SEPTEMBER 13, 2006

Hello everyone!
Last week marked the end of our Avenue for the Arts Season, and I have to thank everyone who participated, the weather was crappy but people stuck it out, looked at the vendors, checked out the bands, and hopefully had a pretty good time. So Thank You to the Vendors, Bands, entertainers, volunteers, businesses, sponsors, and of course everyone who came down to participate. Also a special thank you to Audrey Chapman, her endless energy made the Avenue for the Arts Market a success.

So with that in mind here is the word on the street for September 13th, 2006

Tonight Skelletons is hosing an event with Showbread, A Change of Pace, and Roses are Red. These are national acts carried on Tooth&Nail/ Trustkill Records…..Showbread is said to be one of Skelltones best shows ( elected by devoted Skelletones attendees) So, stop by the Euclid, get a cuppa joe, and meander out back for the show. For more info about any Skelletones show check out their great website

On Thursday night Gallery Ogi is having their Grand Opening, located at 42 South Division, this new gallery features the work of Ogi Yanakiev. The work is primarily painting and sculpture, it is highly stylized and is a welcomed addition to the Avenue for the Arts neighborhood. The opening runs from 5-8 Pm and I am sure that it will be a great time. So stop by, check it out and say hi to Ogi and Mary.

This Thursday night the 14th there is a movie being shown on the Blue Bridge! The Umbrellas of Cherbourg will be shown starting around 9:30. I am so stoked cause I have class till 9! Perfect timing!!!! Wear a Sweater and bring a chair! The movie was chosen because it has something to do with the Left bank…. Um yeah…. But the description also uses the words, “brilliant color design…. Homage to the classic American musicals…. And full opera…. And choreographed!” So it is not the Goonies, but sounds amazing and I love musicals, and I am sure I won’t be able to understand a word, but you never know if Portable Cinema is ever going to do it again. So it is all worth it…..see you there!

Friday the 15th there will be new work on display at Studio 71 South. The gallery has undergone a bunch of changes lately, so stop by and check out the newly constructed space. The work is by Debra Aalsburg Smale, and includes mixed media work that focuses on the Urban and Industrial landscape. The opening is from 5:30 until 9:30.

This Sunday, the 17th Sazerac lounge over in Creston is hosting the “super happy fun time Burlesque “ show featuring the At-Neemrah Dancers. If you have caught the Dancers around town, you know they are usually pretty cool…. The show starts at ( and it is $5 at the door…..

This is interesting, this Friday there is an open house and reception at Byrneboehm gallery, and a new place Evolve Mixed Media Studio…. The work of Drew P. King (pretty Klimt-esque) and Eliaine Blecher will be on display the event runs from 5:30 to 9:30 Pm

Saturday night there is also a show at the DAAC featuring Tubring, and Oxy Shazam, do I know a thing about these bands? No, but I guess it adds to the mystique. Show starts at 8 tickets are probably 5$ at the door…

This Saturday the Blue Collar Broads and the Roustabout Rollers are going to duke it out at the Delta Plex. You know I would have never guessed that this would have been so successful, fun yes, but it is like freaking wildfire, so come check out the Grand Raggidy Roller Girls as the throw down 10$ gets you in, and ready to rumble.

This weekend is the 25th Annual Classic Chili Cookoff at the Cottage Bar, this is a fall favorite….. yep that is right Fall…. And there is no better way to celebrate wearing sweaters then with chili. There is fee admission but chili samples are 50 cents.. ( did you know there is no cents symbol in the keyboard???? Not something you miss until you need it…) So this Saturday, stop by sample 40 different types of chili and support Gilda’s Club, a great cause… oh this is Saturday…

On Sunday night the Daac has Antelope, described as Minimalist Post punk… I love the description, and Joe Lally, bass player for Fugazi, and locals Victor! Fix the Sun…Ok so I know who Fugazi is, and I hear Justin Moyer of Antelope is a nice dude who puts on a great show SO! It is shaping up to be pretty solid show. The gig starts at 8Pm, what $5bucks???? Crazy……

In Case you are wondering what is going on downtown this weekend, check out the Mexican Independence day at Calder Plaza, there will be food, crafts, clothing, and of course live Music!!!! It runs all day from 12-11Pm it should be pretty cool.

The show went up last week but I missed it, os I wanted to mention that the Dominican Center at Marywood (nuns!) is hosting “ Pictures and characters that convey Chinese Cultures” aka watercolors and Chinese Calligraphy, the work is by artist Xixiang He, and the space is located at 2025 close enough to walk to from Aquinas I am pretty sure the time I have listed is wrong so for more information email the artist at

If you are looking for an interesting class to get those juices pumping check out the Linoleum Cut Block Printing Class at the UICA….. I love linoleum, it is my favorite media, the cuts can be graphic, and Lisa Price the instructor has a really interesting way of handling relief blocks, even if you haven’t signed up yet there is still time, call today for more info the class is 140 + a 35$ materials fee, and runs until October 19th…..

Volunteer! for the Heritage Hill Home Tour by calling Jodie at 446-7058 if you don’t know what it is ask the person sitting to the right of you, I think if you have been in Grand Rapids more then a year you will have heard about the Heritage Hill home tour…
Walk around look at fabulous houses, check out the interior decorating, have a truly voyeuristic experience.

The Fredrick Meijer Gardens has put out a call for entries. They are hosing an Annual Art Competition, which is open to 2-d artists, of course you need to have been inspired by the gardens, and I guess the cool thing is that they are encouraging artists to work onsite to get pumped up…. Um I don’t know all that much about it… so I guess if you want to know more call the gardens???

Also LAMB is looking for entries for there second edition. Check out LAMB see if it is something you are interested in participating in and yeah, write some stuff…..

As per the norm, drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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