AUGUST 3, 2006

Hello All!!!
Is it August????
That is crazy......
It is so Hot, I am constantly reminding myself to enjoy it, because 6
months from now I will be longing for this weather, so mojitos and sun
umbrellas it is.

This Wednesday night there is a show at the DAAC that George Claims will
be a winner, the bands are Vetiver, Lichens and  Ben and Bruno, one of
the bands has a deal where they request that each venue ( I am assuming
this is Vetiver) supplies them with a case of Local Beer, the DAAC is a
non drinking establishment, but I think George would be totally stoked
if you would bring a beer (alcoholic or rootbeer) to give to the band.
Just a bottle, nothing more, if each person brings a beer the band will
be overwhelmed with Grand Rapids Coolness, and George will be able to
stop worrying about the show.

This Thursday and Friday night the Symphony is having their Led Zeppelin
Tribute show out at Cannonsburg Ski Area They will be playing all of the
favorites and all of the good stuff. The "opening entertainment" will be
live art-making created by local artists. Several of us from the Avenue
for the Arts will be there promoting the market and making custom order
"album" Designs. For tickets call 454 9451 or check out the website

Thursday night is also portable Cinema, they are going to try and play
American Graffiti on the Graffiti wall, it got rained out last week, so
this week is try number 2. If it looks rainy know it is called off. But
the Graffiti wall is located on Sheldon and Cherry and the show should
start around 9:30 PM

On Thursday the 3rd there is a gagllery opeing at the DAAC featuring
local musician Artist scenester extrordinare Tony Shechtman, it starts
at 7pm

In the Bad news category is that Eye Candy in Eastown will be Closing
its doors beginning this Friday ( August 4th) . The unexpected turn of
events can be blamed on a greedy landlord who upped the rent. But I
guess that making the best of a bad thing usually results in having a
sale/ anniversary/closing sale. So there will be a percent off of sale
items, everything must go sort of atmosphere. The store won't totally
shut down until the end of August but get in now for the good stuff. 

On Friday night The daac is hosting 3 bands Ivan, Geghis Tron and Coal
Black Horse. Show starts at 8 if this show is anything like the rest of
the shows lately it should be Awesome

On the way out to the Symphony show stop by Robinettes and check out
Michigan Transformations which is located in the Gift Barn Lower level.
Or wait until Saturday and meet the artist Stacy at a reception as well
as, a bit of magical entertainment and WINE.  So for the directionally
impaired, go to yahoo maps, and enter your home address, then choose
from here and then enter 3142 Four Mile RD NE 49525, and that is  how
you get to Robinettes ( which incidentally is a fantastic place for
Cider pumpkins and doughnuts in the fall. )

On August 6th Space Vs. Time is hosting one of their freely Improvised
Music Series, Special Guests include Pommell and insect Deli, two noise
bands from Chicago. So 470 Market is the place, for more info contact
Racheal or check out her live journal

I thought Strangers with Candy was a limited time release, but gee it
is still here. So check out strangers with Candy at the UICA this
weekend... Sarah Jessica Parker is in it but I am sure it is only
because so is Mathew Brodrick, not because she wants to. Anyhow this
weekend it is playing 8/3 Thursday - 7:00, 9:00 PM
8/4 Friday - 1:00, 5:00, 9:00 PM, 8/5 Saturday - 1:00, 5:00, 9:00 PM
and last 8/6 Sunday - 1:00, 5:00 PM

This (last) weekend I went to see Phoenix at The Intersection. I really
enjoyed them. I just thought I would pass it on because I hadn't ever
heard of them before and it was a pretty good show.

Hey! Opportunity:
Plastic Son Productions and the CMC are teaming up to put on a Dick VS.
Jen Film fest this fall. You make a 30-60 second political ad (video)
for the upcoming gubernatorial race. The deadline is in September so get
a move on it. The top bunch will be shown at Wealthy Theater and there
is a $500 prize for people's Choice. You can email Nathan for more
information at or check out,

There is a pretty great feel good volunteer opportunity up coming, it is
the In the Image's back to school program SHOES or Shoes Help our
Elementary Students. They find shoes for over 6000 at risk kids, fitting
them one pair at a time. So they need a LOT of help. It takes place at
1823 South Division Ave three blocks north of Burton. For more
information about how you can make a difference and help a child,
volunteers can call Paul or Barb at 456-6150, 9:00 to 4:00 Monday
through Friday or can email Paul at Distribution
begins on August 16th through September 16th

I cannot wait for the weekend, I am getting the summer doldrums and want
to spend some time chilling by a large body of water. Drop me an email
, or
.. Also of course WOTS is online at
you can go to G-rad
then access it through projects....
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

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