OCTOBER 4, 2006

Hello People of Grand Rapids and afar!

Ok before I get into this weeks word there are two things I have to mention.
1. I forgot to put Destination 1111 in last week’s word. How is that possible? I have no idea. Maybe I fried too many brain cells in the late 60’s, maybe it just slipped my mind. Who knows, but it obviously didn’t need the hype from me. With sold out fashion shows, and over 100 artists everyone seemed to have a good time.
2. have you noticed something missing from the Grand Rapids press lately? Maybe the COMMUNITY section. I am very disappointed in the “people who make decisions” over at the Grand Rapids Press for eliminating this section of the newspaper. It was by far one of the most relevant, and personally I found it to be the most informative section of the paper. If you also have been missing the Community section of the paper please take the time to write a letter to the staff of the GRPress. Let them know what you are thinking, crap let them know what you think about the whole dang newspaper.
That is all of that chit chat, here is this week’s Word on the Street for October 5, 2006

I have heard crazy things about Drawing Restraint the Matthew Barney Bjork movie showing at the UICA, the reviews have been mixed. But I would say I am still going to try and make it. I guess my chances this week are Wednesday at 1:00 and 9:30 and Thursday at 1:00 and 9:30 PM

In case no one told you this Friday isn’t just pay day, it’s not just any other Friday in Grand Rapids. This Friday is especially special, because it is POLASKI DAYS. Much like the GR version of St. Partick’s day is for the Irish, Polaski days is for those descended from Poland. A time to celebrate heritage, the history of Grand Rapids, the Polish Halls, a time to drink, Drink, DRINK! I appreciate Polaski days because it is one of the rare times during the year that you can check out all of the cool Polish halls in Grand Rapids. ( have I ever expressed how my secret desire is to own my very own Polish hall?) anyhow, so this weekend, Friday night wander down to your local Hall, ( if you are having problems finding one go to the Westside, or Michigan Street or Fulton. I guarantee it will be a crazy, crazy night.

This Saturday at 7Pm the g-rad NEST is holding a release party for the Second issue of LAMB, and an opening for the exhibition of the G-roup Work Show. There will be artists/ Curator talks around 9Pm and it should be pretty interesting. The Space is over on Lyon around the corner form Martha’s Vineyard. It is suggested you stop by and check it out.

Friday night at the DAAC Son and Heir are playing along with Casados, Fields of Industry, and the Anti Federalists. I think I like the Fields of Industry because every time they come on our home stero I think, wow I like this, and then I ask and then I find out who it is and I am impressed. So this Friday the 6th at 8PM

Skelletones is always having a great show. On Friday they will be having The Skies Revolt, the Confidence, and Enso. It is so crazy sometimes before their shows there is a line clear out the back of the parking lot CRAZY!

This weekend the 7 and the 8th, the Heritage Hill Home Tour will be kicking off, tour some of Grand Rapids most amazing historic homes.

If you are going to be out in Lowell this weekend stop by and see Innerscapes, a combination of visual and written expression the show was curated by Linda Nemec Foster (poet laureate) and Diane Carroll Burdick. The show has over 30 artists in it and is located at the Lowell Area Arts Council in Downtown Lowell.

I missed the opening date on this one but I won’t forget to tell you about it. I am so happy for this Artist. His talent has been widely recognized on a state and national level, and now he is part of a Solo Show at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Congratulation to David Huang for his one man show, “Vessels of Imagination” the show is on display until December 31st and I am so pleased for him.

Ok This weekend is the opening of the Eames Lounge Chair Exhibit. I never know how crazy people were about this kind of stuff until I got a cleaning client who was totally into Eames. Some people are fanatical. There is an interesting history to the whole thing and the local ties are pretty cool so the exhibit should be work seeing. It opens this weekend but will be up for a while. Open till 8:30 Firday, 5Pm on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday at the DAAC the bands “orenza”, “Victor Fix the Sun” and a Special guest will be playing, the show doesn’t even Start till 10:30 what is that about? I am not sure
but I bet it will be a pretty rockin’ performance.

On Saturday Night I thought it was worth noting that the Gimpy Skin and The Mutts is playing at Skelletones along with the Deadbeats, the Groodies, HIV, and Holly Somebody. That is $5 that is $1 a band. And has anyone heard Gimpy Skin and the Mutts? Are they any good? I just keep thinking about the name. I even had a discussion with a friend about it over lunch. If you check it out drop me a line I am curious…

This week at the Wealthy theater they will be showing “Iraq for Sale” which looks at the profiteering associated with the destruction and reconstruction of Iraq. Good conversation material for upcoming family events. There are 4 showings, Sunday October 8th at 6 and 8 and then Monday the 9th at 7 and 9 (PM) admission is $5 for most of us and $2 for students.

This Sunday the Supper Happy Funtime Burlesque show is happening at Sazerac Lounge over on Plainfield. It starts at 9 on the 9th of October. This is your not so typical GR fair with a not so typical Burlesque show, with not so typical acts. So you can go out and have a not so typical night. Tickets are 5$ but there are $1.50 Drafts so you could save the $5 that you paid in admission, if you choose to drink draft.

Don’t forget to get your entries ready for the mini Holdiay benift Show at ArtVark, and FWD space. They are looking for film and video under 7 minutes, and visuals (3d and 2d) under 7 inches. Half of All proceeds are donated to a local soup kitchen. Work needs to be postmarked by November 1st, and you can download a form at www.dirtybros.com

There is an upcoming workshop at Fredrick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park featuring local artist Lisa Price the fee is $90 the title of the workshop is “natural forms and color: a printmaking workshop” it will be held Tuesday October 10,17, and 24the from 6-8:30 Pm all of the material are included. It should be a great introduction to hand carving.
For more info log onto Meihergardens.org

Put it on the Calendar!
The next opening for the Avenue for the Arts Live/work spaces is Friday the 13th! From 6-11Pm. There will be new work from local Avenue for the Arts Artists, including paintings from Bill Taylor, new drawings from AJ Pashka, and Special Guests such as Aneka Vanderhill.

Don’t forget that the Dick VS. Jenn Video Contest is still going on and they will be taking submissions though the end of the moth, the new show date is November 3rd at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30. I have seen some of the entries and they are great. If the up coming debates are anything like this weeks you should have plenty of material for commentary.

The UICA Artists Market is still looking to squeeze in a few more applications for their Holiday Artists Market. You can download an application from their website or call 454 7000 for more information.

I thought that this event was interesting on a state level. The Governor’s Awards Student Event is Friday November 17th, 2006 and it is going to feature speakers Tracey Reese and Anna Sui. I have no idea who Tracy Reese is but I definitely know who Anna Sui is the. Event features an opportunity to ask them questions about their careers, unfortunately the event is only open to high school students, so if you know of anyone interested in fashion design who is in high school please pass this on to them. They can find out more at the Artserve website.

I truly believe that this is the most times I have ever used the word Crazy that much in one Document. Now to end on a super crazy note, please raise your right hand and repeat after me. “I do solemnly promise to beat this dreary weather by attending at least one of these awesome events this weekend. If I do not go out it is because I am preparing work to be exhibited in the MINI Show, the Artists Market, or Dick vs. Jen.”
Now if you actually just did that, then that is crazy. ( but really do it) or drop me an email at wordonthestreetgr@hotmail.com, ioniastreetmarket@hotmail.com, or jennschaub@hotmail.com.. Also of course WOTS is online at http://www.g-rad.org/projects/wordonthestreet/ or you can go to G-rad http://www.g-rad.org/ and then access it through projects….
Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom….

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