SEPTEMBER 21, 2006

Ok so hi everyone! So there are some cool things going on this week, a bunch of great bands are playing. I thought this would be a light week but boy was I wrong, a little investigation, a whole lot of events…..

So here is the Word on the Street for September 20, 2006

On Wednesday the 20th at 6 PM there is an interesting event at the Wealthy Theater, a performance Poetry group of individuals ages 16-24 will be performing a show called “ through our eyes” an individual and collaborative expression of opinion, hope ideas fears and dreams. These are Job Corps kids and I am sure they have a ton to say…. Show starts at 6 PM and it is FREE!!!

Tonight ( Wed) Moto, Man at Arms, and Love Fossil are playing at Billy’s in Eastown. When is the last time you heard of Billy’s having a straight up rock show??? I can’t even remember, so the show starts at 10pm. I have no idea if there is a cover.

This Thursday the DAAC will be open for more viewing of “False Animals” the Marc Paffi paintings ARE great… I thought I would like them, and Jeff Vandenburg’s work has recently taken on a new look. I really appreciate his more complex color palette, and the images are becoming more refined. I think Jeff is growing immensely as an artist, the work is definitely worth checking out. So stop by the DAAC at 115 S. Division between 7 and 11 pm….

On Thursday the 21st there is a lecture at the Loosemore Auditorium ( GVSU downtown Campus) Visiting artist Rudy Pozatti will be discussing his work, and a bit about the collaboration between artist and master printer, which could be pretty interesting. The lecture is early, 5:30 and there is a reception pre and post the event.

This weekend Crash’s Landing is holding a “ huge Fall Yard sale Fundraiser” it will be ongoing from the 22nd to the 24th, If you would like to donate anything you can call and make arrangements (821 6065) or stop by the sale at 1545 Diamond NE between Leonard and Knapp. Crash’s Landing is a great cause.

Ok from the great city of Chicago there are some visiting bands, Celtic Punks, Flatfoot 56. they will be playing at Skelletones on Thursday night. Flatfoot 56 has been touring with the Misfits and The Dead Kennedy’s which is (need I say this?) Cool.

Oh I really like Mathew Barney. He is a video artist who created the Cremaster Cycle, and happens to be Bojork’s boyfriend…. So he has come up with a new flick, more of an art movie, and it is opening this week at the UICA. Like Barney’s other projects there is no speaking but I am sure it will be incredibly gorgeous, over the top dramatic and weird! weird! Weird! Oh yeah and some of the music is by Bojork I can’t wait! So anyhow it opens at 7 Pm n Friday, and there are other showings though out the weekend. For more information check out the UICA website at

This Friday the art Scene will be experiencing Jevon’s new drawings on Display at Fwd>> Space. located at 120 S. Division Unit 124. The work should be interesting, they are large scale drawings, and the only work I have seen of Jevon’s is smaller work but these are large scale. So stop by from 7-9 or 10ish. I will see you there.

Also on Friday the DAAC and the Grand Rapids Hip Hop Coalition present Tanya Morgan at 115 S. Division. She will be performing with Pseudo Slang and Tableek. I am guessing it is 5$ to get in and the show starts around 8ish.

On Friday the 22nd Skelletones has a whole mess of bands with Haste the Day, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Destroy the Runner, the word is you want to get there a bit early cause it is looking like this might be a sold out show….

Saturday is a night to check out local bands, specifically those on Punching Bee Records ( local label) is being saluted at Skelletones with a show including a bunch of their bands to name a few, The Mighty Narwhale, Jake Stilson, Son and Heir, Nathan Kalish & the Wildfire, ( + 3 other bands!) $5 gets you in.

Or go to Mezze for a great dinner and drinks and dance a bit to Cabildo, An amazing band with a ton of great songs, I always end up humming them for the next few days….they will be playing all night, to get a good seat get there before 8 PM.

On this Sunday the band Danielson will be playing with Peter Brant at Calvin College. Recently this band played at the DAAC and I heard it was pretty cool. Tickets are $5 for Calvin students and $10 for the public sow starts at 8 and it is located in the Fine Arts Center.

I thought this sounded fascinating, the Wealthy theater is showing a Documentary called “Bell Hooks: Cultural Criticism & transformation” it is free and open to the public, the flick discusses the transformative power of cultural criticism. Which sounds sweet! Well… at least thought provoking. The show is September 25th at 7 PM tickets are 5$.

I believe that the Magdalena Abanowicz drawings are now on display at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens. There are 50 examples included in this national tour and we a special enough to get them in Grand Rapids.

Lamb is looking for submissions, they have to deal with Grand Rapids art. I would think that an interview or two with local artists might be an interesting addition….

On the 30th Applications for the UICA Holiday Market are due. This is a holiday sale I wouldn’t mind being a part of if you are interested you can call 454 7000 for more info or visit their website

Dick Vs. Jen Video contest has changed their submission deadline, they are going to be due on the 30th with the event on November 3rd. SO if you were being slow and still had not gotten around to making your 30-60 second video about the gubernatorial campaign and election, this is like a glorious second chance, an that mean there is NO reason not to get it done! For more info email

Living opportunities! Kelsey apartments ( 14 new live/work spaces) are opening on South Division this month, the spaces are going to go fast, and the building needs to be filled by October, there is still time to attend one of the tours happening over the next week. If you are interested in checking out this new building… give jenn a call a 855 0435.

I got to check out the Portable Cinema event on the Blue bridge, organizers were really excited about it and loved the location…..I heard that the Studio 71 South opening went really well…. I got to check out the Gallery Ogi opening, the gallery looks great and is jam packed with creations by artist Ogi Yanakiev. He has a very eclectic media usage, however a very solid style. Lots of bright colors…. And I also heard that Joe Lally at the DAAC was great, Josh said he was politically driven and the music was cool.

Of course, as always! The best way to get a hold of me is to drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom

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