AUGUST 11, 2006

This weekend would be a little slow except for the fact that this Saturday is the Third Avenue for the Arts Market and we are going to have so many cool things going on I can’t even think of them all. So I hope to see you Saturday, If you have been thinking all summer, oh yeah I want to check that out, now is your chance. Also I wanted to mention that there is a great Article in the On the Town this month about the Avenue for the Arts, which is definitely worth picking up. Make sure to check out the opportunities this month because there is some great ones!!!

Word on the Street for Wednesday August, 9th 2006
Thursday night Tiger Passion will be playing at Sazerac’s Open Mic night. The bar formerly known as Bono’s has little to no air conditioning so if you come, come dressed in next to nothing. It is a HOT, HOT, HOT, night out.

This weekend, Friday August 11th, at the Wealthy Theater there is an International Folk Dancing night. They Teach Beginning level dances from Israel, Bosnia, France, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, Bolivia, Germany, Ghana, Turkey, Sweden, China and others. It is all ages and organizers encourage participants to not feel shy, they cover all ages, all levels of experience, and it is only 5$ so Children are free with an adult. So this Friday at 7 show up at the Wealthy Annex. This is one class you are sure to learn something new at.

If you are looking to rock out in a slightly more hard core fashion check out the show at the DAAC on Friday August 11th you can catch Hot Tapes for Teens, Gryphyns, Clear Days Always, Treebot, and Mother Whale at the DAAC

This isn’t this side of the State but Jason Starin is one half of the Dirty Bros. who will be holding a show at Martineau this fall, and a well known former Grand Rapids Artist, so He is having a show from August 7th through the 31st at Dreamland Theater at 44. East Cross St. in Ypsilanti. It is a Solo Art show/ and Birthday party. The reception is Friday the 11th at 7Pm. So if you happen to be on the way through the area that is something to check out.

On Saturday we will be holding our third and even- more- Awesome- then- last- time Avenue for the Arts Market. This month’s theme is “ Art Exposed” . Last time we had 50 Vendors participate and it was rockin’ I think this time will be just as Awesome. We are going to be doing the Led Zeppelin Project just one more time. The FWD space will be making T-shirts on site made to order, and of course we will have everything form Jewelry to paintings, Photos to whatchamacallits. The Activity will be centered around the 100 Block of South Division. You won’t be able to miss it, and of course street parking is free. Businesses will be staying open. We will be hanging out. It should be a great time. The event starts at 5 Pm and runs until 9 pm I recommend parking in the spectrum lot across from the UICA and then walking up Weston, or parking in the Untied way lot behind the DAAC. Or also there is parking on the corner of Division and Cherry. OH yeah! Or you could ride your bike, Well, however you get here it will be great.

After the Street Market is finished you can head over to the DAAC and check out Chance Jones Cd release Party and Trophy. Chance Jones new disc has like 19 tracks on it , I think his music is dreamy so I am really excited about getting my hands on some new choice cuts. He kinda looks like Dylan with longer curly eyelashes huge blue eyes and a nicer smile. And that is what his music is like, kinda like Dylan, but nicer and dreamy.

And it seems like it just wouldn’t be right to not mention the La Famila show at the Intersection. I know they are going to be packed, so yeah, just thought I would throw that in there to cover my bases. It is Saturday night, if you want more info pick up this month’s Recoil. ( I hate the Mike G quote that bars love them cause all of the people who come to their shows drink a ton, probably true but so blah!!! It devalues the fact that they put on a great show and sound pretty cool)

Ink Collective is trying to publish another issue about… Quitting. So they need submissions and have extended their deadline to get some more quality material. So flex your writing muscle and get the lead out. They have a website and if you have a submission, something written in the way of an essay, short story, drawing, comic or poetry you can submit it to Or check out the submission guidelines at

I just got word that there are new LISC AmeriCorps positions for the 2006-2007 service year. I think that the LISC Americorps Program is awesome, it has been one of the best learning experiences of my life. They are looking for applications by August 15, 2006. The positions are listed under AmeriCorps Program at

‘tiz the moving Season. I always think of lat fall as moving time, everyone is shifting from house to house back into town for another school semester or starting to think about spending more time at home instead of the Family cottage. So obviously it is also the time of year that people are hunting for roommates. Local Artist Deb Lanning is looking for a cool relaxed individual to room with if you want to get a hold of her drop her an email at

Ideal Collective and All City Kicks are putting together a pretty Cool Project “Laced a Custom Sneaker Competition” will be Accepting contestants until August 17th 2006. From what I hear it is a $50 buy in but you get a pair of sneakers to revamp into a hot pair of kicks. The deal is that is judged and the actual competition will take place on September 9th form 8-19 PM for more info about the project check out. or stop into All City Kicks on the corner of Cherry and S. Division, ask for Jason.

Plastic Son Productions and Jeff Smith are teaming up to create Dick and Jenn’s Film Festival create your own 30-60 second Political ad for the up coming gubernatorial election. If you want more info about the competition email

Have a Great weekend. I am so ready to grab dinner… I hope to see you all at the Market, bring a friend or a family member. Drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom See you this weekend!!!

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