaboration created for the Symphony Pops and organized by Alison Jones, Jenn Schaub, Nick Stockton and was aided by a slew of volunteers. And a special thanks to Herm for letting us display everyone’s creative energies. Vertigo is currently selling tickets for the September 7th Show at the DAAC the band Shellac will be performing.

Mix up mistake. Last week I mentioned that the Riverside Arts and Crafts festival would be held on Saturday, but that I had found limited information about the event. Turns out there was a good reason for that, The Creston Neighborhood Association had to pull the event this year due to lack of funding. So

Just in case you know anyone, Grand Valley State University is looking for a new Chairperson for the Department of Art and Design. Which fine and great I am not sure if I have any suggestions, other then GO YOUNG, However one of the interesting things coming out of this I the page that they have developed to discus the poeion and GVSU and all of the local stuff that is going on so I wanted to pass that on as a great resource for some cool local stuff all in one page.

Also former GVSU Alumni Maryann has created a website to showcase some of her works past and present. If you would like to see what she has created check out.

And you know that is about it…... Or Drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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