SEPTEMBER 27, 2006

Hello everyone!
There are quite a few new Word on the Street Recipients so welcome! Word on the Street is a weekly email that talks about upcoming events in Grand Rapids. May of them have smaller budgets or are “underground” the rest are just unique. This week it is heavy on the movies local independently shown films everywhere every night. I already know that this week is packed full of stuff so I am going to get it off and running without any more distractions.
Here is Word on the Street for September 27th

Tonight Wednesday the 27th the Wealthy Theater is hosting “9/11: press for truth” a documentary about a group who worked for public disclosure about the 9-11 attacks. Another take on a horrifying American event, there are so many conceptions and realties concerning how people perceive and understand 9-11 and its aftermath that there is always a fresh take. The show starts at 7 pm.

This week there is quite the downtown Diversity film series going on, Rosa Parks Circle will be home to the outdoor films which start at 7:30 PM Wednesday the 27th there is Home of the Brave a White Woman’s Sacrifice for Civil Rights.

This Wednesday the 27th local writer/ Artist Tommy Allen is hosting a fundraiser for David LaGrand at the Brassworks building it will be held on the first floor, and Tickets are $30.00 the event runs from 5-7 Pm and you can call to RSVP at 616 802 8640

This Thursday the Witte Family are hosting a Fall reception and open house for Artworks. I think Artworks is a great program, it introduces high school and recently graduated kids to art as an occupation. This last summer the Artworks Program created murals that now adorn the side of WmCAT on Fulton, The UICA on Sheldon, and the Wealthy Theater. This open house begins at 5:30 there will be Wine and Food. Tickets are 40$ and the event is at Richard Terrace (that really cool road off of Lake drive) you can get tickets by contacting Kyle at 454 700 ext. 26

Thursday the 28th there is another flick in the Diversity Film Series is Genghis Blues a Blind Musician in the Land of Tuva, 7:30 Rosa Parks Circle. Yeah, I have felt like watching a bunch of movies lately, I guess everyone else has too.

Also on Thursday The UICA and Spout are hosting a film presentation of “51 Birch Street” which looks pretty interesting. It is only being shown one time on Thursday at 8 Pm the postcard that I saw uses a line that describes the theme as “ if you could know everything about your parent’s lives would you?” I found it to be an interesting idea and I personally have decided no. Who wants to know everything about anyone? Also after the flick there is an online q&a with the director.

If public figures are more your thing, Thursday night you have a different option. The Wealthy Theater is hosting the Trial of Henry Kissinger at 7 PM admission is 5 general and only 2$ for students. A little foreign policy, a whole different type of American Icon

Breath Owl Breath is playing at Skelletones on Friday. This (I believe it is only a duo) played at the first G-rad Nest Event. Check them out, they are pretty chill.

This Saturday the UICA is hosting a Conference for writers id is an all day affair starting at 8 am to 6pm. It will include a panel discussion, book sale, open mic event, poetry performance, lecture on “ what editors look for” and writers will have and opportunity to have their work reviewed by a published author. Registration the day of is $45 for members of the UICA and 55$ for non-members… There is more info on the UICA webpage at

This weekend is one of my favorite local events. The Eastown Street Fair will be running fro 10-10 in Estown. As always I am sure the music will be great, I think Cabildo is playing at some point, but I have seen so many bands at Eastown street fair you are guaranteed to see a local favorite. FOOD, Arts and Crafts Vendors, So this Saturday! ALL day! Eastown.

If you are sticking closer to downtown this weekend the BOB is hosting Tomato Fest and the Great Tomato War. The BOB is not my usual haunt. HOWEVER, I am enticed by the idea that there are going to be 32 teams who will be throwing tomatoes at each other. I love that. And there is going to be a cook off with local restaurants to see who has the best Tomato based dish. Entry fee is 5$. Starts early goes all day.

There are elephants in Heartside. I kid you not, and they come with clowns. If you like the circus then this weekend is for you. The Ringling Bro. and Barnum $ Bailey Circus is performing at the Van Andel Arena. Tickets are 13-60 bones and you can order them through the box office.

This weekend the DAAC is pretty tame ( only one show) The show on Saturday features the not so tame “ the Last Hope” “Gimpy Skin and the Mutts” “ the Offbeats” and “All Rights Reversed”

Much to Otobul’s glee the Melvins are playing at the intersection on Saturday but the show starts at 6 so I guess it is a go before you go out sort of a thing. I know nothing about the Melvins. I just thought I would put it in because he was so excited.

This one is so cool I can’t even wait. So Grand Rapids Craft Mafia. Yes they exist and yes they have a website and yes it is a little bling- bling but yes I love it because it is a great way for artists to get together and take something that can be a little frumpy ( arts and crafts) and make it Funky. So GRCM is looking for members, and setting up a winter sale at St. Cecilia’s Music, The sale is on the 9th of December and they are looking for more participants. Also they are open to new members and you can find out more about them at

24 hour Theater is looking for actors and writers. For their October 13-14th event. The place is 470 market. The deal is on Friday night they need writers, on Saturday they need actors and directors, there will be a performance the eve of the 14th if you want more info contact Rachel Finan at and check out

The UICA is still looking for artists for their Holiday Market. Interested participants can download a form at

Something Cool
This week I was told about Google Alerts. ( just google it) it is a cool service were you can type in a name or a series of words and it will send you an email notification anytime something related to those words pops up on the web or in the news. I thought it was pretty cool and have put alerts on a series of phrases. Check it out!

Kendall College of Art and Design is looking for a new Admissions Councilor. I have known a few people who have had this position over the years, you get to work for Kendall, you get to meet al sorts of aspiring Artists, you get to look at their portfolios, so they look for people who have an arts background. The pay isn’t bad and you do a bit of business Travel. So if you are interested in knowing more about it check out at

And if you don’t know already feel free to drop me an email at,, or Also of course WOTS is online at or you can go to G-rad and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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